Five Nice Websites for Downloading Music Online

Do you want to know how to download streaming audios from the Internet? Which website do you usually download music from? In this article, I want to tell you something about the websites for downloading music online in the hope that it can help you.

Website 1. YouTube
The YouTube is widely known by the people all over the world. And I guess some of you may also have used it or are using it. Anyway, I will now introduce this website to you. It is easy to use with few mistake and it has a large database supporting you to find the latest music from it. It is convenient that it hosts a lot of music brands so that you can benefit from them. While its large database also brings some trouble. For example, there are too many search results popping up, which makes users hard to choose a right one. Here comes the guidance if you are the first-time user.

Step 1. Visit the website through the link above.

Step 2. Then you can see the homepage of this website, where you can find the search tool at the top.

Step 3. Input some relative keywords in the search tool.

Step 4. Then it will lead to the downloader in your computer. If you don’t have one at the present, I highly recommend you one and you can get it via

Step 5. This is the last step, and you need to copy the URL of the search result which you want to download and paste it on the downloader in your computer. Don’t forget to select the format you want. Finally, you can get it on your computer. Remember to choose a location for the music downloaded.


Website 2. Yahoo Music
The Yahoo Music is also popular among music fans. You can use it to download music with ease. It is convenient to find music because all the steaming audios are organized according to countries. But it sometimes can offer the users some search results without protection of trademark. If you want to know more about it, following this article.

Step 1. To use this website, you need to equip your computer with the downloader named Firefox, which is a good tool helping your to download videos and audios without hassle. And it is completely compatible with the Yahoo Music. You can download it via


Step 2. After you have installed the Firefox on your computer. You can go to the homepage of the Yahoo Music through the link above.


Step 3. Find the search tool of this website and input some keywords about the steaming video you want.


Step 4. From the search results, choose the one that you like and click on it to play it.


Step 5. From the tool bar of the browser on your computer, find the icon of the Firefox. Click on it and you can see it asking you whether to download a video. Just choose a format that you want, and get it one your computer.


Website 3. Google Music
The Google Music is surely developed by Google, so that you can feel easy to use it. It is safe and reliable. People online say highly about this website, and I like it too. So if you want a website with good service, it is absolutely your best choice. But it is a pity that you need to download a special downloader if you want to get music from this website. Here is a tutorial.

Step 1. Get the Music Manager from Google play.


Step 2. Visit the said website via the link under the subtitle above.


Step 3. Then you find the music you want on the Google Music.


Step 4. Now turn to the Music Manager. You can click on the button which says “Download purchased music” to download the music you want from the external resource like the YouTube and Amazon.


Website 4. DailyMotion
The DailyMotion is famous for its frequent update of music and it is said the second largest video website on the Internet. People like it also because its interactive interface and large database. But it sometimes can offer the user inaccurate search results. Here is an easy tutorial for your reference, if you find it interesting.

Step 1. Go to the homepage of this website on your computer.

Step 2. Find the search bar at the top of the homepage.


Step 3. Using the relative words to find the music you want.


Step 4. Choose one search results and download it on your computer.

Website 5. Music
Although the name of this website has no new note in it, this website is also widely used in the world. The update speed of it always meets the case so that you can always find the latest steaming audios from this website. By the way, the search feature of this website is nice and the operation is easy too. But some user say the interface is not so easy for the novices. If you want to give it a try, please read this tutorial below.

Step 1. Open your computer and launch the browser to visit this website via the link above.


Step 2. On the homepage of this website, you can find the search at the upper right.


Step 3. In the search bar, input some keywords about the steaming audios that you want to download, and click on the icon of magnifying glass to get the search results.


Step 4. From the search results select one audio and download it with the Firefox, which we have just talked about in Website 2. Yahoo Music. Then you can do the same as I said.


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