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如何清除“繼續觀看項目’ Netflix的上


Netflix公司有很多節目的觀看,就像許多電影, 包括他們的Netflix的原件. 即使看Netflix的只是一個星期後,, there’s a high chance that you’ll have a handful of shows on your “繼續觀看” 名單. 有了這個功能, you can exit Netflix and return to it later without losing your place. So if you start watching a movie and have to do chores, you can pick up from where you left off afterward. Some shows are too good just to watch once though – you might want to watch a series from the beginning. 所以, how to delete Continue Watching on Netflix?

Don’t get us wrong; this is a fantastic feature. 然而, if you want to start a TV show from the first episode, then there’s no feature available specifically for removing it from your “繼續觀看” 名單. We’ll be explaining the tricks to actually clear this list and remove shows and movies from it.

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Reasons to Clear the “繼續觀看” List

Below are the most common reasons for users wanting to learn how to delete ‘Continue Watching’ Netflix的上.

  • Watching a Show from Episode One. The top reason users have is that they want to watch a show from the beginning. When you watch a TV show on Netflix and get to the final episode, it often glitches and doesn’t appear that you finished watching. This becomes a problem because even if you watch episode one again, your continue watching list will still only show the final episode. Clearing the list is the only way to resolve this.
  • Someone Else Uses Your Netflix Account. Maybe you have a friend who borrows your Netflix account, or perhaps you share it with your family. Even though Netflix has a sub-account feature, not everyone uses it. 所以, if you want to watch something that another person already has, you’ll have to clear the list.
  • 您的 “繼續觀看” List it Too Long. Netflix hosts hundreds of movies and TV shows. Even if you just watch a single episode of a TV show, it will be stuck on continue watching. 不幸, you can’t remove it with ease, and you’ll have to delete it with one of our methods.
  • You Finished Watching It. 正如我們之前所說, a common Netflix glitch is that shows you finish watching don’t remove themselves from your list. It can be irritating if you have a long list of things you actually did finish watching.

所以, there are a handful of reasons for knowing how to clear items from continue watching on Netflix. Whatever your reason is though, the solutions we have for you will do the job. Shoud you need to know everything about free Netflix account hack, 這裡是為你.

方法 #1 - How to Delete Continue Watching on Netflix by Deleting Your Viewing Activity

第一, you can try deleting your viewing activity. This resets all of your Netflix account’s history, including the things you’ve watched and are in the middle of watching. Depending on whether you’re accessing Netflix on a PC or mobile device, you’ll have to use different steps.

How to Delete Viewing Activity on Browser

For those Netflix subscribers who watch from a browser on their computer, it’s easy to delete your viewing activity. 按照下面的步驟來做到這一點.

步 #1 – Go to and sign in with your account information.

步 #2 – At the top-right of your browser, click on the arrow next to your profile.

步 #3 – A drop-down menu will appear, and you must click on “帳戶”.

步 #4 - 在接下來的頁面, locate and select theViewing activity” 選項.

步 #5 – All of the movies and episodes that are on the list will appear. Go through the list and click the remove icon next to each title.

Even if you don’t have the Netflix app on your smartphone, you can use these steps on a browser app too. 無論哪種方式, this is how to delete ‘Continue Watching’ Netflix的上. Doing this on the mobile app is slightly different.

How to Delete Viewing Activity on Mobile

Netflix’s mobile app gives you the opportunity to watch movies and TV shows on-the-go. Depending on your region and device, you may also be able to download content for offline watching. Here’s how to wipe your list from the app.

步 #1 – Launch the Netflix application on your smartphone, and if you need to, sign in.

步 #2 – At the bottom-right of the app, 輕按 “更多” 圖標.

步 #3 – From the sub-accounts that are shown, select your own and then tap “帳戶”.

步 #4 – You’ll now be taken out of the app, and a browser will open. Netflix’s “帳戶” page will now be shown on your screen and from here, 選擇 “Viewing activity”.

步 #5 – Go through your list of shows and movies and remove the ones you want to delete from your list.

These steps are suitable for both iOS and Android devices. 後請按照下列步驟, you’ll have a clear list and can watch shows from the beginning with ease. The only flaw with both of these methods is that if you watch a lot of Netflix content, this will take a while.

方法 #2 - How to Delete Continue Watching on Netflix by Creating a New Profile

Another approach you can take is to create a new profile or sub-account. This will instantly wipe your viewing activity and recommendations. Follow the steps below to learn how to clear items from continue watching on Netflix by creating a new profile.

步 #1 – Open a browser and go to Netflix, and sign into your account.

步 #2 – All of the profiles that you already have will be shown for you to select. 點擊 “Add Profileto create a new one.

步 #3 – Enter a name for the profile and hit the “繼續” 按鍵.

步 #4 – You’ll now be able to watch series on Netflix as if it was the first time and without any previous viewer tracking.

Unless you really value the Netflix recommendations that you get, this is the most efficient way of wiping everything on your “繼續觀看” 名單. You don’t have to remove individual movies and TV shows from the list, it’s quicker, and is just easier overall.

當然, if you only want to remove specific things from the list, the first method would be better. Keep in mind that with the standard Netflix subscription you’ll only be able to add up to 5 sub-accounts.

Tips for Clearing Items from Continue Watching

這些年來, Netflix has been finetuning their platform. With their updates, they have made it a lot easier to discover how to delete ‘Continue Watching’ Netflix的上. 這就是說, here are a few tips that’ll make it even easier.

  • Remove Series? When you’re manually removing episodes with the first method, it can quickly get frustrating. Instead of doing this individually, you can actually remove the entire series from your viewing activity. After you click the X icon on one episode, 該 “Remove series?” button will appear. Clicking this will clear all of the seriesepisodes from your viewing history.
  • Give Each User a Profile. If you are sharing the Netflix account with multiple people, such as if you have a family account, it’s definitely worth setting up individual profiles. This will keep everyone’s viewing history separate and will also mean the “繼續觀看” list is specific to you. Doing this avoids the need to delete “繼續觀看” in the first place.
  • Use a Separate Viewing Tracker. Perhaps your account has the maximum number of profiles. If you want to track what you’re watching, then use an app likeTVShow Timeto track what you’ve been watching manually.

The most useful of these tips is theRemove Series?” 按鍵. When you’re researching how to delete ‘Continue Watching’ Netflix的上, it’ll save you from mind-numbingly removing each episode and is a lot quicker too.

To Conclude on how to delete ‘Continue Watching’ Netflix的上:

Once you follow one of these guides and learn how to clear items from continue watching on Netflix, your list will be a lot clearer. Keeping track of your shows whilst re-watching will be easier, as will share your account. 理想的情況下, you should create a new profile as this is significantly quicker than removing each entry. 然而, your recommendations will not be as accurate if you do this. This isn’t hugely disappointing, but it’s still worth noting!

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