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4 아이폰 백업을 확인하는 방법에 대한 솔루션


With the development of the iPhone, iPhone have become our important personal assistances in our normal life. We not only use our cell phone to communicate with each other, but also use it to capture our precious time, or storage our important data. Once all the important data gone, I think nothing can be more terrible than that. 따라서, 당신은 더 나은 거라고 back up your data on your iPhone regularly. 예를 들면, if you are an iOS user, there are several ways to help you back up your important files easily. You can do this work not just by using iTunes or iCloud, but also by using some efficient third-party software or app tools.

해결책 1: Back up your iPhone data with iTunes

iTunes can back up almost everything in your iPhone, just like contacts, 달력, 노트, 메시지, 통화 기록, keychain, network settings and so on. So it can be a good solution to back up your iPhone data with iTunes. And if you want to do this, please follow the guide below:

Back up data with iTunes in Windows:
  • 1) 컴퓨터에서 iTunes를 열고, and connect the iPhone to the computer.
  • 2) After iTunes has detected your iPhone, you can see your device on the left, 그것을 선택.
  • 3) In the Summary tab on the right, 당신은 찾을 “백업 지금” 이 버튼을, 클릭하세요, and the backup file will be created after a few minutes.


Back up data with iTunes in Mac
  • 1) Just connect your iPhone to your Mac and then iTunes will be launched automatically (그렇지 않은 경우, you’d open it by yourself).
  • 2) And click your device on the left, and then go to Summary tab. 딸깍 하는 소리 “백업 지금” to create a backup file for your iPhone right now.

팁: You can also encrypt the iPhone backup to protect your personal data. Also in the Summary tab, get theEncrypt iPhone backups” 확인. And if you encrypt your iPhone backup file, no one can extract the file unless he/she has the correct password. So do remember not to forget the password or you won’t be able to recover data from it.


노트: Unfortunately iTunes have no power to back up the purchased history, if you want to back up your purchased media files such as music and videos, you may have to turn to other backup tools. Just like dr.fone.

해결책 2: Back up your iPhone data with iCloud

If you have an iCloud account, you can also back up your iPhone data with it expediently. 첫째로, 당연하지, you need to register an iCloud account. And then you would get about 5GB space to store your personal data on the remote service including your back up files.

The steps of backup data with iCloud are also very simple:

  • 1) 설정으로 바로 가기, go to iCloud and then choose Storage & 지원.
  • 2) Turn on the switch of iCloud Backup. After this step, your iPhone will back up your data automatically when plugged into a power source and under the WiFi circumstance.

The good news of backing up data with iCloud is that your back up files are all saved in the remote service, it is safer than saved in your local disk of your computer with iTunes. 게다가, you can also restore the data with iCloud anywhere if necessary.

하나, iCloud can only back up limited types of files, and the storage is limited as well. Of course you can extend your iCloud storage, but you may have to pay some money for it at the same time.

해결책 3: Back up iPhone data with some effective apps.

If iTunes and iCloud cannot meet your requirement, you can also turn to some third-party backup tools for help. Here are some free apps I recommend to you.

드롭 박스:

드롭 박스 is a totally free app which can help you backup your iPhone. It can give you 2GB free storage to save your pictures, videos and document files on the Dropbox cloud, letting you restore your data conveniently.

SOS Online Backup:

This is a little free backup app for iPhone users, and it is powerful as well. It can help you backup your contacts, photos and videos in iPhone to the remote storage. When sign up your SOS account, you would get 5GB free storage. If you want more, 당신은 그것을 위해 지불해야 할 수도 있습니다.

파일 관리자:

파일 관리자 is also a free tool for iPhone users. Just as its name, it can not only help you back up your data with ease, but can help you manage your files conveniently. 사실은, File Manager is a powerful all-in-one iPhone file manager tool, which can help you organize and protect your personal file well. 그 위에, you can also create .zip or .rar files or transfer files from computer via WiFi. That is really amazing.


Backing up your files is not so complex if your iPhone hasn’t been jailbroken. 하나, if your iPhone has been jailbroken, you’d find another tool to help you make the backup. PKGBackup is such an app for jailbroken iPhone. It can help you backup apps, tweaks, jailbreak settings on your jailbroken iPhone in a simple way. If you already have a Dropbox account, you can also backup your data to it with PKGBackup. 하나, this amazing app is not free for use. You need to pay some money for it.

해결책 4: Back up iPhone data with some effective software

dr.fone – 지원&복원:

The more effective way to make a backup for iPhone is to find some powerful computer software to help. 처럼 dr.fone – 지원&복원 (아이폰 OS). This amazing program will help you backup your photos, 비디오, 콘택트 렌즈, text messages to computer safely in just 1-click. It supports for all iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/SE/6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS on iOS 11/10/9/8/7/6/5. And you can download free trial version to have a try freely. You just need two simple steps:

dr.fone 받기 – 지원 & 복원 (아이폰 OS)

  • 1) Install dr.fone on your computer and run it. 컴퓨터에 아이폰을 연결합니다.
  • 2) After your device has been recognized by the program, you can see some options shown in the middle of the primary window such as music, photos and so on. Select all you want to backup and click the “지원” 단추. And then all contents you want will be copied to the computer in a few minutes.

노트: dr.fone not only works for iPhone, 아이팟, iPad but also supports for Android and Symbian phone or tablet as well.


SharePod is also a good program to help iPhone users manage their personal files without iTunes. You can copy files from iPhone to computer easily by SharePod, vice versa. 다른 말로, you can back up your files to the computer and restore them easily by using SharePod.

Above are all the 4 solutions to make a backup for your iPhone. You can choose one according to your situation, and have a try.

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