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最好的方法來解決iPhone的“問題 6 bootloop’


蘋果手機 6 bootloop is a common issue as of today. 如果你擁有一部iPhone 6 而你是更新到iOS 12, 你可能已經遇到此問題. Aspects of malware infection and imperfect update can be the common causes of this iPhone 6 bootloop issue. 事實上, the reboot loop is an annoying issue that can panic an iPhone user significantly. If your iPhone displays Apple logo for a while, reboots automatically and repeats it, that’s frustrating, 是不是?

好, you don’t need to feel helpless anymore. This article is just for those who are looking to fix iPhone 6 bootloop. 在這篇文章中, we will provide you step by step guide to get rid of this annoying issue. 事實上, we offer four practical solutions to overcome this boot loop issue. You can select the best out of them and fix the issue. Switch to it if you are facing the error of iPhone沒有顯示在電腦上了.

分割 1. What causes iPhone 6 bootloop?

Before we get to know how to fix iPhone 6 bootloop, it is better to know its causes. 幾乎, a number of events can cause this bootloop issue on your iOS device.

One of the most common causes of this issue is bad or improper updates. 例如, if an interruption occurred during an update process, the device is likely to experience bootloop issue. 然而, even after the completion of an update, some iPhones tend to show this issue.

When it comes to jailbroken iOS devices, the chances of experiencing a bootloop are more. A jailbroken iOS device is generally susceptible to various malware attacks. 所以, if you have a jailbroken iPhone or an iPad, you have a greater chance of experiencing bootloop issue. 因此, if you don’t jailbreak the device, you can minimize the chances of experiencing a boot loop. If the iOS device is already jailbroken, you should prevent from downloading unreliable apps from third parties.

除此之外, an issue like a bad driver or a hardware issue can be a strong reason for this issue. 然而, 你不必擔心太多,因為有很多的辦法去克服它.

從這時開始, 本文著重講解如何克服iPhone bootloop的所有潛在原因.

分割 2. 如何修復iPhone 6 bootloop問題,而不會丟失數據

雖然有些方法工作得很好,克服iPhone 6 bootloop問題, 他們可能會導致數據丟失. 這可能是個壞消息為那些誰保存在他們的iPhone真正有價值的數據. 所以, 如果你需要得到解決的問題,而不會丟失數據, you should consider using an advanced tool. This is when a software tool like dr.fone – iOS版修復 就派上用場了. dr.fone – Repair is capable of fixing many other issues related to iOS. 例如, it can address the black screen and white Apple logo in addition to the restart loop. 事實上, dr.fone – Repair is yet another powerful tool included in the dr.fone工具包. This specific software works perfectly on all the iOS versions and many of the devices. If you need to get the bootloop issue, iPhone錯誤 4013 要么 iPhone可視語音郵件無法正常工作 fixed as soon as possible, you can use dr.fone – Repair.

第一, let’s check the most notable features associated with dr.fone – 修理.

現在, let’s see how to get rid of iPhone 6 bootloop using this advanced software tool.

01. Download dr.fone software by visiting their official website. You can easily install it on your PC or Mac without any issue. The installation process is pretty simple. 安裝後, you have to launch the program. 在歡迎屏幕, you will be able to see several options. Just click on the Repair option as the initial process of repairing.

下載Dr.Fone適用於iOS (Windows版本)下載Dr.Fone適用於iOS (Mac版本)

02. 現在, you should connect your iOS device to the computer and give it a couple of seconds. Your system will detect the iOS device really soon. At the completion of the recognition process, 你應該點擊 “開始” button to move on to the next step.

03. In order to recover get the recovery process going, you should put your device in DFU mode. To get the device into DFU mode, 你應該;

  • Press and hold the power button and home button simultaneously for 10 秒.
  • 然後, release the power button only.
  • The device will automatically enter the DFU mode.

Once the device is in DFU mode, the application itself will identify it. 之後, you can release the home button.

04. 現在, you can see a new window. 在這個窗口, you will have to provide the iOS version your device runs. 也, you should provide the model number. 在這個過程完成, you will be able to download the correct firmware on your iOS device. 現在, 您應該按 “下載” 選項.

05. The application will start to download the firmware. 在此過程中, you must ensure that the phone is connected to the system without any interruption. At the completion of the download process, you should click on Fix Now option to fix your device.

06. The above steps will fix the boot loop issue on your iPhone. 這個過程將帶回你的iPhone變成正常模式.

現在, 它是斷開你的手機,並使用它的問題. 該問題將由現在固定. 然而, 如果你沒有得到你的手機返回到正常模式, 你將不得不再次嘗試.

分割 3. 修復iPhone 6 使用強制重啟bootloop問題

也許, 這可能是最方便的方法來擺脫iPhone啟動循環問題. 用這種方法, 所有你需要做的就是強制重啟手機,結束功率循環. 要強制重啟iPhone, 你應該同時按住Home和喚醒/睡眠按鈕. 當您按下並按住這些按鈕 10 秒, 該裝置將振動並結束重新啟動循環. 你會覺得它在重啟之前給出的振動效果.

然而, 力重啟是與iPhone不同 7 和iPhone 7 加. 有了這樣的設備, 你將不得不按下並按住調低和睡眠/喚醒按鈕在一起.

分割 4. 修復iPhone 6 與iTunes bootloop問題

您可以使用iTunes,以擺脫iPhone的 6 bootloop. 除了停止bootloop, 這種方法可以幫助您還原備份過. 這種方法可以有效地工作,以解決bootloop問題,即使設備處於DMU模式. DMU代表設備固件更新. 使用這種具體方法, 您可以部署一個恢復方法. 這裡是一步一步的指導,讓你與你的iPhone體驗結束啟動循環.

01. 使用原裝USB線將iPhone連接到電腦. 你應該用原來的電纜,以防止潛在的錯誤.

02. 連接設備後, iTunes將開始監視與設備相關的潛在問題. 終於, iTunes會顯示彈出消息,詢問許可恢復您的iPhone設備. 只要選擇 “恢復” 按鈕,iTunes會恢復設備和解決問題.

03. 然而, 如果你沒有得到這樣的消息, 你將不得不手動恢復設備. 在這種情況下, 你應該去 “摘要” 位於下還原備份裝置的部. 只需點擊備份,等到iTunes的為你做的工作.

分割 5. 解決iPhone 6 通過恢復出廠設置開機問題

如果您沒有任何的方法成功如上所述, 你將不得不考慮的終極選擇. 換一種說法, 這時候你應該嘗試恢復出廠設置. 你必須記住,恢復出廠設置抹了你的手機上的所有數據. 恢復出廠設置後,, 您的手機將作為一個全新的一個. 因此, 您執行出廠重置前, 它得到備份是非常重要的. 稍後的, 您可以還原此備份.

01. 將電纜連接到您的iPhone只. 離開自由電纜的另一端.

02. 然後, 按住設備的Home鍵幾秒鐘. 同時, 你應該將設備連接到系統.

03. 之後, 應打開系統中的iTunes. 這是為了把手機進入恢復模式下進行. 當你在屏幕上看到iTunes的標誌, 剛剛鬆開Home鍵. 現在,您可以進入設備的恢復模式,並使用iTunes恢復備份.

我們相當肯定,您可以克服的方法之一,啟動循環問題,如上面提到的. 請隨時與我們分享你的經驗和想法.




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