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技術是一件美妙的事情, 但它也可以是在時間很沮喪. 隨著技術的事情是,總是有可能它可能出問題. 雖然進步已經作出多年來,使我們的技術更可靠, 問題還可以從時間此起彼伏.

一個特別令人沮喪的問題要處理的是 用USB連接問題. 這些日子, you expect to be able to plug in a USB and instantly connect two devices. 然而, it’s not always as easy as it should be. 這裡, we’ll look at how to fix some of the most common USB connectivity issues you may face.

The dreadedUSB not recognised

By far the most common USB connectivity issue you can experience is theUSB not recognised” 錯誤. This occurs as soon as you plug in the USB, with a pop-up window alerting you to the fact that it isn’t recognised. The good news is, there are several ways to fix this issue if it does occur.

首先, it’s worth powering off your device and leaving it a minute or two before rebooting. This in itself can fix the issue. 如果不, removing the driver could be worth a try. You’ll need to go into your device manager settings, before selectingUniversal Serial Bus Controllers”. You should see the USB with a yellow triangle symbol by it. Double click on the device and then select uninstall. You can let Windows reinstall the driver, which should fix the issue.

Phone to printer troubles

Another common problem that users come across, is connecting their phone to their printer. This is especially a problem iPhone users experience. 首先, you’ll need to make sure you’re using the right type of USB connector. 然後, make sure the printer is actually compatible with your iPhone. You may think it automatically would be, but you’d be wrong!

Automatically diagnose and fix issues in Windows

Did you know that Windows comes with a great automatic diagnose and fix USB issues feature? 只需下載Windows USB問題解決者,它會自動檢測是否有任何實際的問題,你需要知道的. 如果有, 它也將自動解決這些問題!

總體, 令人沮喪的USB連接問題可, 他們是值得慶幸的是,通常很容易可以解決的. 以上僅僅是一些 解決計算機和手機上的最常見的連接問題的途徑.




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