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Method to Export iPhone Apps to iTunes & Export iTunes App to iPhone


In the article, you will learn how to transfer apps from iPhone to iTunes and transfer apps from iTunes to iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/3GS in detailed steps. Although it is quite easy to do the transfer, many people still have no idea about the tasks. After reading the article, you will learn how to transfer files between iPhone and iTunes.

Part 1. Method to Export iPhone Apps to iTunes

Step 1. At the very beginning, please launch your iTunes and choose the menu “Store” on the top of the starting window. Then you will be required to log in with your Apple ID, just do as required.

Step 2. Now, please click the menu “Store” menu again and then choose the option “Authorize This Computer”. Once your computer is authorized, you can start to transfer iPhone apps to iTunes library.

Step 3. Please now connect iPhone to your computer via a USB cable and then choose “View” in the starting window. Then please choose “Show Sidebar” to see your device below “DEVICES”. Please just right click your iPhone and choose “Transfer Purchases” from the drop-down list. Then your purchased apps will be transferred to your iTunes Library automatically.

Besides using an USB cable, you can also connect your iPhone to iTunes Library via Wi-Fi. When you turn to this method, please click your iPhone and check the box “sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi” to enable Wi-Fi transfer.

Note: To avoid order and layout changes after the transfer, please check the sync option the next time you do sync and choose the cancel button “x” on the status bar when sync begins.

Part 2. Method to Export iTunes Apps to iPhone

Step 1. To start with, please launch your iTunes on your computer and choose the menu “View”. Then please choose “Show Sidebar” to bring up all items on the left side of your iTunes Library. Next, please connect your iPhone to computer via a USB cable. The program will detect your iPhone and show it in the “DEVICES” menu.

Step 2. Now, you can create new folders before the transfer by dragging one app to another one. If you don’t want to create new folders, just drag the apps you want to desired place. Then just click the button “Apply” to start the process. The program will copy apps for you automatically.


Part 3. Method to Manage iPhone Apps with New Pages or Folder

If you are always searching for new and interesting apps through the AppStore, you may have stored huge numbers of apps on your iPhone. I guess that you may want to manage and sort them for better use. In fact, you can place these apps by creating new pages or new folders.

Create Folders and Drag in Apps: To start with, please bring up your apps in the home screen and tap any app icon until all apps shake. Then, you can drag one app to another one to create a new folder, which contains both your two apps. Later, you can enter into a new name for the folder. If you have other similar apps, you can put them in the folder by similar method.

Transfer Apps to New Pages: In addition to new folders, you can also create new Pages to manage your iPhone apps. Please just drag and drop the apps you want to a new page icon on your iPhone to complete the task.


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