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Olet saattanut nähdä virhe “Android SystemUI on lopettanut” tai “Android SystemUI isn’t respondingon your android phone screen. It is not a rare case with you as many people face this error now and then on their Android devices. When you face this error, you are not left with any choice except to click O.K. Näin; you can use your phone smoothly until you face the error “Android SystemUI on lopettanut” again and again.

Valitettavasti, it does not go away even after you restart your device. Niin, you have to look for a permanent solution to resolve this error for good. Sitä ennen, you need to know what the actual reason behind the error “Valitettavasti, the process com.android.systemui has stopped” on. Let’s get started with the best solutions to resolve the issue “Android SystemUI on lopettanut”.

Osa 1: Reasons for “Android SystemUI on lopettanut”

Android users know that OS updates could be really efficient as they resolve bugs and recover the overall performance of the device. Kuitenkin, these updates could be the problem themselves sometimes because some corrupted OS updates do not get downloaded or installed properly. An infected update may cause the error “Valitettavasti, SystemUI Has Stopped”.

Kuten tiedätte, Android updates are linked with Google App. Useimmat kertaa, the problem can be resolved after updating the Google App. Vaikka, Google App update can also result in this error because of some glitch if not installed properly.

The other reason behind this awful error could be flashing of a new ROM and some firmware update installation related problem. Useimmat kertaa, the act of restoring backed up data from a Google account or Cloud may also result in the error “Android SystemUI on lopettanut”.

Samaan aikaan, no matter what the reason behind this error is, you can easily get rid of this error with the help of the below-mentioned fixes. You can go for any of these fixes to resolve the issue on your own.

Osa 2: The best solution to fix “Android SystemUI on lopettanut” with one tap

Kuten aikaisemmin, the sole reason behind the issueAndroid System Has Stoppedcan be improper installation of the OS update or the corrupted one. It can easily be resolved with the help of a potent system repair tool.

In order to fix such annoying bugs, you must take the help of dr.fone – Repair (Android). This tool resolves any errors related to the Android system effectively and efficiently. It is known for its proven success rate against all system related issues.

Ainutlaatuiset ominaisuudet dr.fone – Repair (Android):

Lataa Dr.Fone (Windows-versio)

Huomautus: Do not forget to backup all your data before you start the process as dr.fone – Repair may wipe out data during the repairing process of the device.

Steps to fix “Android SystemUI on lopettanut”:

Askel 1: Install dr.fone – Repair

ensin, you have to download and install the toolkit of dr.fone on your system. Nyt, valitse välilehti “Korjaus” optioista ruudulla. Sen jälkeen, connect your device to the system.

Askel 2: Valitse “Android korjaus”

Seuraava, you have to choose “Android korjaus” present on the left side and then, painaa nappia “Käynnistä”.

Askel 3: Paina “Seuraava”

Sen jälkeen, check the information regarding your device like device’s name, brand, carrier details, and model). Nyt, painaa nappia “Seuraava”. To confirm your action, you have to type in “000000”.

Askel 4: Enter Download mode

Nyt, you have to enter Download mode on your device by putting your phone in DFU or recovery mode.

  • If your device comprises Home button, switch it off and press-holdVolume Down+Power+Homebuttons together for 10 sekuntia. Hetken kuluttua, release all buttons and press Volume Up.
  • If your device does not comprise Home button, switch it off and press-holdVolume Down+Power+Bixbybuttons together for 10 sekuntia. Hetken kuluttua, release all buttons and press Volume Up.

Askel 5: Valitse “Seuraava”

After entering the download mode, Klikkaa “Seuraava” to start downloading the firmware. Nyt, the program will automatically start the repair process. Your device will get rid of the error “Valitettavasti, Android SystemUI on lopettanut” in no time.

Osa 3: Resolve the error by uninstalling updates

Useimmat kertaa, this error occurs due to Google App as the whole system depends on it. Varalta, you have updated the Google App and the OS recently, the problem “Android SystemUI on lopettanut” could be because of that. Niin, the best way to get rid of the error is to uninstall updates immediately.

Steps to fix “Android SystemUI on lopettanut”:

In order to uninstall updates of the Google App, ohjeiden noudattamatta alla:

Askel 1: Go to Settings and opt for “Sovellusten hallinta” tai “Sovellukset”.
Askel 2: Swipe the window to “Kaikki”.
Askel 3: Valitse “Google Appfrom the given list of applications.
Askel 4: Lopuksi, Paina “Poista päivitykset” sieltä.

Huomautus: If you do not want to face error shortly, make sure to tapDo not auto-update appsfrom settings of the Google Play Store.

Osa 4: Resolve the error by wiping cache partition

Another effective way to resolve the system error is through clearing off cache partitions. These cache partitions are actually nothing but storage sites for kernels, drivers, system files, inbuilt application data, and modem. Niin, it is better to clean cache partitions from time to time to keep your SystemUI free from glitches.

You can clear caches by entering the recovery mode. There are different ways to enter the recovery mode in different devices of Android. You can take help of the user manual for the same. Sen jälkeen, you need to follow some simple steps as given below.

Steps to fix “Android SystemUI on lopettanut”:

Askel 1: After you enter recovery mode, you will notice several options on your phone screen.

Askel 2: Scroll down using the key “Äänenvoimakkuuden pienennys” ja sitten, Valitse “Wipe cache partition”.

Askel 3: On completion of the process, Napauta “Reboot Systempresent at the top of the list.

Tämän prosessin aikana, all unwanted and clogged files will be deleted. Kuitenkin, you may lose data related to applications as well, but you can do away with it to resolve the bigger issue. Varalta, you are still struggling with the issue “Android SystemUI on lopettanut”, no worries and read further to resolve the error in another way.

Osa 5: Resolve the issue by a factory restore

It is the final thing that you can perform to get rid of the error “Android SystemUI on lopettanut”. Täällä, you have to restore factory settings on your Android device. Make sure that you have performed all the above-mentioned fixes before you move on to this last option.

Before starting with this process, you have to create a backup of all your important data present on your device on Google account, Pilvi, or any external device. Kuten tiedätte, all your data including media files and contents get wiped out while carrying a factory reset on Android devices.

Steps to fix “Android SystemUI on lopettanut”:

Askel 1: Go to Settings on your Android device.

Askel 2: Sen jälkeen, Valitse “Varmuuskopiointi ja Nollaa” sieltä.

Askel 3: Klikkaa “Tehdas palauttaa” ja sitten, follow withReset Device”.

Askel 4: Lopuksi, you have to pressErase Everythingto restore your device to factory settings. On completion of the factory reset process, your phone will restart automatically.

Nyt, you have to set up your device again. It is quite a tedious, cumbersome, and risky task but effectively helps to resolve the error “Android SystemUI on lopettanut”.

Niin, opt for any of these methods to fixAndroid SystemUI on lopettanut” tai “Valitettavasti, SystemUI has stopped” virhe. It is not something that happened to your device only, but users face this error commonly on their Android smartphones. Kuitenkin, it is not an accidental error.

Valitettavasti, SystemUI has stoppederror arises due to issues with the software, cache partition, Google App, or stored data on the device. You can easily resolve this error by installing the OS update, uninstalling updates of the Google App, clearing cache partitions, or restoring factory settings on your Android device. The last method will delete all the data stored on your phone along with settings and other files.

Siksi, make use of the above-mentioned fixes to resolve not only the error but preventing it from occurring again on the device. All these fixes are quite effective and fix the error in the best way possible. Kuitenkin, dr.fone – Repair (Android) is the best way to bring back your device to the normal once again. This repair tool is used worldwide by pretentious users to fix all issues related to Android System.

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