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Are you a new Mac user who wants to learn how to delete downloads on Mac? اذا نعم, هذه المقالة هي فقط لأجلك. Many individuals want to learn this process and get their Macs back on the proper performance level.

One of the main reasons for people to opt for Macs is uncompromised speed. ومع ذلك, you cannot expect the maximum amount of speed unless you maintain it properly. There are various tips and tricks to keep your Mac working at its top speed. One of the most widely used and effective ways to maintain your Mac’s optimal speed is proper space management. That means you have to get rid of unwanted files in a timely manner to maintain its speed. غير ذلك, the limited space of the Mac can be filled with unnecessary files and cause it to run slower. This is particularly true when it comes to theالتنزيلاتfolder of your Mac.

If you don’t take care of the ‘Downloadsfolder properly, it will become a mess eventually. Once the ‘Downloadsfolder is filled, you will be notified that you cannot download files anymore. أيضا, the system will become noticeably slow. وبالتالي, if you wonder how to delete downloads on Mac and get the speed back, تابع القراءة.

PS: إذا كان لديك ماك تشغيل بطيئة, learn more about how to clear cookies on Mac, و how to clear cache on Mac بسهولة.

What does ‘My Downloads Foldercontain?

Before learning how to delete downloads on Mac, it is better to get a general idea about it. ال ‘التنزيلاتfolder is the destination on which the files you download from the internet are saved by default. بعبارات أخرى, all the files you download from the internet go to the ‘Downloads’ مجلد. صور, PDF, موسيقى, أفلام, التطبيقات, مرفقات, and anything else you download go in the ‘Downloads’ مجلد.

This folder is allocated to save downloaded files by default. As time goes by and you download files every day, this folder will get filled.

How to delete downloads on Mac (the manual methods)

Let’s get into the real question here. How to delete downloads on Mac? The good news is that this section provides six methods for you to do it. All six methods mentioned here are manual ways so they can become somewhat difficult for beginners.

طريقة 01: Use ‘Finderto delete downloads

One of the popular ways to delete downloads on Mac is through the ‘Finder’ اختيار. المذكورة أدناه هي الخطوات التي يجب اتباعها.

  • Select the option called theمكتشفlocated on the menu bar (towards the top of Mac’s screen).
  • Select go, and it will display a drop-down with several options.
  • From the options displayed, أختر ‘التنزيلات.’
  • You will be able to see all the downloaded files that are saved within theالتنزيلات‘ مجلد. اذا كان ضروري, you can re-arrange the files depending on the size so you can delete the heavier files first.
  • الآن, choose the files that should be gone. You can choose all the files at once simply using Command + A keys. ثم, drag all those files into Trash Can.

Move downloads to trash

If you are using a Mac with macOS 10.6 or a newer version, you can jump into Method 03.

بالإضافة إلى, هنا, سوف تتعلم المزيد عن How to Delete Time Machine Backups on Mac.

طريقة 02: Use ‘Terminalto delete downloads

طرفيةis another path you can use to access the ‘Downloadsfolder and delete the contents. Although it is rather a tricky option, the following steps will take you there comfortably.

  • في البداية, you should move the targeted files into desktop so you will access it easily.
  • اذهب إلى ‘خدمات‘ أو ‘تطبيقاتfolder and then go toطرفية.’
  • When you are in theطرفية,’ you are required to type the textcd~/Desktop.’ You are now guided to desktop.
  • اكتب في ‘rmfollowed by the file name to delete it. If you typerm fly.jpeg,’ it will delete the file namedfly.jpeg,’ على سبيل المثال.


طريقة 03: Use ‘Go Menuto delete downloads

This is another file that can allow you to delete ‘Downloads.Here are the steps to achieve that.

  • أول, you should access the option calledمكتشف‘ (you can repeat the steps mentioned in Method 01).
  • انقر على الخيار ‘Go Menu.’
  • حدد خيار يسمى ‘Go To folder.’ This will prompt a window.
  • ثم, اكتب في ~/Downloads within the window. You will then be guided into the download folder, and you can delete any file.

Goto Downloads Folder

Please note that this method only works for macOS 10.2 أو أحدث.

طريقة 04: Use Browser to delete downloads

If you want to know how to delete downloads on Mac using a browser, اتبع الخطوات المذكورة أدناه. Please note that the method will slightly differ depending on the browser you are using. المذكورة أدناه هي الخطوات للقيام بذلك.


  • Launch the Google Chrome browser on your Mac.
  • اضغط على ‘قائمة طعام‘ أيقونة (ثلاثة خطوط أفقية) located at the top-right corner.
  • ثم, أعثر على ‘التنزيلاتbutton and click on it.
  • فقط اضغط على ‘Clear alloption so the downloaded files will be deleted.


  • Launch the Safari browser on your Mac.
  • Locate the gear icon on the menu bar and click it.
  • انتقل إلى ‘التنزيلاتoption on the next tab.
  • انقر على الزر المسمى ‘واضح,’ and then the downloaded files will be gone.

Clear Downloads


  • Launch the Firefox browser on Mac.
  • اضغط على ‘ثعلب النارbutton to open the menu (top-left corner).
  • اذهب إلى ‘التنزيلات.’
  • انقر على ‘Clear Listso the downloads on the Firefox browser will be deleted.

