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Galaxy Note 4 Data Recovery: Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 4


My girlfriend is obsessed with taking photos of herself. Even my phone cannot escape her hands; her photos occupied most of my phone’s store space. Then, in order to have more space to save other data, I deleted some of my girlfriend’s photos. But that decision turns out to be a very stupid decision. My girlfriend was so upset that she threatened to break up with me. I know sometimes women can be unreasonable, but I really don’t know why, she still keep like thousands of photos. Anyway, I love her and honestly do not want to break up with her. Now I’m desperate to find a way to recover those deleted photos from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Only hoping this plus a romantic dinner will make her forgive me. I knew some of my friends had tried some so called data recovery software, but none of them came out satisfied results. Most of them can only partly recover photos on Galaxy Note 4, and even those recovered photos were suffering damage. I don’t want to see my girlfriend been upset by me again.

My only choice is to find the best & professional Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Data Recovery tool in the market. And of course, not too complicated to handle, I’m not good at software.

And thanks god I finally find my life saver, The Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android. Such an amazing data recovery tool for new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Defiantly is the best one among all other software. I dare to tell you that because I used it. And I know you must want to know how to use this thing. No hurry. Keep reading the rest part and learn this easy method to recover deleted photos from Samsung Note 4 Android phone.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Step 1. Prepare your USB cable to connect your Samsung Note 4 to the computer. Of course, your computer needs to install the Dr.Fone for Android first. The software will detect your device and display it on the primary window after that.

Step 2. You can see the software’s interface is quite simple that you can find whatever function you need very quickly. At this step, please click Next button. In the coming up menu, all the data, including your photos, that need to be recovered show up. You just click “PHOTOS” and click “Next” to move on.

Step 3. This step will take slightly long, because the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Data Recovery software needs to scan your files in order to make sure you can get back the data you want.

Step 4. After finishing scanning, the interface should display how many photos you can choose to recover from Samsung Note 4. You can preview them all and take your time to select those photos you want them back.

Step 5. When finished selecting, please remember to pick up a folder to store your recovered photos on computer, or, the Note 4 Recovery software will put them directly to the former menu. Most people will escape this phase, but they usually cannot find the menu after recovering. So our suggestion is to create a new file folder to keep those photos, by doing that, you can easily check the quality of those photos too. After making sure everything is ok, click Recover and wait until the end of the process.

Try dr.fone – Recover (Android)

After recovered all important photos from your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the computer, you can switch to dr.fone – Android Transfer to restore the backed files from computer to your Note 4 with ease.
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