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LG G3 Data Backup: How to Backup LG G3 to Computer


We all might meet some troubles like thief stolen our phone, kids accidentally delete important data on your phone. Our phone seems not to be the safest place to keep data, at least not the only place to save data. By backing up your phone regularly, such as the new LG G3, all the important data will have an extra copy in some other place which means if you lost the phone again, the data will survive. And you can immediately restore everything.

The problem is we don’t the most efficient way to backup our LG G3, like myself, I have a LG G3 and I really enjoy the fun this phone has provided to me. Without noticing, I already had a lot of data saved on it. I began to feel worry about them, because I don’t want to lose any of these data. By asking some of my friend, I have learned some ways to backup LG G3 data. For mouths, I tried different ways, and finally find out the best way to backup LG G3 files to computer is to use some third party software. And by comparing the LG G3 Backup software in the market, I have to say MobileGo for Android is the best software I ever used. There are two versions for its users, you can also use the MobileGo for Android Pro for Mac.

This software is capable of backup and restore LG G3 data like contacts, SMS, call logs, music, photos, calendars, video from your LG G3 phone to computer.

If you would like to know how to use this outstanding LG G3 Backup software, why not keep reading the rest part of this article, I will take my LG G3 as an example to show you the process.

Simple steps to backup LG G3 data on your computer

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)Download MobileGo (Mac Version)

Step 1. Connect LG G3 to the computer after downloading the software

After you downloading and installing this software on your computer. You can connect LG G3 phone to the computer through USB cable. Or you can choose to connect through Wi-Fi if you were running the Windows version. When your device is connected, you will get the primary window of the software. And the LG phone will be displayed on it after detecting.

MobileGo for LG G3

Step 2. Backup LG G3

You can check the bottom part of the interface where the “One-Click Backup” button located. By clicking it, you will get a dialog to ask you confirm the details of contents. Please see the picture below, the window pointed by the red arrow shows, you can preview and then tick off the data you would like to backup.

Backup LG G3 Data
After that, select one save path on your computer to save the backup files. Then the last step you need to do is click the blue “Backup” button which you can find on the bottom line of that smaller window. The rest work is for the software, and after it finishing the work, click OK.

That’s will the end of your journal of backing up data on your LG G3 to computer.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)Download MobileGo (Mac Version)

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