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Sådan Fix “Den anmodede ressource er i brug” Fejl nemt


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Den anmodede ressource er i brug” er en af ​​de mest almindelige fejl, som brugerne står på deres system. Hvis du er også en af ​​dem, du behøver ikke at gå i panik. One can come across this error when trying to copy or move files from external storage devices or computer. You can even see this messageden anmodede ressource er i brugflashing on your screen while running or installing any software or program.

Readers will know about some great fixes to resolve the error “den anmodede ressource er i brug” i denne artikel. Så, let’s move on to our effective fixes without more ado.

When users try to move files from their computer to an external device or vice versa, they are greeted with the error “den anmodede ressource er i brug”. It can also be faced when suddenly some program resists running on the system. It is really important to look for a perfect solution to get rid of this issue. This is a significant task to resolve the error but also to save your important files or data. Her, you will be acquainted with fixes that will help you to move files or run the concerned program smoothly.

En del 1: Retrieve data before getting rid of the error

Problemet “den anmodede ressource er i brug” is generally caused by Trojan virus or malware. These foreign bodies cause some programs or software to malfunction while saving or working on these programs on the computer.

It is essential to restore files on the system before setting out to the task of fixing this frustrating error. You should perform this recovery task with the help of a professional tool like Guiden EASEUS Data Recovery. One can retrieve important files stored on the target storage device or hard drive. Only those devices that show the error “den anmodede ressource er i brug” to avoid any inconvenience later on.

Things to remember while recovering data:

  • Stop using the folder or device at once on facing the error.
  • You could look for the lost files in Recycle Bin if files were present on your desktop.
  • Always use a professional tool for recovering lost or deleted files.

Steps to retrieve data from the external device:

You should follow simple and quick steps as listed below to restore all data and files stored on the external storage device.

Trin 1: Make a connection

You need to connect your external device to the system from where you lost files.

Trin 2: Start programmet

You have to run the program EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard after that on the system. Nu, you can specify the exact location of files from where you lost them and tapScanto start the scanning process.

Trin 3: Foretag et valg

Når scanningen er færdig, you have to locate and double-tap on files to preview them. You will be given options like lost files, delete files, extra files, drive, osv.

Trin 4: Retrieve files

After selecting files, du kan trykke på indstillingen “Genskabto save these found files on some safe location on the system or another external device.

En del 2: Get rid of the error “den anmodede ressource er i brug”

De fleste af de gange, fejlen “den anmodede ressource er i brug” comes up due to some complex issues. You can get rid of this annoying error with the following fixes after saving your files beforehand. With these fixes, you can remove the issue and make your software, enhed, or program to work again.

Metode 1: Safe Boot your Computer

To remove the errorthe restricted resource is in use“, you can safely boot your computer through the following steps:

Trin 1: Vælg indstillingen “Kontrolpanelafter right-clicking on the icon of Windows.

Trin 2: Go forAdministrative Tools” og derefter, Vælg “System konfiguration“.

Trin 3: I fanen “Boot“, you need to put a check againstSafe Bootalong with the optionMinimal“.

Trin 4: Tryk på “NRIC.for confirmation and boot your computer in the modeSikker“.

Metode 2: Eliminate Malware via Windows Defender

The most common reason behind the error “den anmodede ressource er i brug” is Trojan or malware. Systems and programs resist working due to these malware-related issues. It is recommended to make use of Windows Defender to get rid of the malware or virus.

Trin til rette fejlen “den anmodede ressource er i brug”:

Trin 1: Besøg Indstillinger på dit system.

Trin 2: Vælg “Opdatering & Sikkerhed” og se efter “Windows Defender

Trin 3: Vælg indstillingen “Scan Offline“.

The last step will help users to scan and then, remove all virus or malware from their computers offline. Sammen med, at, this program will help to prevent them from getting back on the system.

Metode 3: Get rid of Malicious Program/Software

Another method to resolve the issue “den anmodede ressource er i brug” is to get rid of malicious programs or software on a permanent basis.

Skridt til at fastsætte “den anmodede ressource er i brug”:

If you find any malicious program on the computer, then you can disable them with the help of following instructions:

Trin 1: Vælg indstillingen “Kontrolpanelby right-clicking on the icon of Windows.

Trin 2: Klik på “Administration Tools” og derefter, Vælg “System konfiguration“.

Trin 3: I fanen “Generelle“, you need to check againstLoad startup itemsafter clicking onSelective startup“. Nu, Tryk på “O. K.”.

Trin 4: Vælg fanen “Start opand place check against the listed programs after your computer reboot. Nu, you have to selectDeaktiverby right-clicking on the programs shown as Unknown in the list.

Steps to eliminate malicious program’s registry entries:

Trin 1: Press keysWindows + RASMUSSENtogether to open up a Run dialog box.

Trin 2: Nu, Tryk på “Ctrl + Fkeys and type inSmartServiceto search the malware through the registry quickly.

Trin 3: Find the malware and delete it from your computer.

You have to repeat this process several times to get rid of all malware to get rid of that error. I tilfældet, you have no idea about the Trojan or malware name; you can make use of the following steps.

Trin 1: Tap keysWindows + RASMUSSENtogether and type inRegedit“.

Trin 2: Gå til “HKEY LOCAL MACHINE” og derefter, “SOFTWARE“. Efter at, lede efter “Microsoft” og derefter, “Windows” og endelig, “CurrentVersionto locate all folders along with the running ones.

Trin 3: Open each folder and try to look at suspicious files or folders, which may result in the errorden anmodede ressource er i brug“. Nu, remove these folders or files from the computer. You can open these found folders if you are not sure about them before hitting the buttonSlet“.

Derfor, problemet “den anmodede ressource er i brug” can be dealt with easily with the above-mentioned fixes. One can make use of any of these methods to eliminate this issue. You need to get rid of the malware or viruses that cause this mischief to the system. Men, do not forget to restore your data safely before performing this task of eradicating the malware. You can save these found files on another external device to save them against the issue. På denne måde, your files will be saved against any loss.

Users who are struggling with the errorden anmodede ressource er i brugor other issues, ligesom Windows kan ikke få adgang til den angivne enhed Sti eller fil,ce-34.878-0‘, SD-kort ikke viser oppe, Seagate ekstern harddisk ikke dukker op, brug af Microsoft-kompatibilitet telemetri høj disk, Systemet kan ikke finde den angivne fil, computeren er lav på hukommelse can also make use of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It is a professional recovery tool that allows you to restore lost data from a computer or other external devices. This recovery tool is quite safe and quick for recovering files against accidental deletion, virus-infected files, systemnedbrud, formatted recovery, or various other situations. With the help of its free trial version, you can scan or take a preview of your lost files or data. Download Guiden EASEUS Data Recovery NOW for better data recovery of lost files.

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