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如何修复iPhone 6 滞留在耳机模式


Are you struggling with the issue of your iPhone stuck in headphone mode or how to turn off autocorrect on iPhone? 然后, 看看这里的一些快速和容易修复. It could be really frustrating when you see an icon of headphones along with the volume slider while headphones are not actually plugged in. 在这种情况下, your iPhone would not make any sound even if you push the volume tabs.

首先, you can try to put your earphones in and then, take them out. 如果它不工作, you can try to reset your iPhone. 另一方面, if the issue persists, you don’t need to worry about it as you will get solutions in this tech article. The issue of iPhone 6 stuck in headphone mode could be due to problems of hardware and software. 在大多数情况下,, this problem arises due to some issues with the headphone jack. 所以, 问题 “苹果手机 6 stuck in headphone modeis generally a hardware problem and not the software one.

这里, you will get to know about the reasons behind your iPhone stuck in headphone mode as well as how to clean junk out of the headphone jack of your iPhone and other fixes to resolve the problem.

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部分 1: Resolve the software problem

One of the easiest ways to ensure whether a software hitch is causing the issue “苹果手机 6 stuck in headphone modeor not is to switch your iPhone off and on again. To turn your iPhone off, you need to press and then hold the Sleep or Power button and after that, 在屏幕上滑动的标签.

你的iPhone将在关闭 20 秒. 之后, 你需要按住睡眠按钮,直到屏幕上出现苹果的标志. 如果您的设备仍与耳机模式卡住它打开后,然后, 它不是一个软件问题,而是硬件一个.

部分 2: Resolve the hardware problem

现在, 你需要了解你的iPhone的理由 6 stuck in headphone mode. 主要, 可以有它背后有两个原因. 最常见的问题列举如下:

  • 物理损坏耳机插孔
  • 碎片被困在里面千斤顶

为了了解最主要原因, you have to grab a torch and glance inside your phone’s headphone jack. If you can clearly see debris stuck inside it, you need to get rid of it as debris might be making your phone to believe that headphones are plugged in. 然而, it is extremely difficult to extract anything from the headphone jack.

另一方面, some Apple techs do not even try this as it may damage the headphone jack permanently. 然而, you can give it a try if you want to.

How to dig up junk out of the headphone jack?

不幸, Apple stores do not have any special tools to take out debris from iPhone’s headphone jack. 所以, there is actually no correct way to perform this task. 另一方面, there are some tricks that you can use to extract stuff out. These tricks will effectively help you, but these methods are not approved by Apple in any sort. You need to be extra careful as these methods can even damage your phone’s headphone jack.

Pen Trick

In order to remove debris from the headphone jack, you can use this amazing yet successful pen trick. 为了这, you need to take the help of a pen. 下一个, follow some simple instructions as listed below:

步骤 1: Take a pen

原来, you have to take a BIC standard pen and then, remove its cap.

步骤 2: Take off its tip

下一个, you need to pull its tip-off from the pen’s plastic body with the help of pliers.

步骤 3: Use the tip

之后, you will notice that the pen’s tip is fixed to a plastic carriage that encloses the ink.

步骤 4: Take the contrary end

下一个, you have to take the contrary end of the plastic cartridge as it is of the perfect dimension to eradicate stuff from your phone’s headphone jack.

步骤 5: Put that end into the jack

现在, you need to put that contrary end into your iPhone’s headphone jack while twisting it gently to unfasten the debris. 之后, take it out of your device.

通过这种方式, you can take out debris from the headphone jack successfully. 然而, do not press it too firm if the stuff is not coming out and move to the second trick.


You can take help of ultra-thin tweezers to reach far inside into an iPhone’s jack to pick out debris like rice. It will help you to remove debris, but it is really a tough task. It can easily damage sides of your iPhone’s headphone jack if you thrust it too far.

Compressed Air

Compressed Air is another method that you can use to remove debris out of the headphone jack. 为了这, you need to take help of a canister of compressed air to blow air into the headphone jack. 通过这种方式, debris will loosen up enough that you can shake it completely out.

然而, try to be gentle and do not stick the hosepipe into your phone’s headphone jack to start blowing directly. You need to begin from the outer surface and then work all the way in. 另一方面, if you do not have a compressed air’s can, you may puff it out yourself. 与此同时, it would not be an effective way as our breath comprises moisture, which can damage the internal circuit of iPhones.

Disassemble the device

This method is not for everyone as only technicians can perform this task. 这里, you have to disassemble your iPhone in order to poke out debris from underneath the headphone jack. In order to remove debris in this way, you can look for videos that show the excellent guides for the same. 然而, it is recommended not to perform this extremely difficult task.

部分 3: Other reasons behind the issue

If you are still facing the issue “苹果手机 6 stuck in headphone modeafter trying out the tricks as mentioned above, then your device needs to be fixed. 一些最常见的背后原因不工作的iPhone的耳机插孔下面列出:


其中一个问题背后的最常见的原因 “苹果手机 6 stuck in headphone mode” 是由水引起的损伤. 大部分的时间, 人们没有任何想法是怎么发生的. 如你所知, 耳机插孔为你的iPhone的唯一开口, 这使得它易受水损害. 如果你的工作或运行,边听音乐在您的iPhone, 汗水淌下耳机有可能’ 线连接到插座.

It can even happen to other kinds of damages caused by water. It is highly possible that your iPhone works absolutely perfect after getting wet but not the headphone jack.

Physical Damage

问题 “苹果手机 6 stuck in headphone modecould be due to physical damage. If your phone is in one piece after smashing down on the floor, it is possible that the problem of headphones stuck mode arose at that time. It happens because the headphone jack gets dragged off from the device’s logic board.

另一方面, plugging your headphones out and in of the device does not cause this issue. It never occurs due to the normal use of headphones. The other reason could be wrapping up of headphones all around your device when not in use. It causes stress on the end of headphones plugged into the jack so immense that the whole headphone jack begins to drag off from the device’s logic board.

所以, if you have a habit of wrapping up your headphones all around your phone, it is recommended to unplug them from the headphone jack when you wrap it around.

部分 4: Ultimate solutions to get rid of this issue

如果, you could not bring your iPhone back to the normal using the above-mentioned tricks; you need to get your device repaired. This issue of苹果手机 6 stuck in headphone modeis really frustrating for those who visit Apple stores and could not find any solution except to substitute the entire device. 所以, it makes people use Bluetooth headphones to make or receive calls. It causes a major nuisance as the sound system does not work at all on your device. It is better to go for Puls to resolve this issue at your home within a few minutes. Puls give a lifetime guarantee on devicescomponents and labor.

现在, you make out what all you have to do to resolve the issueiPhone卡在耳机模式“. You can try all these tricks to get rid of this problem. With the help of these methods, your iPhone will no longer remain stuck on the headphone mode. 现在, you don’t need to worry about this issue as you know what you have to do subsequently.




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