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WhatsApp Hacker | How to Hack WhatsApp Messages on PC with/without iPhone


By being able to access your WhatsApp messages from your computer, you are able to do so much more with them. Unfortunately, being able to hack WhatsApp messages isn’t a standard feature which is offered by iTunes and thus, looking into third-party WhatsApp Hacker tools is necessary. In this case, that WhatsApp Hacker tool is dr.fone.

Today we are going to be taking a deeper look at Dr.Fone and will be focussing on how you can hack WhatsApp messages and on top of that, some of the other features which dr.fone – iOS Data Recovery provides its users with. So, let’s jump right in.

Part 1. Hack WhatsApp Messages with iPhone/iPad by WhatsApp Hacker

The first method that we’re going to take a look at allows you to gain access to your WhatsApp messages from your computer while the iPhone or iPad is connected to your computer.

Step #1 – First, download and install the Dr.Fone program. Once you have it installed, go ahead and launch it.

Download Dr.Fone for iOS (Windows Version)Download Dr.Fone for iOS (Mac Version)

Step #2 – Once launched, go ahead and connect your iOS device using a USB cable. Dr.Fone should detect this connection within a few moments.

Step #3 – On the main panel of dr.fone, Select “Recover” and then click on the “Recover from iOS Device“.

Step #4 – The next menu which appears will prompt you to select the different types of data that you want to have recovered. After selecting the types of data that you want to be recovered, click on the “Start Scan” button at the bottom of the display.

Note: for this method, it is only necessary for you to select the “WhatsApp & Attachments” data type, although feel free to select any other data types that you would like.

Step #5 – Once the scan has completed, you will be able to browse all of the data which has been detected. Under the “Messages & Call log” subheading, you will find both “WhatsApp” and “WhatsApp Attachments“.

Hack Whatsapp messages from iOS Devices
Step #6 – You will be able to freely browse both of these data types. Select each of the messages or attachments which you’d like to have recovered, and click on the “Recover to Computer” button at the bottom right of the program.

Step #7 – Once recovered, you will now be able to access the chosen WhatsApp data on your computer at any given time.

This method is all fine and well if you have access to your iOS device, although what happens when you’ve lost your device and want to gain access to the data that was stored on it?

Part 2. Hack WhatsApp Messages without iPhone/iPad via the best WhatsApp Hacker

In this method, we’re going to show how you are able to gain access to your devices WhatsApp messages even if your device hasn’t been connected to your computer.

However, in order for this method to work effectively, you must have previously used iTunes to take a backup of your device’s data.

Step #1 – Start by downloading and installing the Dr.Fone for iOS program. Once you have it installed, go ahead and launch it.

Download Dr.Fone for iOS (Windows Version)Download Dr.Fone for iOS (Mac Version)

Step #2 – Connect your iOS device using a USB cable and allow a few moments for Dr.Fone to detect the connection.

Step #3 – On dr.fone, click on the “Recover from iTunes Backup File” located on the left panel of the program.

Step #4 – A list of backups which you had taken with iTunes will then appear. Select the most recent backup which had been taken for your device and click on the “Start Scan” button.

Step #5 – Once the scan has completed, you will be shown a full breakdown of the data which had been detected from the scan.

Step #6 – Browse the “WhatsApp” and “WhatsApp Attachments” data types and select the specific pieces of data that you’d like to have recovered.

Whatsapp Hacker from iTunes Backup
Step #7 – Once you’ve selected all of the data, click on the “Recover to Computer” button at the bottom right of the program.

Step #8 – Once complete, you will have successfully hacked WhatsApp messages and will be able to access them through your computer.

We don’t always have our iPhones with us and if you forget it somewhere, this method is a fantastic way to check back in your messages.

More dr.fone – the Powerful WhatsApp Hacker Features

Even though today we have focussed in on how to use Dr.Fone to hack WhatsApp messages, I think that it is important to take a look at some of the other features which Dr.Fone has to offer. Some of these features include:

  • Compatibility.

    Although for a lot of programs compatibility is a big issue, with Dr.Fone compatibility is something which is not a concern. In terms of hardware, Dr.Fone is updated in order to ensure that it is compatible with all of the most recent devices, including the iPhone 7 and the iPad Pro. Additionally, in regard to software, Dr.Fone is compatible with iOS 10 as well as Windows 10.

  • Try Before You Buy.

    If you aren’t too sure as to whether or not Dr.Fone is a program that would be of use to you, then a free trial is available for you to use. If you aren’t sure, take advantage of this.

  • Recover Data.

    Have you recently suffered from data loss? Don’t worry about it! With Dr.Fone, you are able to selectively recover data from any backups that you have taken and on top of that, you are able to recover underlying data from your device that you once thought you had lost.

  • Retrieve Data from iCloud.

    That’s right. Similar to the methods that we discussed today, if you use iCloud as your primary backup system, then you are able to recover data from a backup that you had taken with iCloud. Data management is without a doubt, one of the most important factors which are taken into consideration with the development of Dr.Fone for iOS.

I think that from what we have discussed today as well as the list above, it’s clear that Dr.Fone – iOS Data Recovery is a all-in-one WhatsApp Hacker program which can be useful to everyone in a different way. If you haven’t already got yourself a copy of Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS, then it’s time to do so. By the way, to avoid being hacked by other people, Dr.Fone can also help you, with the powerful built-in tool – iOS Data Eraser to delete all your personal data permanently on your WhatsApp.

Download Dr.Fone for iOS (Windows Version)Download Dr.Fone for iOS (Mac Version)

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