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Tapoja Korjaa “Windows ei voi käyttää määritettyä Device Polku tai tiedosto”


On aikoja, jolloin et pääse tiettyyn kansioon virheen takia “Windows ei voi käyttää määritettyä laitteen polkua tai tiedostoa“. Se on melko yleinen virhe, joka on edessään eri Windows-käyttäjille. Jos olet yksi heistä, you do not have to panic. You are going to learn various fixes in this article to get rid of this annoying problem.

External hard drives are used by almost everyone to save important files or other data. They come handy when you do not have much storage space left on the computer. Valitettavasti, you can face errors like Windows did not recognize the device when trying to plug them to your system. Mutta, you can resolve these errors effectively and efficiently with some of the fixes mentioned here. Try these methods one after the other to find a perfect solution to your problem.

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Niin, let’s move on to various methods that you can make use of against the error “Windows ei voi käyttää määritettyä laitteen polkua tai tiedostoa”.

Osa 1: Look for permissions to access the folder or file

You are most likely to face the errorWindows cannot access the specified device path or locationif you are not allowed to see that specific folder or file. In order to ensure this, you have to check whether you have the permission to access that file or not. You also need to check whether you have logged in to the system as an administrator or not.

Vaiheet korjata virhe “Windows cannot access the specified device path or location”:

You should follow instructions as listed below to look for permissions and eventually, to get rid of the accessibility error.

Askel 1: Avoinna “Ominaisuudet”

ensin, you have to select “Ominaisuudet” by right-clicking on the specific folder or file that you want to access.

Askel 2: Select the button “Muokkaa”

Napsauta välilehteä “Turvallisuus” and select your profile under the sectionGroup or user names”. Nyt, Paina painiketta “Muokkaa”.

Askel 3: Look for permissions

After selecting your name, you have to look for permissions for your profile in the column “Salli”. You can check checkboxes against the options like Full Control, Modify, Lukea, or Write depending on your needs and requirements. If you are confused about what option to choose, you can even check all the boxes.

Huomautus: If there are tick marks against all checkboxes, it means that you already have all permissions. Move on to the next method in this case.

Osa 2: Check availability of the file’s location

You can face the error “Windows ei voi käyttää määritettyä laitteen polkua tai tiedostoa” when you try to access files via shortcuts. And you cannot access files in this way when the desired file is stored on a removable or networked device. You cannot open files through shortcuts in these situations.

Vaiheet korjata virhe “Windows ei voi käyttää määritettyä laitteen polkua tai tiedostoa”:

To check the file location, you have to follow certain steps as mentioned below.

Askel 1: Valitse “Ominaisuudet”

Ensinnäkin, joudut valita “Ominaisuudet” by right-clicking on the file’s shortcut.

Askel 2: Valitse välilehti “Shortcut

You have to click on the tabShortcutin order to look for the main location. You can check whether the location is present on the system or not.

Osa 3: Check availability of that folder or file

It is quite possible that you are trying to open a file that is no longer present on your Windows PC. You can come across the error “Windows ei voi käyttää määritettyä laitteen polkua tai tiedostoa” in this case as well. It happens when you try to access a folder or file through its shortcut.

You can know the exact location of that file or folder with the help of method two present in this article. You can access the file’s location if there is available one. Nyt, you can check if that folder or file exists there or not.

Osa 4: Try to disable antivirus software

Virhe “Windows ei voi käyttää määritettyä laitteen polkua tai tiedostoa” can even arise when antivirus software on your system restricts you to open that folder or file. Useimmat kertaa, these antivirus software blocks the folder or file.

If there is any antivirus software installed on your system, you can try to uninstall or disable it for the time being to gain access to the desired folder or file. Niin, open that folder or file to check if the error still comes up or not. Move on the last method to get rid of this frustrating error if the problem persists.

Osa 5: Recover the file via EaseUS Data Recovery Tool

The other reason behind the errorWindows cannot access the specified device path or locationcould be the removal, siirto, or accidental deletion of the folder or file. It can be possible that the file is hidden due to some virus or the file location like memory card, HDD, pen drive, USB, jne. is virus-infected, access denied or damaged.

In situations like these, it is best to take help of an effective recovery tool such as EaseUS Data Recovery to retrieve the lost data back to the system. You can easily recover inaccessible folders located on a flash drive or hard drive with this data recovery tool.

Vaiheet korjata virhe “Windows ei voi käyttää määritettyä laitteen polkua tai tiedostoa”:

Make use of the instructions as listed below to get rid of this accessibility issue.

Askel 1: Make a connection

You need to connect the external hard drive to your system if you have lost files or folders on a peripheral device.

Askel 2: Käynnistä ohjelma

You have to launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on the system. Nyt, you have to specify the file location from where you misplaced the data and then, Klikkaa “Skannaa”.

Askel 3: Recover files

The program will offer a preview of the deleted or lost files after completing the scanning process. You have to double-tap on options like deleted files, lost partition files, extra files, drive, jne. to view these files.

Askel 4: Restore files

Just click on the button “Takaisin” to restore the found folders or files on your Windows PC. You can save these recovered files on an external device or other secure location on the system. Users can work on the accessibility issue after saving their files effectively.

Nyt, you know what all you have to do on facing the errorWindows ei voi käyttää määritettyä laitteen polkua tai tiedostoa” PC: llä. You can try out all these above-mentioned methods one by one to resolve the error effectively. Kuitenkin, the most effective method out of all these methods is the last one where you can recover all your deleted or lost files with the help of a recovery tool. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best way to get rid of the problem “Windows ei voi käyttää määritettyä laitteen polkua tai tiedostoa”. Niin, get hands on this data recovery tool to retrieve lost files back on your system. Lataa EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard NOW!

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