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World Most Popular 10 Galaxy Backup Software and Apps


If you have to throw away one thing from your bag, the last thing that you want to quit may be your smartphone. In today’s society, we are more and more inseparable from our smartphones. It is not because how precious our smartphones are, it is the precious personal data we do not want to lose. To some extent, our smartphones will finally break down, and we finally need a new one. Then, there comes a problem, how can we preserve our personal data and transport it from one to another.

As we know, our data in smartphones can be lost due to various reasons, such as loss of your phone, a software glitch or a crash on something hard that damages the memory of the phone internally. What’s more, there are also plenty of unforeseen reasons that can do damage to your smartphone’s memory. Sometime you may have to format the phone, if you do not have any other viable option. So we do learn that it is necessary to backup as well as secure those personal photos, massages and contact information that storage on your smartphone before we lost them.

Samsung has provided plenty of backup software to keep off our personal data loss. It has also provided many methods to guarantee the safety of our precious data on your Galaxy phone.Here we will introduce the top 10 easy-to-use and practical Samsung Galaxy backup software and apps which be able to synchronize and preserve our precious personal data.

Our article can be divided into two sections. The first one will be top 5 Samsung Galaxy backup software and the second one will betop 5 Samsung Galaxy backup apps.

Section 1: Top Five Samsung Galaxy Backup Software

Top #1. Samsung Kies

Samsung NPS/Kies (NPS and Kies respectively applicable to different types of Samsung smartphone) is an important mobile phone software, its operation is simple, easy to use. It provides a variety of functions to the user of the Samsung device, including easily backup and data transfers, powerful multimedia file management functions, etc. With the help of this software, we can easily sync our data over WIFI, then we can see it clearly on our computer and transfer those data to your other device. It also has some other powerful faculties. It will remind users when their mobile phone has an update being done on its firmware. What’s more, if you are a philharmonic, you can easily sync your music playlists to your smartphone with a single click.

Samsung released two versions of Samsung Kies that can support two most commonly used operating system that are Mac and Windows. You can find the download link on the official Samsung website.


Through our test, Samsung Kies can back up nearly all kinds of data. Its merits are obvious which included updating device firmware and supporting not only Mac but also Windows. As for the demerit, sorry, we still cannot find it.

Top #2. Samsung Auto Backup

Samsung Auto Backup allows you backup important data locally or through the network. The backup storage device includes the local Samsung hard disk and other cable or network connection to the computer storage (NAS), etc. This software offers a variety of configurable backup options, including encryption and selection which can prevent your personal data from someone you do not want them to know and provide high-level security.

When using Samsung Auto Backup, you need to perform a full backup to backup all data the first time. Later, you can perform scheduled real-time backup, it can monitor your Samsung smartphone and backup only those data that have changed. Through the process, the backup time is greatly reduced.


Through our test, Samsung Auto Backup can backup many kinds of data included documents, images, music, videos and all file extension on your Galaxy phone. Its merits are included automatic backup, encryption of your data. As for the demerit, this can only be operated on Windows.

Top #3. PC Auto Backup

PC Auto Backup is also software created by Samsung Company. With this software, you can wireless transfer your videos and photos to computer if both the camera and the laptop are on the same WiFi network. Once you set the entire software, it will operate the backup process regularly and send those photos and videos to your computer. In that case, you can delete photos in your camera lightheartedly. The software can be operated on Mac as well as on Windows.


What we want to emphasize is that PC Auto Backup can only backup videos and photos on the Samsung Smart Camera series including the Galaxy Camera. But if this is all what you want, PC Auto Backup can be your best choice.

