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如何导入 & 同步联系人以HTC Desire的 826 / 820 / 眼睛


Among all kinds of new Android cellphone released September, you may have taken a fancy to HTC Desire 820, the latest Android cellphone of HTC. Although it may not be comparable to some flagship devices such as Sony Xperia Z3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it is much cheaper and to our surprise is that, it has a 64-bit eight core processor which makes the cellphone much powerful. And for someone who doesn’t want to pay too much for their portable device, HTC Desire的 820 can be a not bad choice.

After changing your old device with a new and more powerful one, such as HTC Desire 820. The first thing comes to us must be transferring your contacts into it. How many methods do you know about it? Below I just list 4 methods for you to sync contacts with HTC Desire 820 (HTC Desire Series Phone, also include HTC Desire Eye) 容易:

方法 1: Transfer contacts from Gmail, Facebook的, Outlook account to HTC Desire Eye/820/826

HTC Desire的 820 may enable you to import your contacts saved on your Gmail, Facebook or some other accounts. You can easily import them from the remote server. Just try to tap Setting and then Accounts and Sync, then Add account. Or you can also find some capable apps to help you do this.

方法 2: Import contacts from SIM card to HTC Desire 820/826/Eye

If you’ve saved your contacts on your SIM card and don’t attend to change it, you can also do this very easily. 然而, since the storage of a SIM card is quite limited, you cannot save all your contacts on it, you may have to turn to the methods below.

方法 3: Import/Sync contacts to HTC Desire 820 / 826 from other devices

The simplest way should be transferring all your contacts from your old cellphone directly to your new HTC Desire 820. You just need USB cables, a computer, and a little but powerful phone data transfer tool- dr.fone – 开关, the problem will be solved easily and quickly. The detail steps are as follows:

获取dr.fone – 开关

步骤 1: Install the powerful phone to phone data transfer tooldr.fone Switch on computer and launch it.

After running HTC Desire 820/826/eye contacts transfer tool – dr.fone您的计算机上, 只需点击 “开关” button in the interface of it.

步骤 2: Connect both your old device and HTC Desire 820 到计算机.

Connect your devices to the computer with USB cables after you’ve gotten into “电话到电话传输” 模式. The program will detect your devices and then show them for you in the primary window. The source device should be on the left while the target one – HTC Desire的 820 should be on the right. 如果不, 只需点击 “翻动” button in the middle to change it.

Sync contacts from iPhone to HTC

步骤 3: Transfer contacts from one phone to the HTC Desire 820

Now select “往来” 在中间, 然后单击 “开始传输” 按键, all your contacts will be transferred into your new cellphone.

Copy Contacts from iPhone to HTC
注意: This is the easiest way for you to sync contacts with HTC Desire 820 from any other phone in batch directly. And it can also let you transfer messages, 视频, 相片, 音乐, 通话记录, and even calendar, apps to new HTC Desire 820 in the same way.

方法 4: Import contacts to HTC Desire from VCF files

If you have already export your contacts as VCF files, you can also import them to your new HTC Desire 820/HTC Desire 826/HTC Desire Eye in a very simple way:

步骤 1: Download MobileGo for Android.

下载MobileGo (Windows版本) 下载MobileGo (Mac版本)

Download this brilliant Android file manager from the InternetMobileGo为Android and then install it on the computer. Then open it by double-click the icon of the program on your desktop.

MobileGo for HTC Desire 820

步骤 2: Import VCF files into HTC Desire 820

Now connect your HTC Desire 820 到计算机. After identified by the program, just go into “往来” 然后单击 “进出口” button on the top part of the window. Then browse and choose the existing VCF files on your computer, and the click “好” to import them to your new HTC Desire 820.

import contacts to HTC Desire 820 / desire 816




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