How to Find and Delete Duplicate Music Files on your Device?

With the presence of duplicate music files on your device, the memory space will be taken up. When you try to delete the duplicate files, you will also find it annoying to find the target file and delete them one by one. This problem happens is due to iTunes cannot distinguish the music files and still keep the duplicate files on its list. So how to solve this problem exactly?

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We will offer you three ways to find and delete the duplicate music in this article as follows:

Solution 1. Use iMusic to find and delete duplicate music files

Deleting duplicate music files on your iTunes manually seems to be a tedious job. Due to the large amount of duplicated files on your iTunes, you’d better use a professional tool to help you manage the duplicate files. iMusic is one helpful program you can use which makes the whole process easier than ever. It can come across iTunes’ restriction and enable you to find duplicate music files for you. Just follow the steps:

Step 1. Open the website and get iMusic downloaded. Please be reminded to install “Duplicate Music Finder” too. Install it after downloading it. At the same time, you have to ensure that iTunes has been installed on the computer previously and all the music files are existing in the library. The scanning process will be over in a short while. If you have large amounts of music files, then you may have to wait longer.

Download iMusic

Step 2. Run iTunes and you will see all those media files in your iTunes library. Hit the option “CLEAN UP ITUNES LIBRARY” under the “TOOLBOX” in the main interface.

Step 3. At this point, iMusic will start to scan for the duplicate music on your iTunes automatically after you click the button “Scan”. In addition, files without music tags will be scanned as well. And you will be asked to confirm your choice, just hit the button “Clean up” . Then iMusic will finish the rest for you.

Without the doubt, using iMusic to delete the duplicated songs is the most convenient way to clean up your iTunes library.

Download iMusic

Solution 2. Use Audio Dedupe to find and delete duplicated music in your Music Library on your PC

If you want to remove duplicate music on your PC, a professional third party program – Audio Dedupe is required. With Audio Dedupe, you can save much quality time. It doesn’t judge the music files on its name, file size or ID3 tags. It can analyze the music and distinguish the music files by its original tunes. Here is how to handle this program to remove the duplicate files.


Step 1. Run the software and hit Add Folder. Thus, the program will start to scan for media files. The scanning process takes about a few minutes depending on the size of the files.

Step 2. In the drop-down menu, tick “Audio Compare” which is under the category of the scan.

Step 3. Here you can adjust the wanted value. We suggest you set it around 70%. The value is quite important for the program to compare the music files.

Step 4. If it is the first scanning, then tick the “New Cache”. Or you have to go with the option existing cache.

Step 5. Hit “Start Scan” button.


After scanning:
1. The files are divided into various groups. As per your option of “Auto Check”, the tool scans those files with small file size, shorter duration or lower bitrate. The internal player can also be used to review the files.

2. You can hit Move check files if you would like to move those files. Or you can click delete checked documents as you wish.

This method may require some efforts since you have multiple options to make. But meanwhile, it ensures the data you are going to delete are absolutely duplicated.

Solution 3. Use Gemini to locate and delete duplicated music in your Music Library on your Mac

If you are looking for a way to remove music files, especially duplicate music on the Mac without iTunes, then you are suggested to try Gemini out, issued by MacPaw, it enables you to delete various sorts of duplicated files on your system. With its friendly interface and powerful features, you can easily take charge of the whole process by previewing them first. Now let’s focus on the steps.


Step 1. Get Gemini downloaded on your computer. You can hit this link to download After that, install this program.

Step 2. Run the program after installation. Here you can choose wanted data or scan the whole computer for duplicated files.

Step 3. Once the scanning is over, you can preview all the duplicate files in the interface. What’s more, a number of duplicate files will be pointed out. If you like to remove all the files at once, click “Auto select” button on the upper side. The program will choose all the duplicate files to expect for the original file. Then hit the button Remove Selected.

Step 4. The files will be selected and shown on the next screen, waiting to be removed. You can uncheck the unwanted files if you want. Hit the Remove button in the bottom if you are confirmed.

The program is easy enough for you. Only a few simple clicks, you are able to erase duplicated files on the Mac without hassle. Auto scanning, convenient preview, and simple clicks, the easy moves make it extremely handy to delete files on your Mac.

You can get all the useful programs from the official website. But you can only get Mac software from the Apple store. Make sure you know what you are trying to delete everything. Get more support & info on the official website if you need.


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