How to Hard Reset iPhone 11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6S Plus/5S without iTunes

With the continuous development of science and technology, electronic products especially the mobile phones, become an indispensable part of everyday life. In this regard, we always use our mobile phones not only to make a phone call but also use them for data storage. What’s more, iPhone stands out of so many mobile phone brands and get the public’s consistent high praise. Since the iPhone becomes so important in our daily life, we always use it very carefully. As we all know, it is not so good to take the risk of data loss.

However, no matter how delicate and careful you are, it is likely for you to encounter such a situation that one day you need to hard reset your iPhone in order to make it work normally. There are many scenes that make you have to hard reset your iPhone. Here are some common situations:

  • 1. You may find the iPhone perform very slowly and the function is not in the normal state.
  • 2. Your iPhone is losing control and hard to accept your commands.
  • 3. One or more built-in apps are out of order and work abnormally.
  • 4. Assuming that one day, you are tired of the old device and want to change a new one, then you sell it to an outsider. In this case, you just want to erase all the personal data from iPhone’s storage.

Since there are a variety of demand scenarios, here, I’d like to introduce some ways to hard reset iPhone for you. I hope you can get some useful information when coming across such situations.

Part 1. The ways to hard reset iPhone 6S without the help of iTunes

Thanks to a built-in Reset option in iOS, it makes you can reset the iPhone without iTunes and even have no need to make a connection between iPhone and your computer. Before you do the resetting process, it is wise of you to back up your contacts or other important data in case of data loss.

You can refer to the instructions one by one to hard reset iPhone 6S without the help of iTunes as shown below:

1. Launch the iPhone device.

2. Press on the Settings button from the home screen.

3. On the Settings window, go to the tab of General and then click on it to process further.

4. When the next window comes up to you, move the mouse to the bottom and click on the Reset button.

5. Then you will see all the iPhone available objects are displayed on the Reset window and it is your turn to decide which data should be erased as you want. Here, we select the tab of Erase All Content and Settings as a demonstration.

Note: In most cases, Erase All Content and Settings is one of the easiest ways to erase everything from the iPhone and start resetting it all over again.
6. If you see the Enter Passcode window, please enter your current passcode to process further.

Note: Of course, if there is no passcode in your iPhone, you won’t see this window come up to you.
7. On the bottom, if you see the warning box pop up, please select the tab of Erase iPhone.

8. On the next confirmation box that shows up to you, choose the Erase iPhone button.

9. Wait for a moment, then all of your contents will be deleted automatically and all the iPhone settings will be set to default.

10. After all these jobs have been done, you can restart your iPhone, and reset it according to the instructions as the first time if needed.

11. After the setting is done, you can start to recover the backing up data to your iPhone.

12. Now, you can use your iPhone normally.

Part 2. The ways to hard reset iPhone 6S with the help of iTunes

This method will take you a long time to solve the problem, so it is only used in the situation that all of the functions fail to work and other methods are fail to hard reset iPhone 6S. If you choose to hard reset iPhone 6S to its factory settings with the help of iTunes, it will check it from the Apple server to find out whether the operating system is the latest version of iOS or not. And then it will download the latest version and then do the recovery for you to the iPhone.

You can refer to the instructions one by one to hard reset iPhone 6S with the help of iTunes as shown below:

1. First of all, you should make sure that your personal computer has installed the latest version of iTunes

2. Open iTunes.

3. Power on the iPhone 6S.

4. Connect the iPhone to the computer by using the original data cable.

5. If it shows up to you, press on the iPhone button on the top of the interface, then move to the window of iPhone.

6. Choose the Summary button on the left side of the window which is placed under the Settings.

7. Select the tab of Restore iPhone on the top right-hand corner of the window.

8. Press on the Backup button on the confirmation box of iTunes to make iTunes start to back up the date to your personal computer.

9. Press on the Restore button when the next box comes up to you.

10. Choose the tab of Next to allow iTunes on the window of iPhone Software Update and iTunes will check whether the operating system is the latest version of iOS or not

11. On the next box, click on the Agree button to get the license terms.

12. Wait for a moment and then iTunes will download the latest iOS version, which is suitable for your iPhone.

13. If all these steps are done, you can refer to the instructions one by one as shown on the screen. In this way, iTunes will hard reset your iPhone with the help of the downloaded iOS.

