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How to Get Rid of Mac Startup Programs


Macs are reputed for their solid performance and speed. Every Mac user expects optimal performance from their computers. However, even the Macs can slow down at some point and cause frustration on users. Even the slightest drop of performance can cause considerable frustration on Mac users. In addition to the lagging performance, some Mac computers can take very long to boot up. The last thing you need is your Mac to take several minutes just to boot. Well, the most obvious reason behind this delayed boot time is too many startup programs.

If you expect a better boot up time from your mac, you should manage its startup programs properly. When there are a lot of startup items, your Mac has to process all those items before booting up. Well, if you are a novice user who isn’t aware of managing Mac startup programs, read this article through.

What are Mac startup programs?

When you switch on your Mac by pressing the power button, you will hear the famous chime. Simultaneously, you will be able to see that the Apple logo appears on the screen in large size. You will also see the progress bar which shows the launching of startup items in your Mac. These startup items – in fact – are processes that need to start your Mac. After logging in to your account, the Mac will start login items. Login items are applications that open prior to the appearance of your desktop.

The theory is simple. When the computer has a greater number of startup items to load, it’ll take longer to boot. In other words, the greater the number of Mac startup programs, the longer it takes to boot. What’s more, some of the startup items get installed on your Mac without your knowledge. Some of the programs you install on your Mac are associated with hidden applications. These apps can eventually end up reducing the performance of the processor and eat up the memory. This is exactly when you will experience a significant drop of performance in your Mac.

What is the best way to disable Mac startup programs?

Those who intend to maintain the optimal speed of their Mac computers should know how to deal with startup programs. Managing Mac startup programs is an exceptionally simple task as long as you have a tool like MacKeeper. This specific software tool comes with a nice user-interface to help you and achieve the optimal performance.

This tool comes with a special feature called “Login Items”. This feature lets you see all the apps load automatically during the startup process of your Mac. This special feature can identify all the covertly installed startup items too.

How to use MacKeeper and detect Mac startup programs

Now, let’s see how to use MacKeeper software and identify the startup programs of your Mac.

  • Install MacKeeper on your Mac and launch it.
  • Then, select the option called “Login Items”.
  • Find the two buttons at the bottom of the screen (with “+” and “-” marks and “Add/remove” label).
  • You can use those buttons to add or remove items depending on your requirement.

Well, this process is the most simplified and easiest method to get rid of Mac startup programs. It is fast and accurate, and more importantly, it makes your computer boots faster just like a new one. Mackeeper also helps you solve other Mac problems. Get to know more about how to copy and paste on macMac mouse problemshow to delete other on MacCopy and Paste Not Working on Mac & what is other in mac storage.

How to change Mac startup programs using a manual method

If you wish to use a manual method to manage the Mac startup programs, here’s how to do it. You may have noticed that some of the programs get added to the startup items without being noticed. That is because they are programmed to behave so by default. However, if you pay more attention to the onscreen instructions during the installation process. Most of these programs come with a selected checkbox that adds the respective program to start menu. If you deselect it, the program will not be added to the startup list. However, most of us neglect this option and thereby let those programs to load during the booting. Skype is one of such software programs that comes with such option.

Let’s say you have already installed such software on your Mac and now experience slower boot time. You can get rid of those unnecessary startup items manually by following these instructions. There are two ways to do that.

Method 01

Go to the Apple Menu and Select System Preferences. Then, go to Users & Groups. You can then click on the account name and launch the Login items section. Find the program you need to remove from the startup list. Then, click on the “-” (Minus) sign located at the bottom of the screen. This process will remove the respective item from your startup list.

Method 02

Here’s the alternate method you can try. As per this method, you should stop apps from opening during the startup from Dock. To do this, you should open the respective program and right-click on the relevant icon placed in the Dock. Then, you should select Options menu and find the option called Open at Login. You should now uncheck the box corresponding to it.

Fixing broken startup items to improve booting time

In certain cases, uninstalled apps can leave traces on your computer’s startup. Although these traces don’t open any app, the computer still reads that information during the boot process. As a result of that, you will notice that your Mac has an extended booting time. Application leftovers often go unnoticed since users cannot see those items directly. When you have multiple application leftovers, you will notice that your Mac takes too long to get booted.

Thankfully, this issue can be easily solved using the previous tool – MacKeeper. MacKeeper is capable of getting rid of broken startup items utilizing only a couple of clicks. All you have to do is to open the MacKeeper software and go to Smart Uninstaller. Then, you can scan the computer for application leftovers and broken startup items in your Mac. At the completion of the scan, you can remove all the leftover files simply with a single click.

Do you have daemons and agents in your Mac startup? Here’s how to remove them

Startups can appear in two forms; daemons and agents.


Daemons are the system processes that run in the background. These processes start simultaneously to the Mac operating system’s launch.


The background process that start for a certain user only are known are agents.

Both of these items provide an overview of login items. You should go to Finder and select Go option. Then, select the option Go to Folder. You will then be prompted to a new window, and you should use the below commands in it.


To display all the applications that launch during the startup process


To see preference files that determines the functionality of system application during the launch


To see the preference files that function right after logging into your Mac

However, to see the files that launch during the startup, you should check the system folders using these commands.


To display every system file that launches after startup


Displays all the system files that run for particular users

You MUST NOT delete any of the system folders in your operating system. Deleting those folders will cause malfunctions on your system.

As you may notice, removing these files manually can waste your time. That is exactly why we recommend a tool like MacKeeper to address the same task with better efficiency. MacKeeper is specifically designed to scan and identify unwanted Mac startup programs and application leftovers immediately.

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