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How to Put Music on LG G3, G4, G5 from iTunes/PC/Other Phone


3 Simple Ways to Put Music on LG G5 / G4 / G3 For You

There are many Smartphone manufactures release new model phone recently. Except iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, many outstanding Android smartphones also join the battle for market share. People may neglect LG G3’s great performance. The LG G3 possesses a 5.5 inch HD touch screen and a 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. The official data of this shows that its screen is capable of giving users four times the resolution of regular HD, which means its users can have visual feast they had never experienced. What I’m trying to express is, when everybody else is crazy about iPhone 6, why not try something new and different? Trust me; LG G3 will be a good start of using Android smartphone.

Of course, after changing to a new operating system, you have to face the problem of transferring data, such as putting music to LG G3. If you were already very comfortable with using iTunes, you might feel a little lost about how to do it. Don’t worry, because you are going to learn some of the best methods to handle this problem. And you can learn the solution from a different angle.

Now let’s start with method 1: How to put music on LG G5 / G4 / G3 from iDevice/Nokia/Android/Windows Phone.

It is not as easy as it looks like to transfer music between different operating systems, which mainly have three of them, iOS, Symbian, Android. If you want to transfer data freely among these three operating systems, it will be better to find a medium to help you. Here is this software named – dr.fone – Switch that can help transfer data like music on your iDevice, Symbian phone and Android devices to LG G3 within one simple click.

You might want to know how to use this wonderful software.

Step 1: Download and install the dr.fone on your computer.

After you download the installation package, you can just follow the instructions to have this software on your computer. You will see the simple and clean interface of it.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Step 2: Connect both of your devices to the computer

For example, you want to transfer music on your old iPhone 5S to this new LG G3, You are going to need two USB cables to connect both devices to the computer. The software will take some time to detect these two devices and then you can see them are been displayed at the interface with details of both of them, which will make sure you can transfer accurate data between your iPhone 5S to LG G3. iPhone 5S at the left side as a resource device while LG G3 on the right side as the destination device.

iPhone to LG G3 Music transfer

Step 3: Put music on LG G3 from other device

Check the middle part of the interface, where you will find the music option, click it and preview the details. Then you have to select the music files you need to transfer. After that, click Start Transfer, and wait for the software finishing its job.

Sync Music from iPhone to LG G3

Note: If you want to delete data saved on LG G3 before transferring anything new, remember mark the clean data before copy button under the picture of your LG G3.

Method 2: Put music on your LG G5, LG G4 with the help of third-party tools

Sometimes the formats of your music are various, so after transferring music files to other devices, situations happen a lot that some of your music might not be playable. So if you have stored various formats of music and plan to move them to another device, in our case, maybe is your new LG G4. You definitely need third party tools to help you. Among all these tools available on the market, I suggest you try the iMusic. This software is capable of covering format like AC3, AMR, and WMA into supported formats for your devices. This software also has the function that supports users to download music online and then transfer music to the LG G3 target device.

Want to know how to use this software? Read the following part.

Note: We use the process of using iMusic on Windows as an example. For Mac users, the steps below can be used as your reference.

Step 1: Download and install this software on your computer

This step is quite simple, basically, all you need to do is download the installation package and follow the instructions to launch this software – iMusic for Windows on your computer.

Download iMusic

Step 2: Connect your LG G4/G5 device to computer

Hope you still remember, at the first step, we install this software on your computer, and you can be the primary window shows up on your screen. Now step 2 needs you to connect your device to the computer via USB cable. After that, your LG G4 will show on the software’s interface under “DEVICE” option.

Don’t forget to allow UBS Debugging if this is your first time to connect your LG G4/G5 to iMusic.


Step 3: Put music on LG G5/G4/G3 from computer

a. Now you can check the “DEVICE” to get your connected LG G5/G4/G3. And then check the “Music” to see the music files on your Android phone.

b. Check the “Add” button at the top to select and import music files from your computer to LG phone.

c. Choose the exact files you would like to transfer to your LG G4 from computer and then just click the button “Open” to import them.

Like we mentioned before, the software might detect incompatible formats of these music files. If you were using iMusic for Android, just simply click Yes after seeing the windows pops up to ask you whether you want to convert these wrong formats music into MP3 format. The rest part is the work for the software itself.

Step 4: Put music on LG G4/G5/G3 from iTunes

a. If you would like to transfer iTunes playlist to your LG G4, just click on “Music” option present below “iTunes library” on the main menu that will open the list of songs present.

b. After you check and select the files to put on LG G4/G5/G3, you should right click those checked music files and then click “Add To” and select your LG G4 for music file transferring.


Finally, move to the final method in this article.

Method 3: Transfer music by using LG G5, G4, G3 as external hard drive

It is the most commonly used method, but people also find a lot of disadvantages to this method. But I think it still important for people to manage the basic method.

Firstly, you need one USB cable to connect your LG G3 to the computer, after your computer recognizing it, you can create a new folder where you would like to keep the newly come music files. Then, you should check the music files on your computer, which might take a while, since you might have saved music at many folders on your computer, and this time no third-party tool to help you organize and display them in order for you. Anyway, after selecting the music, copy and paste them to your LG G3. This process seems very simple but actually very time-consuming and very likely to occur errors during the transferring. Never mention the format will remain incompatible after transferring to LG G3.

So, if you had many files and only had little time, you should not keep this method from your consideration.

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