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Hur Flip en bild i Photoshop utan ansträngning?


Om du undrar how to flip an image in Photoshop, den här artikeln är bara för dig. Med denna artikel, we will explain the basic functions of Photoshop like flipping and rotating an image.

Som ni kanske redan vet, Adobe Photoshop is a very popular photo editing tool, particularly among the professionals. Many novice users, men, generally think that Photoshop is somewhat complicated to them. But with a little bit of practice and some proper guidance, you can use Photoshop for various tasks. Although the capacity of Photoshop is massive, we only intend to explain how to flip an image in Photoshop.

Del 1: Okej, how to flip an image in Photoshop?

You might need to flip an image due to various reasons. Flipping and mirroring are essentially the same. No matter whether you are a novice or a pro, you would need to flip photos in various circumstances. By flipping images, users expect enhancements in their photos. Flipping helps you create beautiful patterns and shift image’s focus. Below are the steps you should follow to flip an image.

Alternativet 1: To flip the entire image

If there are no added layers on the image, you intend to flip, that is a pretty simple process. Att göra detta, you should open the image in Photoshop. Sedan, go to Menu Bar and locate the option called “Bild”. Välj “Image Rotation”. Beroende på dina krav, Du kan gå till “Flip Canvas Horizontal” eller “Flip Canvas Vertical”. You will now find that the image is flipped to match your requirement. Som du skulle märka, flipping an image in Photoshop is pretty convenient if you know the process.

Alternativet 2: Flip a selective layer

Although flipping an entire image is a simple task, flipping an image on a selective layer can be difficult. Imagine an instance where you need to flip an icon, text or a watermark on a photoshop artwork. Brunn, i detta fall, you cannot follow the above method. Om du gör, the entire canvas (the whole artwork) will flip. Så, you should focus only on the layer on which the image you need to flip is located.

I själva verket, there is more than one way to consider when you need to flip a layer in Photoshop. You can go through those options (which we have mentioned below) and pick the most suitable option.

en) I vissa fall, it is not necessary to flip the entire image. I stället, you will have to flip only a single layer. To make it happen smoothly, you should select the respective image layer first. Sedan, you should click on the option Edit and select Transform. You can then select Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical depending on the direction you need to flip the image.

b) Om inte, you can go to the option Edit and select Free Transform. Sedan, you should right click on the box that appears around the image. Be sure that you click inside this box to open up the popup menu. This respective menu displays the options related to flipping the images.

c) Here’s another way to consider if you require to flip just a layer. I detta fall, we will be using a handy keyboard shortcut. Click inside the Photoshop document you are editing and press Control (Ctrl) med “T”. This key combination will let you access free transform mode in Photoshop. Once you have entered the free transform mode, you should right click on the image. You will now see a list of options in the form of a popup message. Use the options

Rotating an image using Photoshop

Now that you know how to flip an image in Photoshop. Let’s learn how to rotate an image. I vissa fall, you will have to rotate an image instead of flipping it. That means Photoshop gives you the opportunity to rotate the image by 900 eller 1800. Dessutom, you can do it clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on your requirement. To rotate an image in Photoshop, you should follow the steps we mention below.

För det första, you should open the image (which is to be rotated) inside Photoshop. Sedan, you should select the Image from the menu bar and go to the Image Rotation option. You can then select the rotation option that is required. You can either rotate it CW or CCW (Clockwise or Counterclockwise) depending on the requirement.

What are the issues that may occur when flipping an image on Photoshop?

I vissa fall, flipping an image may go wrong, and you may experience some issues. Men, if you follow the guideline mentioned below, you can overcome those issues.

There is no flipping option

Some users may complain that they cannot find a flip option after opening Photoshop on their computer. Most probably, such error can occur if the user has a different version of Photoshop. Since the path of accessing flip option might differ from version to version, you should seek help. Du kan klicka på “Hjälp” on the menu bar and key in the wordflip”. Your version of Photoshop will show you how to access it.

Flipping a logo or a text

I vissa fall, you will have to flip an object like text, logo or a watermark on the artwork. Many novice users end up ruining the entire artwork by flipping the element wrongfully. Brunn, we recommend you to go through theOption 02we have emphasized in this article. By going through the instructions carefully, you can perform the flipping option properly and enhance your artwork.

Flipping the image in the opposite way

The flipping option allows you to flip the image vertically or horizontally. If you flip the image horizontally instead of vertically or vice versa, you can undo it. To undo in Photoshop, you can press Ctrl + Z or go to Edit > Undo.

You rotated the image instead of flipping it

Rotating and flipping are different concepts. Don’t get confused with these two options at all.

Once the image is flipped, people have an unnatural appearance

We have got used to seeing the faces of familiar people in a particular manner. If you flip a photo of such a person, you will see it in a somewhat strange way. Some people look totally unnatural when the face is flipped horizontally. Men, with Photoshop, you can rectify those unnatural appearances (the process is a bit complicated though).

Del 2: Use Wondershare Fotophire to manage images simply

Now that you know how to flip images in Photoshop, you can try it at your will. Men, if you are not a professional photo editor, you may find Photoshop to be a little-complicated software. If truth to be told, Photoshop is professional software that is developed for expert photo editors. Även, some individuals may think that Photoshop is somewhat expensive for them. Därför, it is better if you know an alternative to Photoshop. This is when an HD photo editor software solution like Wonders Fotophire comes to play.

Wondershare Fotophire is an excellent software kit that comes with a range of options to edit photos. With the assistance of Wondershare Fotophire, you can easily flip photos, rotate photos, fix blurred images, etc.

Dragen av Wonders Fotophire

Here are some of the most notable features associated with Wondershare Fotophire.

  • It can make blurry images clearer and crispier
  • Wondershare Fotophire has plenty of preset modes including landscapes, architecture, close-ups, and portraits
  • Vignette effect to add more artistic appearance and frames to the image you edit
  • Ability to save the settings you are using mostly so you can make use of them later
  • Print photos in large size with high resolution
  • It lets you view the photos inBefore and Afterview.
  • Application of blur effect on the edited photo
  • Correcting the color of the image to the perfection
  • Can process images as batches (upp till 1000 images simultaneously)
  • Cutting and cropping of photos easily
  • Built-in tutorial on the software to make it convenient for beginners
  • Very simple interface with easy navigation

And many other features.

Alla, Wondershare Fotophire is an excellent alternative to professional software like Photoshop.

Brunn, that is our simple guide on how to flip an image in Photoshop. If you are looking for a more affordable and user-friendly alternative to Photoshop, you may try Wondershare Fotophire.

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