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谷歌照片不做备份? 这里是最好的解决办法


确实, an issue likeGoogle photos not backing upis a bothersome issue for any user. 事实上, hundreds of thousands of users across the globe have encountered this issue and are searching for solutions. Google photos not backing up is an issue that can occur in both Android and iPhones. This error becomes visible when a user starts to upload one or several images to Google photos.

This issue can occur in multiple forms. Most common forms areStuck on backing up 1 的 (数)” 和 “Checking for items to backup“. 在此之上, it can also display the messagechecking for items to back upand get stuck.

It is needless to mention how annoying this issue is for any Google Photos user. The frustration keeps increasing whenGoogle photos not backing upissue persists. Leave aside novice users, even some of the experts cannot find a solution to this issue. 有了这样说, here are some practical solutions to try and solveGoogle photos not backing up”. You can go through the list of these options and check the most appropriate solution to address your situation.

部分 1. 7 Normal Ways to Fix “谷歌照片不做备份”

1. Check the status of Google Photos backup

As the first solution to address this issue, you can check the status of the Google Photos backup. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Be sure to use your Android or iPhone and sign into the Google account that gives problems.
  • After signing in, you can tap on the Assistant located at the bottom of the screen.
  • 指的是在助手出现的第一张牌.
  • 你应该采取的行动可能会因卡说什么而改变.


任一装置被连接到一个网络弱或不连接到网络的所有. 要解决此, 你必须挖掘卡上,将设备连接到适当的网络.

备份 & 同步已关闭

就像建议的名称, 当备份和同步功能被关闭,则会出现此问题. 要解决此, 你应该利用标记卡上 “打开” 并启用谷歌图片.


谷歌图片上传文件到它时,有一定的局限性. 如果文件不符合这一要求, 它不会被上传. 检查您是否尝试上传的照片和视频符合以下要求.


照片也应小于 100 百万像素.


任何其他项目必须不小于 256 X 256 像素.

2. 配置备份的设置 & 同步

如果前面的选项不能给你一个满意的答复, 和谷歌的照片没有备份, 请尝试以下.


现在, 你应该选择叫选项 “设置” 然后去备份 & 同步. 在此, 您可以更改设置如下,看它是否解决了问题.


轻按备份设备文件夹,看看文件夹自动备份启用. 如果谷歌的照片不会被打开的文件夹, you cannot back them up.

Change Upload Size to the highest possible quality in order to allow more storage space on Google Photos.

3. Permit Google Photos to use Wi-Fi & Mobile Network

Although it sounds pretty strange, some of the users were able to resolve the issue after changing the network. 例如, after permitting Google Photos to use cellular data.

当谈到iPhone, you should open the Settings app and move down to locate Google Photos. 然后, you should tap it and choose Wireless Data and then enable WLAN & 蜂窝数据.

When it comes to Android, you should go to Menu and select Settings option. 然后, you should tap on Back Up & 同步. Under Cellular Data Back Up, enable the buttons that are dedicated to backup photos & videos with mobile data.

4. Clear App Data and Cache

If Google photos not backing up even after trying the above methods, you should try clearing App Data. 也, you should try clearing cache of the Google Photos and Google Play.

On Android

Go to Settings and select Apps. 然后, select Photos, Storage and tap on Clear Data & 清除缓存.


Go to Settings App and tap General. 然后, go to iPhone Storage and select Google Photos. 然后, choose to Delete App. You can then reinstall the app through the App Store.

5. By Uninstalling updates of the Google Photos

This is another way to fix Google photos not backing up issue. To perform this action, you should uninstall all the updates related to the Google Photos app. 然而, this method is applicable only with Android devices.


  • Go to the Settings app and select Apps. 然后, go to Photos.
  • Tap the three-dot icon and select the option “卸载更新”

6. Upload your photos and videos manually

如果谷歌的照片不是所有的这些方法后,备份甚至, 你应该尝试手动方法.


你应该首先找到在你的Android设备中的照片或视频. 打开它后, 您可以点击上传图标,并把它在谷歌照片.


打开谷歌照片应用程序,然后选择一个视频或照片上传. 现在,您可以点击与三个点的图标,然后选择备份.

7. 重新启动设备,并配置您的谷歌帐户

如果问题仍然存在, you can consider restarting your device and reconfiguring your Google account. 如果不, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Photos app.

And if your Google Photos takes a very long time to process, you should consider a couple of things. The memory of the device must not be full. If there is an insufficient memory, Google Photos app will take a long time to read the available data.

部分 2. Professional Way for Android Backup and Restore

What is the professional alternative to Google photos not backing up issue?

If nothing works your way and you feel helpless, 我们建议你寻找替代. 事实上, 有几个可靠的选择尝试,如果你的谷歌的照片没有备份正确. 在这种情况下, 我们强烈建议像一个强大的工具 dr.fone – 备用 & 恢复 (Android的) 要么 dr.fone – 备用 & 恢复 (iOS版).

如果你使用Dr.Fone - 备份 & 还原作为替代备份工具, 你有可能体验到更好的性能. 相比于由谷歌照片提供的功能, Dr.Fone - 备份 & 恢复是一个可靠和功能强大的选择. 本产品适用更快,更流畅,而不是其他的备份工具. 更重要的是, 这个工具并不需要网络连接的协助下,备份照片或视频.

除了限制你的备份的照片和视频, dr.fone – 备用 & 恢复 (Android的) 支持所有的文件类型. 它可以 备份和恢复数据的LG & 备份和恢复三星注 8 在点击. 也, 它没有任何大小限制,当谈到创建备份. 换一种说法, 它支持所有的备份文件的格式和大小.

下载dr.fone (Windows版本) 下载dr.fone (Mac版本)

如何使用Dr.Fone - 备份 & 恢复应用程序时,谷歌的照片没有备份

01. 作为第一步, 你应该在计算机系统上打开Dr.Fone软件. 选择选项 备用 & 恢复 在主屏.

02. 现在, 获得使用原来的USB电缆连接到同一台计算机的Android设备. 要确保设备为USB调试启用.

03. 现在, 该装置连接并识别由该程序; 你应该选择要备份的文件. 你会看到,所有的文件格式检查你作为默认选项. 您可以取消选择所有文件按你的心愿. 然后, 您应该点击 “备用” 开始进程.

04. 该过程需要几分钟的时间完成获得. Be sure that you keep the device connected to the computer until the process is finished.

05. At the completion of the backup, you may selectView the backupto preview the contents of the backup.

How to Restore the backup using Dr.Fone – Restore & 备用

Now that you have found a way to solve Google photos not backing up issue. Let’s restore the backup.

01. Open Dr.Fone – Restore & Backup on your computer and get the phone connected to the same. Be sure that you use the original USB cable to avoid potential interruptions to data transferring.

02. Go to the backup file you need to restore on your phone. You can do this simply by clicking on the 恢复 button on the main screen. The program will direct you to the Android backup files stored on your computer. Be sure that you click on the right backup file and click on View.

03. 现在, you can preview the data available in the backup file. Select the files you need to restore on your phone and click恢复到设备” 按键.

04. 现在, 该过程将在几分钟内完成.

好, 那就是如何解决 Google photos not backing up 发行及使用精湛的替代.

下载dr.fone (Windows版本) 下载dr.fone (Mac版本)



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