For Opera

  • Launch the Opera browser.
  • Click on the three-dotted icon (الزاوية العليا اليمنى).
  • Choose the option labeledالتنزيلاتand hit delete.

Clear downloads on firefox

طريقة 05: Delete the downloads using Email Account

There is no shortage of occasions in which we receive attachments that should be downloaded before opening. متأخر، بعد فوات الوقت, these attachments can consume a considerable amount of space of your hard disk. ومن المثير للاهتمام, users don’t need most of these attachments to have on their hard disks. وبالتالي, learning how to delete those mail attachments is important for you. المذكورة أدناه هي الخطوات للقيام بذلك.

  • Go to Spotlight, which is located in the menu bar.
  • Type in the textMail Downloads‘ في شريط البحث. ثم, click on the folder to get it opened.
  • الآن, you will see a list of files that are saved from your email.
  • You can select the files you intend to delete and then just delete them.

Clean mail downloads

طريقة 06: Delete the downloads in Software

في بعض الحالات, apps such as µTorrent and Skype aren’t getting downloaded to the local download folder. Deleting those files can be somewhat trickier. المذكورة أدناه هي الخطوات للقيام بذلك.

For Skype

  • Open Skype app on your Mac.
  • اختيار خيار يسمى ‘تفضيلات.’
  • On a separate window, you will see the download location related to all the Skype files.
  • Open the folder and then delete the files you want to get rid of.

for µTorrent

  • Launch µTorrent.
  • انتقل إلى خيار يسمى preferences.
  • Choose the directories to see the download location.
  • Delete the files.

What if you have accidentally deleted important files?

If you have deleted an important file or multiple files by accident, what can you do about it? Are they gone forever? أو, is there a way to get them back? The good news is that there is a way to get the deleted files back. There are two ways to get deleted files back in your Mac.

Use Trash

If the files are deleted normally, recovering them is easier. Normal deletion sends the deleted files to the trash instead of erasing them from the Mac. To recover the files, you should go to the trash folder and retrieve the deleted filed once again.

Use Time Machine

If you are creating backups as a habit, you are very lucky when it comes to recovering deleted files. You can access Time Machine on your Mac and recover the deleted files from the utility conveniently.

كما يمكنك أن تلاحظ, manual deletion of files can erase important files. أيضا, you are required to spend extra time on recovering those files. If you intend to avoid such mistakes, we highly recommend using Umate Mac Cleaner, a professional software.

How to delete downloads on Mac using Umate Mac Cleaner

Manual deletion of files can lead to costly mistakes. وبالتالي, using special software to clear the download folder is a very smart approach. This is an exceptionally efficient software developed to optimize and clean your Mac. As a result of using this software, you can experience better performance.

How to use Umate Mac Cleaner and delete the files in ‘Downloads’?

في هذا القسم, let’s learn how to delete the files saved inالتنزيلاتwithout making any mistakes. Umate Mac Cleaner offers you two cleaning methods. The first one isQuick Clean‘ الوضع, and it automatically identifies the obsolete files. With Quick Clean, you can get rid of the files with a single-click operation. It also cleans the system junk, installation packages, app junk, iTunes junk, إلخ.

If you prefer a deeper cleaning and free up more disk space, اذهب إلى ‘Deep Clean‘ اختيار. This option will scan the disks thoroughly and identify all the unnecessary files and delete them. Although it takes a slightly longer time than theQuick Clean‘ طريقة, it frees up more space. أيضا, it lets you decide what sort of files to be removed. Compared to the competitors, Umate Mac Cleaner performs three times faster.

Unmate Mac Cleaner

How to clean your Mac using Umate Mac Cleaner

Using Umate Mac Cleaner is a very simple process. ومع ذلك, we explain it in a step-by-step method for better understanding.

  • Download and install Umate Mac Cleaner on your Mac and launch it to see the home screen.

Get Umate Mac Cleaner

  • Start the scanning process, and it will suggest what to clean through theQuick Clean‘ خاصية.
  • انقر على ‘نظيفto get rid of all the junks in your Mac.

Unmate Mac Cleaner

  • To perform a deeper clean up and gain more space, أختر ‘Deep Clean.’ Choose the files you intend to delete and then choose theنظيف‘ اختيار.

Clear downloads with Umate Mac Cleaner

مرة واحدة في ‘Deep Cleaningis deployed, you should see a significant performance improvement on your Mac. Compared to manual deletion, Umate Mac Cleaner is efficient, accurate, و بسرعة.

Conclusion on How to Delete Downloads on Mac

وبالتالي, هذا how to delete downloads on Mac using different methods. As you noticed, the manual method requires you to engage in a lengthy process that consumes time. أيضا, it lets you do a lot of guesswork. ومع ذلك, if you use a tool like Umate Mac Cleaner, things can be very easier for you. It identifies the junk files automatically and deletes them to free up space and optimize Mac’s performance. وبالتالي, Umate Mac Cleaner is a very handy, powerful tool that can save plenty of time.

Try Umate Mac Cleaner

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