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Slik sletter Bumble konto permanent


Are you looking for a way on how to delete Bumble account permanently? I så fall, denne artikkelen vil gi deg det beste svaret. Switch to it if you would like to know how to delete an Instagram account on iPhone.

I dag, dating applications have completely revolutionized the manner in which people hook up and date. These applications have made it quite easy for us to look for the perfect date, venner, or playmates right from the comfort of our homes. One such application includes Bumble.

Bumble is one of the most popular dating applications for both boys and girls. This application is special as it is a new take on the dating application. Her, girls have the power to find perfect dates by starting out new conversations instead of boys sending bawdy messages to them. På den andre siden, boys do not have to start conversations where refraining them from doing the legwork. Derfor; both sexes enjoy the leverage of interacting with premium users.

Special features of Bumble:

  • Bumble app offers three sections like Bumble Date, Bumble Bizz, and Bumble BFF.
  • It allows women to make the first move while finding a perfect match.
  • This app even helps you in finding good career opportunities.
  • Bumble BFF provides a great platform to find meaningful friendships.
  • It is more than a dating application.
  • This application works on both iOS and Android devices.

derimot, everything must come to an end after a point. When you get tired of dating applications or have found someone special, it is the time to say goodbye to Bumble. It will refresh your mind and soul for good. Så, learn about how to delete Bumble account permanently in this article. Click it if you want to slette Kik konto eller slette WeChat konto permanent.

Del 1. How to Delete Bumble Account?

It is not much an issue if you want to get rid of Bumble off your device. Deretter, you just have to uninstall the application on your device. I så fall, your profile will still exist on the Bumble platform. Your profile will be visible to other users who all can swipe your profile. Men, you would not be able to receive any notification. This method is good for people who do not want to go away from Bumble on a permanent basis.

Forresten, deleting the application does not mean deleting the Bumble account. If you do not want others to see or swipe your profile anymore, the best way is to delete your Bumble account permanently. Before uninstalling the application on your device, you need actually to read on how to delete Bumble account for permanent. Once uninstalled, you would not be able to delete your Bumble account.

Bumble likes to have as many users as possible whether active or not to show on its dating profilesstack. Derfor; you need to read all the instructions for completely removing your account on Bumble. På den andre siden, keep this thing in mind that you have to start over again if you feel like using Bumble in the near future after getting rid of your Bumble account.

Som du vet, Bumble accounts are linked with Facebook accounts. To delete your Bumble profile, you need first to break this link between these two applications, and then delete the account and lastly, the Bumble application. Read steps for all these stages right below! For WhatsApp users, this article is for you: hvordan du sletter WhatsApp konto.

Del 2. How to Unlink Bumble from Facebook?

I utgangspunktet, you need to break away the Bumble account from Facebook. Follow the instructions as listed below on how to delete Bumble account.

EN. Steps to unlink Bumble from Facebook for mobile devices:

To perform this task on mobile devices, go through the steps below.

Skritt 1: Open Facebook

I utgangspunktet, you need to log in your Facebook account.

Skritt 2: Klikk “Account Settings

Nå, gå til “innstillinger” tab and tap the optionAccount Settings”.

Skritt 3: Trykk på “Apps”

Choose the tab “Apps” og så, klikk på “Logged in with Facebook”.

Skritt 4: Select the app

neste, select the app “Bumble” og trykk på “Remove App”.

Skritt 5: Confirmation

Til slutt, you need to confirm your action to remove Bumble.

B. Steps to unlink Bumble from Facebook for desktop:

To perform this task on desktops, go through the steps below.

Skritt 1: Open Facebook

for det første, you have to log in your Facebook account on the web browser.

Skritt 2: Tap “innstillinger”

neste, du må klikke på alternativet “Innstilling”, present at the right corner.

Skritt 3: Å velge “Apps and Websites

Nå, du må trykke på “Apps and Websitesfrom the left column.