Part 3. The ways to restore iPhone data without the help of iTunes

In fact, the process of recovering the iPhone is quite different from the job of hard resetting. That is to say, hard resetting the iPhone is one thing to you, and recovering it with using iTunes or not is entirely another thing. If you want to recover your data, you have many choices. Here, I would like to introduce several kinds of methods to you, so you can refer to the ways as shown below:

  • 1. You can restore iPhone data from iTunes backup.
  • 2. You can restore iPhone data from iCloud backup.
  • 3. From another backup file which is created by a third-party program.

In addition to the methods mentioned above, you can try to recover the entire iOS as well if it is necessary.

Although iTunes is so powerful that makes you perform all the jobs mentioned above without any obstacle, there still has some limitations to it. I can give a few examples to you. First of all, it doesn’t allow you to check individual objects to be recovered. Second, it would delete all the old contents before it starts to recover the data.

In order to overcome these limitations, it is wise of you to rely on the third-party program. Among so many such applications, dr.fone by Wondershare seems to be one of the best software, which can be downloaded from the official website. What’s more, it supports the iOS and Android devices and is available for both Mac and Windows computers.

Since we take the recovery of iPhone data as an example, here, I’d like to use dr.fone Toolkit for iOS (which is used as iPhone data recovery software) to do the demonstration.

Next, you can refer to the instructions one by one on how to use Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS as shown below:

Part 4. You can restore iPhone data from iTunes backup.

1. You can download Dr.Fone for iOS from its official website and the download links is shown below. Then install this software on the computer according to the installation files. Here, we take the Windows computer as an example.

Get dr.fone – Recover (iOS)

2. Open this software.

3. Connect the iPhone to the computer using the original data cable.

4. Wait for a moment and this software will detect the iPhone automatically.

5. Choose the tab of Recover from iTunes Backup File under “Recover” which on the top of the software’s main interface.

6. On the next window, choose the iTunes backup file which has the iPhone data that you want to restore.

7. Press on the Start Scan button on the bottom of the interface.

8. Wait again, and then Dr.Fone for iOS will scan the backup file and display the scanning result that tells you which contents can be restored.

9. It is your turn to check the wanted files on the list of contents.
Note: You can select the categories as you wanted on the left side of the window and check the checkboxes on the right side.

10. You can press on the Recover to Computer button on the lower right corner of the interface to begin the data recovery process.

Part 5. You can restore iPhone data from iCloud backup.

1. Step 1 to 4 is the same as given above, you can refer to part 1.

2. Select the tab of Recover from iCloud Backup File on the bottom of the interface.

3. On the window of Sign In iCloud , enter the username and password of your iCloud account in the right place.

4. Click on the Enter button and then refer to the instructions as shown on screen. Then it begins to recover the individual or the whole contents from the iCloud backup file.

Part 6. You can recover the entire iPhone data if necessary.

1. Step 1 to 4 is the same as given above, you can refer to part 1.

2. Select the tab of  “Repair” on the top of the interface.

3. In the next box, you will see the warnings and information, please read them as carefully as you can. Don’t press on the Download button until you are very sure about what you are going to do.

4. It will take you some minutes to finish the download process.

5. Once the download completes, Click “Fix Now” button,  the repairing process of your iPhone begins immediately.

6. After the repairing process is successful, you can restart the iPhone and see it return to be normal. There is no data loss during this process.


Data recovery is an essential part when you are using a mobile phone because there are a variety of scenarios can lead to data loss which is inevitable in our daily life.

There are many ways to hard reset or restore iPhone data. The most common way is using third-party tools for help. As mentioned above, you can do it with the help of iTunes backup files or iCloud backup files. What’s more, you can also use the powerful software called dr.fone Toolkit. All these scenarios are introduced in detailed steps which are convenient for you to follow.

Thanks to these efficient applications that make our life become more beautiful and make the recovery process become faster and easier.

Get dr.fone – Recover (iOS)


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