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Samsung Galaxy S6 Backup | How to Backup Samsung S6 & S7 Edge

If you just got a brilliant smartphone, such as the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or S7 (Edge), what else should you consider about? I think it is necessary for you to choose a capable S6 Edge data backup tools and let it protect your personal data well and professionally. After all, we can replace a device easily and frequently, but some important data such as wonderful photos, meaningful text messages, or precious videos are usually unique and far more important than the smartphone. So how to backup Samsung S6 or Galaxy S7 in a simple way?

Although you can find hundreds of similar Samsung Galaxy S6 Backup programs from the Internet very easily, some of them are not so friendly to use and have limited functions to backup & restore your personal data on Android phone. Some incapable ones may even cause data loss when trying to backup / restore your data. In a word, choosing a good Android backup tool carefully, is quite important.

Here I recommend MobileGo for you sincerely. This Android data backup program is quite professional and trustworthy, which could be the best choice to adopt. It can help you backup and restore the data on your Android smartphone easily and support the latest types of Android phones, such as the new-released Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Tutorial of How to Use MobileGo to Backup Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (or S7 Edge)

Part 1: Backup Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge data to computer

Step 1: Install MobileGo for Android

Download the professional Samsung Galaxy S6 Backup tool – MobileGo from the internet. And then install it.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)Download MobileGo (Mac Version)

Step 2: Open MobileGo for Android and get your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge linked to the computer

Run MobileGo for Android on computer, and then connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. You can not only connect your device with USB cable, but with Wi-Fi as well. To connect via Wi-Fi, you need to download MobileGo app from the app store, and install it on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Let your device and the computer under the same network, and then in the home page of MobileGo for Android, just scan the QR code in the page with your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, then your cellphone will be connected to the computer successfully.

MobileGo for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Step 3: Back up your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge data to computer in just 1-click

After the program recognizing your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge correctly, the portable device should be shown in the home page of the program. You can view the summary information of your device here. And below the window, you can find some buttons there.

backup s6 edge content
Click One-Click Backup, and a sub-window will pop up. Just as the label suggests, tick all contents you want to back up, and set up the storage path below the list. Finally, just click Back Up button, and then the personal data on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will be saved to the location you’ve set up as a backup file.

Part 2: Backup the data on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to Windows or Mac

This method can also help you transfer the personal data from your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to windows or mac pc.

Step 1: Install dr.fone on computer

Get dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android)

Download this Samsung Galaxy S6 Backup tool – dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android) and then install it on computer. Then open it.

Click “Backup&Restore” to get into “Back up Your Phone” window.

Step 2: Get your Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 (Edge) device to the computer with USB cable

After that, the program will find and show them in the primary window for you.

backup samsung galaxy S6

Step 3: Backup the data from Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 (Edge) to Computer

Tick the contents such as contacts, text messages and so on in the middle of the window, and then click “Backup” button. Then the data you chosen will be moved to computer in batch.

Part 3: Backup Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge data with Google account

You can also back up the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge data easily to your Google account. The data will be uploaded to the remote storage, so that you can restore them directly from the Internet conveniently if necessary.

On your Samsung Galaxy S7 / S6 Edge, go to Setting-> Accounts-> Backup, and then click Reset. Here you can back up your data by clicking Back Up My Data. You are allowed to back up the app data, the cellphone settings and the Wi-Fi password to your Google account, which is quite limited. So I still recommend you to adopt the methods introduced above.

See, there is no hassle to backup Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 Edge with the help of the powerful Samsung Galaxy S6 Backup program. To retrieve those data you deleted by accidently and didn’t backup, you should switch to Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery.


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