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How to Delete iPhone 6S / 7 / 8 / X / XR / XS Music With Ease


The ways to remove all or individual music/songs from iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus

As we all known, the iPhone has a lot of users. So that music and songs play an indispensable part among the iOS users. So iDevices including iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, should make sure that the music and songs can be played well and the users would feel satisfied with the music quality. This article is written to make the users understand how to delete / remove all or individual music/songs from iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, and hope that the information and the knowledge can be totally accepted by the iOS users. It will also guarantee the users, would take it easy and understand it deeply when they deal with the music deletion or the similar phenomenon.

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Part I. The way to remove individual music from iPhone 6S / 7 / 8 (Plus) / X / XS / XR

When you meet the questions described above, you can get a satisfy solution from the following steps:
1. At the beginning, the users should turn off the iTunes match:

2. Then the downloaded songs can be hidden or unhidden as personal wishes:

3. In order to open the application, the user needs to press the music button to proceed further:

4. When sliding from right to left, you will see the delete option. Then you need to click on the button and make sure the removal process is completely finished:


Part II. The ways to remove the playlist of music from iPhone 6S / 7 / 8 (Plus) or iPhone X

The way to remove the music playlist, is similar to removing the multiple songs. So, some steps can be applied in this respect as well. The steps are showed as followed:
1. Turn off the iTunes match, so that it can proceed further:

2. The users can also choose to hide or unhide the downloaded songs, as personal wishes:

3. To proceed further, the users should open the music application which is showed in the picture below:

4. The users should tap more at the bottom to make sure that the playlist view is opened.
When it is finished, slide from right to left, then pressing the delete option which is coming up to you. At this point, the process has been fully completed:


Part III. With iTunes, how to remove songs from iPhone X / 8 / 7 / 6S Plus

As iTunes plays an important role among the iDevice, it is also pointed out that the users should guarantee the process is completely finished with the following procedures which may be the best manner.
1. Turn off the iTunes match, via the following path: Settings, iTunes & app stores, iTunes match toggle off:

2. To proceed further, the users should also turn off the automatic download as showned in the figure below:

3. Then launch the iTunes and turn off the iTunes match from the same system as well:

4. The users should also guarantee that the iPhone can establish a connection with the system, so that the program can detect the iPhone:

5. Then make sure that the summary tab is selected in this step:

6. Select the options which are shown in the figure below, to make sure the process can proceed further:

7. The music tab should be accessed, so that it can guarantee the core procedure begins:

8. To proceed further, you should make sure the sync music radio button has been selected already:

9. Select the options again, as showned in the figure below:

10. The users should uncheck the removed contents. And it’s also pointed out that once you press the apply button, the content of not selected will be automatically deleted from the device:


Part IV. Without iTunes, how to remove music from iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus

Compared to the iTunes music, the steps of removing music from iPhone without iTunes seem to be easier. For this reason, it’s also pointed out that the users had better guarantee the following steps are completely according to.
1. Follow the steps descripted below: Settings, then choose Music, then the process begins.

2. Then the user needs to guarantee that both the Show All Music and the iTunes Match are turned off, so that it can proceed further:

3. The next path should be followed is: Settings, General, Usage.

4. Once you press the edit button, you will see the delete option come up to you. The users can press the delete option as required and it’s better to guarantee the process has been fully completed:


Part V. The ways to remove purchased music from iPhone 6S / 7 / 8 Plus / X

It has no special process when removing the purchased music. The users only need to guarantee the process is fully done, which means the songs have been deleted. The steps are showed as followed:
1. At the beginning, the path is: Settings, General, Music.

2. To make sure all the purchased music has been shown, the users should toggle on the Show All Music button. On the other hand, if the music is bought from the iTunes, you should turn on the iTunes match as well:

3. The followed path is: Settings, General, Usage

4. The delete option will come up when you press the edit button, click on it and make sure the process has been fully completed, as shown in the picture below.


Part VI. The ways to remove iTunes music from iPhone X or iPhone 8/7/6S/6 Plus

The process has been explained clearly and it should be fully followed as described below, to guarantee that the songs or music have been deleted already. The following steps will show you how to deal with this matter.
1. The iTunes should be launched and, so that the phone can establish a connection with the system, then go on to the next step.

2. Select the songs tab as shown in the figure below, to guarantee that the iTunes music can synchronize with the iPhone and all music is shown in the list.

3. To proceed further, you should search for the iTunes songs, which have synchronized with the iPhone and need to be removed:

4. Delete the song by pressing the delete key on the keyboard. You should also guarantee the process has been fully completed.

5. This prompt is coming up to ask the users, whether to delete the songs or not. The user should select “Delete song option” to guarantee that the steps end here.


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