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Come risolvere ‘il computer è basso sulla memoria’ Problema su Windows 7/8/10


Are you facing the issue ofil tuo computer ha poca memoriaon your Windows 7/10/8 IL? Lei deve aver visto il computer la visualizzazione di questa finestra di dialogo ogni volta che si tenta di aprire file o eseguire qualche programma. Per evitare questo, read this article to expand the space in your computer or to create more virtual memory.

Three answers toil tuo computer ha poca memoriafor your Windows 7/10/8 OS are as follows; And other answers for below errors for you too: Windows non può accedere al percorso di dispositivo o il file, SD card non presentandosi, hard disk esterno Seagate non presentandosi, elevato utilizzo del disco Microsoft compatibilità telemetria, Il sistema non trova il file specificato.

Know the basics of memory:

The message regardingil tuo computer ha poca memoria’ might be displayed in different ways depending on Windows 7 o Windows 10, but they mean the same. It means that you have low RAM on your computer as well as, low virtual memory. Questo non è sinonimo di spazio sul disco o disco rigido. Vi diremo circa tre metodi per risolvere questo problema. Se l'iniziale di due non funzionano, quindi è necessario utilizzare la terza per migliorare la vostra memoria RAM.

1: Delete the program that takes up too much space

Alcuni programmi utilizzano un sacco di spazio, e si finisce per ottenere il messaggio di memoria insufficiente. Se si dispone di un sistema operativo di Windows che ha un problema con la RAM e CPU stoccaggio, quindi è possibile seguire questa procedura per risolvere il problema ‘il tuo computer ha poca memoria’ errore:

1. Selezionare Ctrl + alt + il che mostrerà un menu, da cui si deve cliccare su Task Manager.

2. You can easily see the process that is taking up the maximum memory in the Process tab. Right click on the process that is taking up the most space and select the option of End task.

2: Expand the memory that is virtual

The first answer might give you a very short-term solution foril tuo computer ha poca memoria’. In quel caso, the expanding of the memory that is virtual might prove to be a solution for a longer period. Here are the steps to do that:

1. Select Windows key + R, and you will get a dialog box. You have to type sysdm.cpl in that box and press OK in for opening System Properties.

2. Click on the option of Advanced system settings.

3. Under the Advanced option, you will see an option of Settings. Clicca su quel.

4. A pane called Advanced will be opened where you have to select the option of Change.

5. There will be an option to manage paging file size for all drives Automatically. Uncheck that.

6. Choose the option of Custom Size and then put the Initial size and Maximum size according to your convenience. Remember to put the sizes more than the ones that are suggested.

7. Choose Set and then OK.

3: Enhance RAM without restoring your Windows

Of all the answers that we have discussed so far, this final one is the most effective when it comes to solving the ‘your computer is low on memory issue’. This is even more so when your PC repeatedly displays that message and then you know that it is high time that you changed your RAM.

RAM, as we know is a chief part of the hardware of your computer. All the installation that you have on your Windows will be wiped out when you reinstall RAM. È, perciò, better if you learn the way to update your RAM without having to reinstall your Windows all over again. Qui è dove EASEUS Todo Backup torna utile. The first step is to build a backup of your whole system before you replace your RAM. Here’s how to do this:

1. in primo luogo, devi plug in the USB, preferably of 16GB to your computer and then open EaseUS Todo Backup. Press the Tools button and the press onCreate Emergency Disk‘.

2. Sotto il Boot disk type, you will see an option that readsCreate WinPE emergency disk. Press that option.

3. In modo da create a disk that you can boot, you have to press the Proceed option then.

4. After you have created the EaseUS Todo bootable disk, you have to return to the central window and select the option of System backup.

5. Devi select the recently created USB drive that can be booted, as your location for backup. Poi, you have to press theProcederebutton to initiate the backup procedure.

When the process is done, you will get a USB drive that can be booted with a system image on that. You are now ready to begin upgrading the RAM of your computer.

Now that you are done with the backup, you have to transfer your system from your computer to the new hardware. This will be done after replacing the RAM. We have outlined the process here:

1. Go to the EaseUS Todo Backup bootable USB flash drive and boot your computer from there.

2. You will see an option ofSystem Transferon the central window of EaseUS Todo Backup. Click on that button.

3. Press the option ofSystem Backuppresent on the flash drive of the USB and then press ok.

4. The hardware that is new is your destination of recovery. Choose that to restore your system and then press theProcedere‘ pulsante.

And you have completed the process! You can easily upgrade your RAM now to avoid getting the ‘your computer is low on memory’ Messaggio. Adesso, you do not even have to reinstall your Windows OS to get going.

Caratteristiche di EASEUS Todo Backup

Since we have informed you about how to use EaseUS Todo Backup, you should be aware of the features as well. Così, Ecco qui:

  • 1. The EaseUS Todo Backup is designed in such a smart way that you can choose to backup your whole system or you can also backup particular files or folders. This means that be it an image-level backup or a file-level one, this tool gives you all.
  • 2. The tool comes at a very affordable price, and the user interface is designed to make you feel comfortable.
  • 3. Any virus or malware cannot easily infest this tool because of its strongly protected software. In questo modo, you get to keep all your important data safe as well.
  • 4. If you want to back up certain partitions from a drive, then you can use the SSD and HDD backups that EaseUS block-level imaging software manufactures.
  • 5. We often backup our files on cloud storage facilities like Google Drive, Una guida, Dropbox, eccetera. The EaseUS back up device will help you backup files to all the aforementioned services.
  • 6. EaseUS Todo Backup also comes with features that are needed to protect your data on your computer.
  • 7. If you have a busy schedule, the EaseUS Todo Backup has got all your backup updates covered for you. You can create a backup process and customize it according to a specific period or some particular event. The process can be supervised on live timing, regular reports of the backup process, and notifications on your email.
  • 8. A volte, your operating system might not work properly and might refuse to start. In quel caso, you could always use the Todo Backup that you will find under the boot menu. This will let you start the Pre-OS process that will let you retrieve your system.
  • 9. This tool lets you easily handle all the backup work that needs to be done. Any outdated images of backup that your computer might have will take up unnecessary space. This will clog your storage and show the message ‘your computer is low on memory’. With the EaseUS tool, you can delete such unwanted images automatically to free up your memory.
  • 10. Using EaseUS will protect you from losing your valuable data through a malware attack, crashing of the system, deleting data by accident, some technical error, eccetera.
  • 11. The cloning utility of EaseUS Todo Backup is quite quick and can be manipulated accordingly. It is the best software when you want to produce a clone of Windows XP/10/7/8/8.1/Vista. It will let you transfer easily from OS to HDD or SSD.

These were the most important features of the EASEUS Todo Backup strumento, out of many other features that it comes with. Adesso, you know the use of this tool, e si conosce l'esatta procedura di usarlo per il backup. Il processo è hassle-libero e sicuro. Così, Scarica oggi stesso!

Ottenere EASEUS Todo Backup

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