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怎么修 “所请求的资源在使用中” 易出错


所请求的资源正在使用” 是最常见的错误之一是用户面对他们的系统上. 如果你也是其中之一, 你不必惊慌. One can come across this error when trying to copy or move files from external storage devices or computer. You can even see this message所请求的资源正在使用flashing on your screen while running or installing any software or program.

Readers will know about some great fixes to resolve the error “所请求的资源正在使用” 在这篇文章中. 所以, let’s move on to our effective fixes without more ado.

When users try to move files from their computer to an external device or vice versa, they are greeted with the error “所请求的资源正在使用”. It can also be faced when suddenly some program resists running on the system. It is really important to look for a perfect solution to get rid of this issue. This is a significant task to resolve the error but also to save your important files or data. 这里, you will be acquainted with fixes that will help you to move files or run the concerned program smoothly.

部分 1: Retrieve data before getting rid of the error

The issue “所请求的资源正在使用” is generally caused by Trojan virus or malware. These foreign bodies cause some programs or software to malfunction while saving or working on these programs on the computer.

It is essential to restore files on the system before setting out to the task of fixing this frustrating error. You should perform this recovery task with the help of a professional tool like 易我数据恢复向导. One can retrieve important files stored on the target storage device or hard drive. Only those devices that show the error “所请求的资源正在使用” to avoid any inconvenience later on.

Things to remember while recovering data:

  • Stop using the folder or device at once on facing the error.
  • You could look for the lost files in Recycle Bin if files were present on your desktop.
  • Always use a professional tool for recovering lost or deleted files.

Steps to retrieve data from the external device:

You should follow simple and quick steps as listed below to restore all data and files stored on the external storage device.

步骤 1: 做一个连接

You need to connect your external device to the system from where you lost files.

步骤 2: 启动程序

You have to run the program EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard after that on the system. 现在, you can specify the exact location of files from where you lost them and tap扫描to start the scanning process.

步骤 3: 做出选择

一旦扫描完成, you have to locate and double-tap on files to preview them. You will be given options like lost files, delete files, 额外的文件, 驾驶, 等等.

步骤 4: Retrieve files

After selecting files, you can tap on the option恢复” 保存这些文件中发现了一些安全的位置的系统或其他外部设备上.


部分 2: Get rid of the error “所请求的资源正在使用”

大部分的时间, 错误 “所请求的资源正在使用” 出现由于一些复杂的问题. 可以预先保存文件后,从下修复摆脱这恼人的错误. 有了这些修复, 你可以删除的问题,并让你的软件, 设备, 或程序重新工作.

方法 1: 安全启动您的计算机

要删除错误 “受限制的资源在使用中“, 您可以安全地通过以下步骤启动您的计算机:

步骤 1: 选择选项 “控制面板” 后在Windows的右键点击图标.

步骤 2: 去做 “Administrative Tools” 然后, 选择 “系统配置“.

步骤 3: 在该选项卡 “Boot“, you need to put a check againstSafe Bootalong with the optionMinimal“.

步骤 4: 龙头 “身份证.for confirmation and boot your computer in the mode安全“.

方法 2: Eliminate Malware via Windows Defender

The most common reason behind the error “所请求的资源正在使用” is Trojan or malware. Systems and programs resist working due to these malware-related issues. It is recommended to make use of Windows Defender to get rid of the malware or virus.

步骤来修复错误 “所请求的资源正在使用”:

步骤 1: 访问 设置 on your system.

步骤 2: 选择 “更新 & 安全” 并查找 “Windows Defender

步骤 3: 选择选项 “Scan Offline“.

The last step will help users to scan and then, remove all virus or malware from their computers offline. 随着该, this program will help to prevent them from getting back on the system.

方法 3: Get rid of Malicious Program/Software

Another method to resolve the issue “所请求的资源正在使用” is to get rid of malicious programs or software on a permanent basis.

步骤来解决 “所请求的资源正在使用”:

If you find any malicious program on the computer, then you can disable them with the help of following instructions:

步骤 1: 选择选项 “控制面板by right-clicking on the icon of Windows.

步骤 2: 点击 “Administration Tools” 然后, 选择 “系统配置“.

步骤 3: 在该选项卡 “一般“, you need to check againstLoad startup items” 点击后 “选择性启动“. 现在, 龙头 “O. K.”.

步骤 4: 选择标签 “启动” 并且对您的计算机重启后上市的方案摆检查仪. 现在, 你必须选择 “禁用” 通过在程序右键单击列表中显示为未知.


步骤 1: 按下按键 “视窗 + [R” 共同开拓一个运行对话框.

步骤 2: 现在, 龙头 “按Ctrl + F” 键和类型 “SmartService” 通过注册表快速搜索的恶意软件.

步骤 3: 查找恶意软件和从计算机中删除.

You have to repeat this process several times to get rid of all malware to get rid of that error. 如果, you have no idea about the Trojan or malware name; you can make use of the following steps.

步骤 1: 轻按按键 “视窗 + [R” 一起输入 “Regedit“.

步骤 2: 去 “HKEY LOCAL MACHINE” 然后, “软件“. 之后, 寻找 “微软” 然后, “视窗” 最后, “当前版本to locate all folders along with the running ones.

步骤 3: Open each folder and try to look at suspicious files or folders, which may result in the error所请求的资源正在使用“. 现在, remove these folders or files from the computer. 您可以打开这些找到的文件夹,如果你不能确定他们击中按钮之前 “删除“.

因此, 问题 “所请求的资源正在使用” 可以以容易地与上述修复处理. 人们可以利用任何的这些方法来消除这种问题. 你需要摆脱导致此恶作剧到系统中的恶意软件或病毒的. 然而, 不要忘记进行根除恶意软件的这个任务之前安全地恢复你的数据. 您可以保存其他外部设备上发现了这些文件,将它们保存对问题. 通过这种方式, 您的文件将被保存反对任何损失.

谁是错误挣扎用户 “所请求的资源正在使用” 或其他问题, 喜欢 Windows无法访问指定设备路径或文件, CE-34878-0, SD卡没有显示出来, 希捷外置硬盘驱动器没有显示出来, 微软的兼容遥测磁盘占用率过高, 该系统找不到指定的文件, 您的计算机内存不足 can also make use of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. 这是一个专业的恢复工具,它可以让你从计算机或其他外部设备恢复丢失的数据. 这种恢复工具是非常安全,快速为防止意外删除的文件恢复, 被病毒感染的文件, 系统崩溃, 格式化恢复, 或各种其他情况. 随着它的免费试用版本的帮助, you can scan or take a preview of your lost files or data. 下载 易我数据恢复向导 NOW for better data recovery of lost files.




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