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Do you Know How to Copy and Paste on Mac?


If you are an expertise Mac user, what is other in mac storage or “how to copy and paste on mac?” may sound simple to you. However, if you are a new Mac user, some explanation about this process can be useful to you. Particularly the ones who have just migrated to Mac from Windows will find such explanation very handy. So, the purpose of this article is to explain how to copy and paste on mac.

When it comes to a computer operated by Windows, copying can be done using “Ctrl” and “C” keys together. To paste on Windows, you can use “Ctrl” and “V” keys simultaneously. Well, does mac has something similar? Can you use keyboard shortcuts on Mac to copy and paste? Let’s find out how to copy and paste on mac!

In fact, copying and pasting on Mac is pretty similar to the method used in Windows. However, instead of “Ctrl” key, you should use “Command” key. And, “C” and “V” keys contribute to the shortcut just like in Windows. In Mac computers, “Command key” is located adjoining to the spacebar. In some keyboards, it appears with the word “CMD” and on the others, it has command symbol only. No matter which version of Mac OS you are using, copying and pasting is performed using the same method. Here’s how to copy and paste on Mac using keyboard shortcuts.

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Copying on Mac

First, you should select the text, image or anything else you need to copy. Then, you should press “Command” and “C” keys on the keyboard. This process will copy the selected file to the clipboard of the Mac.

As an alternative method, you can copy text or other files with the assistance of “Edit” menu. After clicking on the Edit menu, you can see the “Copy” menu.

Pasting on Mac

Pasting on Mac computer is pretty simple. You can paste either using “Command” + “V”.

To do this, you should place the mouse cursor on where you need to paste the copied item. Now that the item is already copied into the clipboard, you can use the keyboard combination (Cmd + V). Using this method, you can paste copied content into a document or any other location.

If not, you can use the “Edit” menu to do the same function easily. You can do it simply by going to “Edit” and then select “Paste” from the appearing drop down.

In a nutshell, here’s what you should remember;

CopyControl + CCommand + C
PasteControl + VCommand + V

How to copy and paste on Mac using Menu

If you are not familiar with using keyboard shortcuts on Mac, you should try menu options. Copying and pasting on Mac can be done easily using Edit Menu.

Here’s how to perform such action.

  • First, you should select the item (or the text) you intend to copy on the Mac.
  • Click on “Edit” menu and select the option labeled “Copy”.
  • Now, you should navigate to the location on which you need to have the copied file.
  • Now, go to the “Edit” menu once again and select “Paste”.

Although you can use both keyboard shortcuts and Menu commands to copy and paste contents, keyboard shortcuts are easier. However, until you get used to the keyboard shortcuts, they can be somewhat difficult for a novice.

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How to copy and paste on Mac using best clipboard managers

Are you looking for how to copy and paste on mac with better efficiency? If so, here are the best tools you can consider.

01. CopyQ

This is a really powerful clipboard manager for Mac that saves the content you copy in different taps. These tabs can be customized to match your requirement. If you turn this option on, you will be able to see a lot of options. Although copying and pasting sound like a simple task, you can make it even easier with CopyQ. It can make the whole process a lot easier. CopyQ is capable of storing content as text, images, HTML codes, etc. In addition to that, it can paste custom formats as well. You can easily configure the shortcuts to manage the functionality of this powerful software. Besides all those powerful features, CopyQ comes as opensource software.

02. 1clipboard

This is another modern, high-end clipboard manager that supports both Mac and Windows operating systems. This software is capable of performing cross-platform file synchronization. It can store the history of the clipboard across computers, and that facilitates searching for clipboard items. The interface of this app is pretty impressive, and it offers really good features for users. More importantly, this respective tool comes as opensource software. You can use this tool to store everything you like and paste them either on your Mac or Google Drive.

03. Flycut

If you are looking for a really simplified and lightweight tool to manage clipboards, you should use Flycut. This tool features an infinite clipboard history too. You can use this tool to copy and paste anything. All this information can be acquired later on whenever you need them. This tool has a unique keyboard shortcut (Shift + CMD + V) to go through all the clipboard items. You can use this tool very efficiently without tanking the hands away from the keyboard. If necessary, you can customize the keyboard shortcuts to match your convenience. The newer versions of this tool support cloud storage tools like Dropbox.

04. ClipboardFushion

This is another free but powerful tool that can manage clipboards very efficiently and conveniently. This special tool is compatible with cloud synchronization and macros. Compared to other clipboard managers, ClipboardFushion comes with exceptionally tight security features. So, if you are highly concerned about your security, ClipboardFushion can be an excellent solution for you. This respective tool utilizes 256-bit encryption to ensure your data security. It can also replace the clipboard text automatically in order to be more time-efficient. This option can be exceptionally handy when it comes to data-entry tasks. If you go for its Pro version, you can experience an infinite number of clipboard synchronization through different platforms.

05. Clipy

Clipy is a simplified keyboard extension that is specifically designed for Mac. It is compatible with multiple content formats and various customizable shortcuts. This is another open source software that provides convenient user-experience. Clipy is designed for newer Mac OS versions (10.10 or newer). It is more suitable for those who are looking for a simple and lightweight experience.

06. Permanent Clipboard

If you wonder how to copy and paste on Mac without wasting your time, choose Permanent Clipboard. This tool offers perfect synchronization with other computers as well. If you engage in tasks that involve recurring typing tasks, this can be a superb solution. If you have the assistance of Permanent Clipboard, you can fill forms very easily. The installation process of this software is exceptionally convenient. This clipboard manager is perfectly compatible with the Google Chrome browser.

07. CopyClip

CopyClip is another clipboard manager that comes with a variety of features to make copying and pasting easier. This respective tool facilitates to pin important clipboard items that are to be used in future. It is also compatible with Touch Bar feature so you can enjoy the most of your new Mac devices.

If you wonder how to copy and paste on mac more effectively, you can consider a tool listed above. Apart from stagnating yourself to the basic features, you can explore the new possibilities through these tools.

Well, that is how to copy and paste on Mac. If you are a user who has migrated to Mac recently, the information in this article will be handy. Besides, you can enjoy a better work-efficiency by using the clipboard managers we have mentioned. Click them if you want to fix how to get rid of Mac startup programsCopy and Paste Not Working on Mac or Mac mouse problems.

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