Top #4. MobileGo for Android

MobileGo for Android is Android mobile phone management software, with it you can easily manage your contacts on the computer, sort messages, transfer files between mobile phones and computers, backup, restore cell phone information, download app from the Google Play store and so on. At the first 15 days, you can use the software for free as a trial period. Then it may cost you $29.95, a license which is valid for a lifetime, if you still want to use it.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)Download MobileGo (Mac Version)

MobileGo for Samsung Galaxy Tab

As stated above, MobileGo for Android can back up nearly all kinds of information on Samsung Galaxy phone with just One Click and it is convenient, fast and safe. What’s more, it provides an additional feature that we can download music, video and apps to our mobile phone through the computer. But we have to pay for it if we want to use it for a long time. Worth it or not, it’s your choice.

Top #5. MoboRobo

MoboRobo is an excellent management partner of smartphones, it supports nearly all the equipment, we checked it to ensure that its performance. Moborobo is a collection of all functions of all the android mobile phone management software, it can directly manage everything on your phone via cable connection with your computer, including helping to manage contacts, finding and backuping massages, etc. It can also create groups, for your contact importing and exporting between your PC and equipment. If you want to install app on your mobile phone by computer, at first you need to connect the phone with your computer via a USB cable, then you should turn on the mode for debugging on your phone. We can find the option in the phone’s Security settings.


The software can also backup nearly all kinds of data in your smartphone. But we still find its weakness that it can only be operated on Windows though it can also manage iPhone.

Section 2: The Top Five Samsung Galaxy Backup Apps

Here we will talk about some most widely used backup apps. As we all know, we can easily find plenty of backup apps in the Internet which enable us keep our backup data on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone or save it on our cloud storage. Some of those kinds of app do not need root feature, some of it does. Users may get some plus backup functions with root feature. At each end of small chapter, you will also be provided with a download link which makes you download apps efficiently.

Top #1.Helium

The helium backup is a powerful program backup and restore tool. Its interface and operating experience are very humanization. It also supports cloud synchronization with an advanced version. In the aspect of function, it can backup not only the data of the user, such as images and contact, also the application’s data which is installed within the device. This software has an advantage that it does not need a root feature.

Top #2. G Cloud Backup

Backup from G cloud is an Android platform convenient backup application. If you have easy access to the environment of WiFi, believe that G cloud backup is a very good choice. It can backup mail list, call records, text messages, photos, videos, music, documents, system settings, browser data and history. G cloud uses the Amazon cloud storage, and uses data encryption transmission technology to guarantee the safety. Free account initial space is 1G, if you finish the recommending task via twitter it will come to 8G, you will also be able to buy a paid service which is $32 for a memory of 32GB for a year. The app can also work with non-rooted smartphone.

Top #3. MyBackup Pro

MyBackup Pro provides us a regular backup function, it is divided into two versions, one is a pay version, one is free. With MyBackup Pro, you can backup software, mail list, call history, bookmarks, information, set the desktop shortcut, alarm clock, music playlists. What’s more, you can even backup APNs, Calendar entries, Home Screens (This includes the shortcuts with respective positions), Bookmarks and Dictionary entries among various other things. MyBackup can also facilitate the data and settings information transfer between two devices. It also released an independent root version with additional functions like:

  • Freezing of application
  • Clearing applications’ cache

You can also view those data and other information which backup by this program on the internet which are supported by the app developer.

Top #4.Titanium Backup

This application is designed by the company, Titanium Track. It can only run on the mobile phone which has already gotten root feature. Titanium backup can back up your application and application data, and support the timing backup and other functions. It is so powerful that can nearly backup everything in your smartphone. Functions included:

  • Sync data to the public cloud storage, like Google Drive & Dropbox.
  • Encrypt the backup data
  • Individual app restore from normal Recovery backups
  • Freezing Bloatware and System apps

If you want to install a pro version, first you should install the version that is free, and then you need to pay $6.58 to install Titanium Backup Pro Key.

Top #5.Super Backup

This is a simple and efficient data backup tool. Super Backup can backup apps in mobile phone, SMS, phone records, bookmarks, calendar information to the SD card. It also provides a scheduled backup. The app can also work with non-rooted smartphone.

The free account contains a lot of ad, if you want to remove those ads, you should spend $1.99 to purchase Super Backup Pro at Google Play.

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