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Great Alternatives to the Samsung Apps


Thanks to the practical and convenient features of the Samsung device, it is highly spoken and widely used in the smartphone market. Apps such as S Health, S Note, S Voice, and more are built in the device.

But what if you don’t posses a Samsung device? Will you still be able to get the same features of those apps? Or let’s say if you don’t like the build-in apps in the device for some reason, is there a way to get the similar apps to replace the Samsung apps?

If you are searching for the answer to these problems, then we are glad to tell you that the answer is yes. In the following part of this article, we will introduce some replacements of the Samsung apps that can function the same.

Alternative to S Health

There are several great alternatives to the S Health

When you go out running, walking or biking, you can take your phone with you. In order to record down your fitness goals and exercising progress, you can download Google Fit to help you manage that easily.

If you want to know the calories of your food and the amount calories that you eat, you can try MyFitnessPal instead. It can help you count the calories and provide reference to your exercise.

Instant Heart Rate, as its name suggests, allows you to know about the heart rate while you are exercising. It takes advantage of the phone camera and flash to notice the color changes happening in your finder so that it can get a blur figure of your heart rate. Put it in another word, you can have your heart rate monitored and estimated without actual monitoring hardware.

Alternatives to S Note

S Note is one excellent app if you want to handwrite the notes down, especially you have the S pen at hand to write on Galaxy Note phones. If you want to turn to another app to take notes, then Evernote is definitely one good choice. It also has the feature to take down handwritten notes, so using S Note is not an absolute choice anymore.

If you don’t possess a Galaxy Note device, you can try to buy a stylus or a one in all pen/stylus instead. Evernote is regarded as the most outstanding solution since you are able to sync S Note with Evernote. It will be more convenient for you to use Evernote from the very beginning because you can keep all your notes in the app.

Alternative to S Voice

Google Now can be a nice replacement for S Voice. Its effectiveness will vary according to the amount of your Google services. Google Now would be an excellent choice for all users if you just do random searches on the Web. However, when you want to make appointments in your calendar to remind you, then you are advised to use Google Calendars.

You are allowed to search for all kinds of things with the voice control features of Google Now. This function really changes the style people used to search for information. You can even be reminded where you have parked your car.

Alternative to Touchwiz

Samsung devices come with a default UI and launcher called Touchwiz. Toucheiz has improved much over the decades and people expects it to be better after the launching of new Lollipop. Although we’ve seen the huge improvements of Touchwiz, we still don’t suggest using it because there are better alternatives to it we want to recommend to you. For example, Buzz Launcher and the Google Now Launcher.

Buzz Launcher is one free program that allows you to customize your phone based on your personal taste. Google Now Launcher however, is quite simple to use and the handling process is quite easy to operate.

Alternative to Hancom Office

Samsung device has its own office suite called Hancom Office. In order to view office files, you have some other great choices that you can get on your Samsung and non-Samsung devices. They are: Google Drive, Microsoft Office Word, and Polaris Office.

Having these alternatives at your device, you don’t have to worry about reading documents, spreadsheets and presentations anymore. If you have no idea which one to install, then we strongly recommend you to get all of them on your device and try them out one by one. Then you can decide which one you would like to keep.

Alternative to Galaxy App Store

The official app store that comes with Samsung devices is Galaxy App Store. Since you are not able to locate this app on other brand’s devices and you want to find another app store rather than Google Play store,then you can certainly try the Amazon Appstore out.

I won’t ask other people not to install the app store to their phone due to my personal preference. But if you consider install one app store to your device, then we sincerely recommend you to try Amazon. It maybe not as good as the Google Play Store, it is still one great alternative for you to download apps. You can have numerous free and cheap apps on the Amazon App Store as well.

With the great alternatives we offer you above,you can easily get the features that Samsung devices have. Or if you don’t like to use the default apps on your Samsung devices, you are free to replace the apps with the convenient alternatives. They can also fulfill your needs over all the aspects. In a word, the apps we recommend you can work on any Android device and not confined to one specific device only.

So what opinions do you have over the Samsung devices? Don’t hesitate to leave your comments down in the post!

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