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Come eliminare i messaggi su iPhone con iOS X 11 / iOS 12


Anche se le applicazioni di messaggistica come WhatsApp e Facebook Messenger sono cresciuti nel corso degli ultimi anni e diventare le piattaforme di messaggistica più popolari, ci sono ancora un sacco di persone che preferiscono utilizzare iMessage. This is completely fine – there’s nothing wrong with iMessage, and it’s the easiest way to message others. Just as with any app, the more that you use iMessage to text your friends the family, the more app data is stored and the less available storage you have. Per tale motivo, dovresti sapere how to delete messages on iPhone X, how to delete all photos from iPhone X permanently, how to delete Apps on iPhone X in 1-Click, e ancora più importante, how to delete them permanently.

Automatically Delete Text Messages

A lot of people with smartphones have sentimental feelings towards their text messages and the media that they send and receive. If you aren’t one of these people and you don’t care about saving your text messages or archiving them for later, the best way to keep your storage space as free as possible is to have them removed on a regular basis.

Passo #1 - Sblocca il tuo iPhone e toccare il “impostazioniapplication to open it up.

Passo #2 – Swipe down and tap on themessaggioption followed byKeep Messages“.

Passo #3 – You’ll be given the option to keep your messages for 30 giorni, one year, o forever. Select either 30 days or one year – whichever you prefer – and from then on, your messages will automatically delete after that time.

This is one of the iOS features which not everyone is aware of, even though it’s an incredibly helpful one. Some people like to keep their text messages so that they can look back on their memories, but if you don’t do this then deleting them is the best choice.

Deleting Individual Texts on iPhone X

Rather than deleting all of your texts, if you want to keep some of your texts and remove those that don’t have any meaning to you, then you are able to do so pretty easily. The only thing worth noting is that you have to delete each message singularly. così, it might take you a long time depending on how many messages you want to delete.

Passo #1 - Sblocca il tuo iPhone e toccare il “iMessage” app per aprirlo.

Passo #2 – To delete a specific conversation, swipe to the left and tap onElimina“; o, tap on a conversation to delete specific messages.

Passo #3 – Tap and hold a message until a menu appears – tap onDi Più“, this will select the message. Go through the conversation and select any other texts that you want to delete.

Passo #4 - Infine, toccare “Elimina“, then go through your other conversations and repeat these steps.

Questo è, ovviamente, a very inefficient way of learning how to delete messages on iPhone X, especially if you are deleting a lot of individual texts.

Adesso, if you are going to use this method to delete all of your old texts, don’t bother with this method. Anziché, use the first method that we showed you as when you set your texts to delete after 30 giorni, any messages before that time will be removed.

How to Delete Messages on iPhone X Permanently In Batch Using iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser

All of the methods in this article so far will delete your texts message, but they are still recoverable, e come risultato, they’re still filling up some of your storage space. Not only does this continue to limit your iPhone’s storage space but it means that should you choose to sell your iPhone in the future, your personal text messages can be recovered fairly quickly using a recovery tool. Even if you factory reset your iPhone, maggior parte degli strumenti sono in grado di recuperare i dati che è stato rimosso. Per questa ragione, al fine di aumentare in modo efficace lo spazio disponibile e garantire la vostra privacy, dovresti usare Data Eraser Pro iPhone iMyFone Umate.

Quando si utilizza Eraser iMyFone iPhone dati per imparare come eliminare i messaggi su iPhone X, Non solo sono il vostro messaggio di testo cancellato, ma sono anche fregati dal dispositivo di memorizzazione del dispositivo, così, sono irrecuperabili. Ci sono diversi dati utili cancellazione caratteristiche che iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser ha da offrire, anche se, per i passaggi seguenti, saremo utilizzando il “Cancellare i dati personali” caratteristica.

Passo #1 – Download and install iMyFone Umate Pro on your computer, lanciarlo, e collegare il vostro iPhone utilizzando un cavo USB.

Scarica iMyfone Umate Pro

Passo #2 - Una volta che avete il programma aperto, dal menu a sinistra cliccare sul “Cancellare i dati personali” linguetta.

Cancellare i dati personaliPasso #3 - Ti verrà mostrato alcune informazioni di stoccaggio brevi sul dispositivo così come su ciò che questo processo di cancellazione dei dati include. Clic “Scansione” quando si è pronti per iniziare.

Passo #4 - Il collegato iPhone X sarà ora sottoposto a scansione per rilevare eventuali dati privati ​​che viene memorizzato sul dispositivo. Questo include i messaggi di testo, informazioni sui contatti, e altro ancora.

Passo #5 – After the scan is finished you’ll be able to browse all of the data based on the data type. Clicca su “Messaggiofrom the left menu and select all of the text messages that you want to delete.

Nota: if you want to have all of your text messages deleted using iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser, simply check the box next to theMessaggiodata type on the list.

Passo #6 - Infine, after selecting the text messages that you want to have deleted, clicca sul “Cancella Orabutton and after a few seconds, they’ll be deleted forever!

This is the only sure-fire way to make sure that your text messages aren’t still lingering on your iPhone X and while simply deleting them through the iMessage app might seem effective at first, don’t take the chance.

Other Features of iMyFone Eraser dati iPhone

Learning how to delete messages on iPhone X isn’t all that iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser can be used for; there are a lot of other features which it includes.

  • 1-Click Cleanup. This feature is beyond useful. Even if you don’t download a lot of files to your iPhone, take many photos, or install any apps, over time you’ll begin to notice that your storage space fills up. With the 1-Click Cleanup feature, you can remove the temporary files, file spazzatura, and unnecessary app data which all contributes to the lack of available storage.
  • Cancella tutti i dati. Whether you’re selling your iPhone or you’re just interested in wiping it clean for performance purposes, you can use iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser to completely remove all of the data which is stored on your device’s storage.
  • Cancellare i file eliminati. As we’ve covered in this article, when you delete text messages they aren’t permanently deleted – they can easily be recovered. This is ineffective when it comes to storage, so it’s a good idea to use the Erase Deleted Files feature every once in a while.

These are just a few of the features that are included in iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser. It’s important that you manage your iOS device’s data using the right tool and iMyFone Umate Pro is without a doubt the best tool for the job.

Ottenere iMyfone Umate Pro


Tutto sommato, se si vuole imparare how to delete messages on iPhone X, allora la soluzione migliore è quella di utilizzare iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser. In cima a quello, se si sta andando ad essere vendere il vostro vecchio iPhone perché recentemente è stato acquistato un iPhone X, Puoi usare iMyFone Animate Pro per eliminare definitivamente tutti i dati memorizzati sul dispositivo in modo che non può essere recuperato.

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