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Five Nice Tools to Find the Lost Android Device


It is a disaster if you lost your Android device. It means the others have the chance to get access to the personal data stored on your phone. Thus, when you find your Android device not at hand, try to find it as soon as possible. There are many tools on the Internet that you can turn to for help. And here are five ones for your reference.

Tool 1. Android Device Manager

This is a tool developed by the Google. And it works quite well with the Android device. What’s more, it is a freeware for all the Android users.

1.You can track your lost Android device and see the location of it on a map.
2.You can control your lost Android device with a long distance. For example, you can make your Android device ring at full voice or erase all the files on your device.
3.You can also manage the files on your Android device with the same Gmail account.

Tool 2. SeekDroid: Find My Phone

This is also a wonderful tool for finding the lost or stolen Android devices. It offers two different versions of this tool, both the basic one and the pro one. For finding the lost Android device, the basic version can work well.

1.You can use this tool to lock your Android device or delete all the data from it with the remote control.
2.It is easy to find your lost Android device by simply sending a message.
3.You can easily know the information of your Android device like the battery situation with this tool only.

Tool 3. Wheres My Droid

You can find this tool on the Play Store with ease, because it is always located at the top place since it has a large user group. It can also help the users to find the Android devices lost or stolen like the last tool mentioned. If you want to find your lost Android device, you can download it without hassle.

1.This tool offers two kinds of versions on the Internet, both the free one and the paid one.
2.With the free version of this tool, you can set off the alarm with remote control, and see the location of your lost Android device on a map. It will help you to find your lost Android device.
3.With the paid version, you can use all the functions that you get on the free version. What’s more, you can erase all the personal data from your lost Android device, lock your device and hide all the icons of app from your lost Android device with remote control. This will help you keep the others away from your personal information even when you cannot get back your Android device.

Tool 4. Cerberus

When it comes to the anti-theft apps, users always mention this tool, which is thought to be one of the best tools on the Internet. It offers many excellent features to help you find your lost or stolen Android device.

1.You can hide the icon of this tool from your device, so that the other will never find it on your device. This will prevent the others to turn off the safe guard function.
2.You can use this tool to track your lost Android device so that you can know the detailed location of it and then to get it back.
3.You can get access to the call list and the message list, which give you the information about your Android device after it is lost.
4.You can enable the GPS function on your lost Android device with remote control.

Tool 5. Find My Phone (on the Android Wear device)

If you have an Android wear device which is connected to your lost Android device, it will be much more easier to find your lost Android device. You simply need to make some operations on your Android wear device, and you can get the information about the lost Android device.

1.You can make your lost Android device ring at full voice so that you can easily find it if it is located near you.
2.The Android wear device will remind you when you either get close to or get away from your Android device.
3.You can turn on the vibration mode on your Android device, or turn up the voice of your Android device with remote control.

All these tools mentioned above can help you find the Android device you lost or stolen. And there are also some can help you erase the personal data from your Android device when you find it hard to get the lost device back. Although it is a good idea to remove all the data from your lost Android device, it is a serious problem that you cannot get the important data on the device once again. In this case, you’d better to back up your Android device often when you are free. Thus you can easily restore the data from the backup files on your new Android device.

If you don’t have such a backup tool on your computer, I will highly recommend you the dr.fone – Android Transfer. This tool is a widely used one all around the world. You can use it to manage your mobile phone or tablet with ease. You can back up the important data on your Android device, and you can restore them on the same or simply another device. Besides, you can download the audios and videos with this tool too. If you want to install some apps on your Android device, you can simply go to the Google Play Store with this tool, and it will be much more easier to uninstall the apps unwanted in batches with this tool.

In one word, try to use the dr.fone to help you get back the data you lost!

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