Skritt 4: Marker avkrysnings

Just locate the app “Bumble” and mark the box against it.

Skritt 5: Tap “Fjerne”

Til slutt, du må klikke på “Fjerne” og til slutt, confirm your action.

C. How to delete Bumble account?

Once you have successfully unlinked your Bumble account from Facebook, it is time to delete the account. For dette, go through the steps as listed follows:

Skritt 1: Open the app

I utgangspunktet, you need to open the app “Bumble” på enheten din.

Skritt 2: Tap “innstillinger”

Etter det, you need to visit “innstillinger”. Derfra, just keep on scrolling down to the bottom.

Skritt 3: Klikk “Slett konto”

neste, du må se etter alternativet “Slett konto” og så, Klikk på det.

Skritt 4: Give a reason

Her, you need to provide a reason for why you are deleting your Bumble account permanently.
Så, you already fix the problem on how to delete Bumble account permanently now.

Skritt 5: Trykk på “Slett konto”

Til slutt, du må klikke på “Slett konto” when a popup appears.

Del 3. How to unsubscribe from Bumble Boost?

You need to unsubscribe your account from Bumble Boost if you own a subscription plan of Bumble. I så fall, you have to stop the payment from iTunes or Google Play Store. Ellers, you will be charged for no reason even if permanently deleted your Bumble account. Both these stores offer a section for subscription, which should include the app Bumble. Derfra, you need to select the app Bumble and cancel your subscription plan.

Steps for unsubscribing the account from Bumble Boost

To cancel the subscription of Bumble, du trenger å følge noen enkle trinn som er nevnt nedenfor.

EN. For Android-enheter:
Følgende trinn er for brukere som eier en Android-enhet.

Skritt 1: Åpne butikken

I utgangspunktet, du trenger for å finne app “Google Play Store” og trykk på den.

Skritt 2: Gå til “Kontoer og abonnementer”

neste, du må se etter seksjonen “Kontoer og abonnementer”.

Skritt 3: Klikk på “Bumble”

I avsnittet “Kontoer og abonnementer”, du må klikke på app “Bumble” å avbryte sitt abonnement.

Skritt 4: Trykk på “Avbryt”

Nå, du kan klikke på alternativet “Avbryt”. Når dette er gjort, må du bekrefte handlingen avbestilling igjen.

B. For iOS-enheter:
Følgende trinn er for brukere som eier en iOS-enhet.

Skritt 1: Åpne butikken app

I utgangspunktet, du trenger å gå til app “iTunes & App Store” på iOS-enheten.

Skritt 2: Klikk på “eple ID”

neste, you have to tap on your “eple ID”, present at the top.

Skritt 3: Å velge “Subscriptions

Derfra, you will see an option by the nameView Apple ID”. Under this section, you will find the optionSubscriptions” og så, trykke på den.

Skritt 4: Choose the app “Bumble”

neste, you need to select the app “Bumble” out of other options present there.

Skritt 5: Trykk på “Cancel Subscription

Etter det, du kan trykke på alternativet “Cancel Subscription”. Nå, you have successfully canceled your Bumble subscription.

Del 4. Give Up on Dating Applications

Nå for tiden, many people are making use of dating applications. derimot, there are some who are giving up on these applications. Dating applications such as Tinder and Bumble have definitely made dating a lot easier with no entry barriers. Utvilsomt, these apps have drawbacks including catfishing, stalking, or unfairness online dating.

Det er grunnen; dating applications are not for all even if they have made things easier than before. It would not be wrong to say that these applications work like a game or people treat these apps like a game. Åpenbart, one cannot treat relationships in the same manner. These apps are fun when you look for casual hookups. derimot, it is not the best approach for long or serious relationships. Så, follow up the guide on how to delete Bumble account permanently in the above-mentioned way if you have found a perfect match for yourself. Continue to find out how to delete email accounts on Android.

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