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¿Cómo se cancela Starz?


Hace años que, si alguien era hablar de los flujos, supondríamos que estaban hablando de Netflix. Hoy en día, this isn’t the case. Hay servicios de primera calidad en línea como Amazon Prime y Netflix, and there are on-demand streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer. The fact is there are plenty of streaming sites available, and if you watch a lot of television, it’s easy to forget how many subscriptions you have. Por otra parte, if you want to cancel one of your subscriptions, it’s not always a straightforward process. En particular, users aren’t aware of how to cancel Starz.

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What Makes Starz Different?

Starz is a similar platform to Showtime because although it is a premium streaming service, it was originally (and still is) a satellite television network.

With a subscription, you can watch a wide variety of movies and TV shows, both old and new, and from pretty much any device. Like many of their competitors, they also showcase a selection of exclusives – this includes the popular Outlander series.

Starz currently has a free trial on offer which lasts one week and gives you full access to all account features. You can watch from anywhere and on any device, stream on 4 devices simultaneously (share your account and split the bill!), and all of the content you watch will be in HD.

Asi que, even though Starz isn’t as popular as Netflix, it shouldn’t be forgotten because it definitely has a lot of potentials to grow and given the exclusives that it has, it’s worth a quick browse. aparte de eso, if you don’t want your subscription anymore, you’ll want to cancel Starz.

Reasons to Cancel Starz

Starz is like any other streaming platform, de muchas maneras. Here are some of the main reasons that users choose to cancel their subscription.

  • Costo. Starz isn’t incredibly expensive and is on par with Netflix’s subscription costs. sin embargo, if you add your Starz subscription to your Amazon Prime account, that’s about $13 un mes.
  • Lack of Content. By this, we don’t mean that Starz only has a few shows. In actual fact, they have plenty of shows and even some exclusives. But you might find that there aren’t a lot of shows available which you enjoy.
  • You Don’t Use It. You simply might not use Starz. Even though it’s not crazy expensive, if you aren’t watching any of the shows on Starz, then there’s no point in paying a monthly fee for it.
  • Too Many Subscriptions. Para acabar, if you’ve been subscribing to more and more streaming platforms over the years and are starting to notice how much of your money is spent on them, it could be time to cancel a few subscriptions.

Methods to Cancel Your Starz Subscription

Cancelling your Starz subscription can be done in a few different ways. You can do it through an online browser, from your Android device, and even through Amazon Prime.

Steps to Cancel Starz Online

primero, we’re going to look at how you can cancel your subscription using a web browser on your computer. This is the simplest way as it’s easier to navigate their website than it is on a smartphone.

  • Paso #1 - En tu ordenador, open your preferred browser and in the address bar, go to
  • Paso #2 - Haga clic en “Iniciar sesión” and enter your account information to sign in.
  • Paso #3 – Once you are in your account, scroll to the bottom of the site and below “Cuenta”, haga clic en el “Suscripciones” botón.
  • Paso #4 – You’ll be taken to your account’s subscription page and from here simply press “Cancelar suscripción,” select a reason, and finally click onContinue Cancellation”.

Después de hacer esto, you will no longer receive a monthly bill for your Starz subscription.

Steps to Cancel Starz on Android

Por otra parte, you might not have access to a computer. En este caso, you may be able to cancel Starz through your Google account. This isn’t an option for everyone – only subscribers who used their Google account for Starz will be able to manage their subscription through Google Play Store.

Asi que, if you did subscribe to Starz with your Google Play Store account, here are the steps to cancel it.

  • Paso #1 – Unlock your Android device and open the “Google Play Store” solicitud.
  • Paso #2 – Locate and tap on the menu icon and select “Suscripciones” from the list of options.
  • Paso #3 – You’ll now see all of the subscriptions you currently have; locate and tap on Starz.
  • Paso #4 - Próximo, you must tap on “Cancelar” and when the confirmation button appears, grifo “Sí”. This will confirm that you want to cancel Starz.

This may be easier for some users if they originally had their subscription through Google Play Store. Por supuesto, even if you do you an Android device unless you subscribe with the Play Store, you won’t be able to cancel it with this method.

Steps to Cancel Starz with Amazon Prime

Just like the previous solution, you can also cancel your Starz account if you have a subscription through Amazon Prime.

  • Paso #1 – Open a web browser on your computer and sign into your Amazon account.
  • Paso #2 – After signing in and going to your account page, haga clic en el “cuentas & Lists” menú.
  • Paso #3 – From the list of options that appear, haga clic en “Memberships & Suscripciones”.
  • Paso #4 – LocatePrime Video Channelsand click this option.
  • Paso #5 - Finalmente, locate the Starz channel and below theActions” título, haga clic en “Cancel Channels”. Hacer clic “Confirmar” to finalize your cancellation.

You can use this method if you chose to link your Amazon Prime account with Starz or if your subscription has always been a part of your Amazon account.

Alternatives to Starz

Perhaps Starz wasn’t fulfilling your needs and didn’t offer the type of content that piqued your interest. Si ese es el caso, here are a few other streaming platforms to look into.

  • HBO Now. With Game of Thrones coming to an end, more people have been subscribing to HBO Now. While this is their most popular show, you also get access to shows like the devastating Chernobyl and comedic Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Showtime. Showtime is another great alternative to Starz. Their platform doubles as a catch-up for their satellite channel and has plenty to watch. TV shows like Shameless, exclusives like The Chi, and numerous documentaries and sports broadcasts.
  • YouTube Premium. A more recent streaming option is YouTube Premium. The main selling point of this service is that you can remove ads from your videos and even watch them offline. sin embargo, YouTube also has a few originals, such as Sherwood, Wayne, and the State of Pride.

Para concluir:

As popular as Netflix and Amazon Prime are, that’s not to say they’re the best. Starz is just one of the competitors that these streaming giants have, and there are plenty of others. One of the main reasons to choose a less popular platform is their exclusives. Starz has shows like American Gods and The White Princess, while NOW TV has Atlanta and Billions.

If these aren’t convincing enough, at least you now know how to cancel Starz. Each of the methods we’ve shown above will halt your subscription and save you some money.

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