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作為iPhone的用戶, 你可能會發現你需要在電腦上使用Microsoft Windows. 所以有時, 你可能需要到iCloud的聯繫人導出到Outlook, 因為你想方便地訪問兩種方式的接觸. But the problem is that the Apple doesn’t support such a service for the users to export the iCloud contacts to Outlook directly or 轉移的iCloud聯繫人到Android & 使用iCloud的郵件帳戶在Android設備上 以及 sync iCloud contacts files to Google.

Since these two tools are of different operation system, it is not simple to do that. In order to get the job done, you need an intermediary device to help you. 您需要將iCloud的接觸第一導出到電腦, 在電子名片的格式, 然後將它們導入到Outlook與工具的內置功能.


步 1. 在電腦上打開瀏覽器, 並參觀了iCloud的網站.

步 2. 登錄icloud的與正確的帳戶和密碼.

步 3. 而你需要驗證您的身份, 如果你以前沒有啟用,.


步 4. 然後icloud的界面上, 你可以找到很多的應用程序圖標, 就像你在看你的iPhone屏幕.

步 5. 現在, 您可以訪問到的圖標的界面上. 找到並點擊 “往來” 按鍵.

步 6. 您之後點擊 “往來” 按鍵, 你可以看到新的畫面, 在這裡你可以找到的圖標 “設置” 在左下.

步 7. 在彈出菜單, 您可以點擊 “全選”. 所以,你可以很容易地選擇所有的屏幕上的聯繫人.

步 8. 現在點擊 “設置” icon again, to choose theExport vCard” 選項.

步 9. And a new window will come up, and you can choose some options to make sure the vCard file will be made as you like. 並點擊 “好” button and you can get the vCard file on your computer.


步 10. And then you simply need to import the vCard file from your computer to the Outlook.

Now the way with the vCard as a transmit point has been introduced. And people find it kind of troublesome. To find another easier way, you can try the dr.fone工具包 – iOS的數據恢復, which is a professional tool for managing the data on the mobile phones. The mobile phones it supports including the Android phone and iPhone.

So you can use Dr.Fone工具包適用於iOSexport the contacts from iPhone to the Outlook 直.

Features of the Wondershare Dr.Fone Toolkit for iOS:

獲取dr.fone – 恢復 (iOS版)

Here is the detailed way to use this tool:

步 1. Launch the Wondershare Dr. Fone Toolkit for iOS on your computer.

步 2. 查找按鈕 “從iCloud雲備份文件中恢復” 下 “恢復” 模式.

步 3. Log in the iCloud on the primary window of the Dr. Fone公司為iOS.

步 4. Now you can get a list of iCloud backup files on the primary window, from which you can choose one that you want to transfer to the Outlook.

步 5. 現在點擊 “下載” 按鈕,得到您的計算機上.

步 6. 然後你可以選擇 “往來” 只有項目, 然後點擊 “恢復” 按鈕,讓您的計算機上. 記住要選擇合適的位置為您的計算機上的聯繫人.

步 7. 現在,你需要做的唯一一件事就是從您的計算機的聯繫人導入到Outlook.


步 1. 在您的計算機上運行的Microsoft Outlook.

步 2. 登錄微軟Outlook與您習慣使用的電子郵件地址.

步 3. 找出 “更多” button with three dots on the lower left.

步 4. On the menu, 你需要選擇 “Folders” 選項.

步 5. Then on the left column, 你需要點擊 “往來” 選項. 然後選擇 “文件” 選項.

步 6. 現在點擊 “打開 & 出口” 按鍵. And then you can get a new screen asking you to choose one option, which you need to choose the “進出口”.

步 7. Now you get anImport and Export Wizard” 窗口, 選擇的選項 “Import from another program or file”, 然後點擊 “下一個” 按鍵.

步 8. Now you get anImport a File” 窗口, and you need to choose theComma Separated Valuesoption and go to the next step by clicking on the “下一個” 按鍵.

步 9. Now you need to tap on the “瀏覽” button in order to find the CSV file or the vCard file on your computer. 並點擊 “下一個” 按鍵.

步 10. Now you need to choose a destination folder, make sure that the folder of the CSV file or vCard file is selected. 並點擊 “下一個” 按鈕去.

步 11. 下一個窗口是為那些誰想讓你之前選擇的選項一些變化. 如果有什麼要改變, 只需點擊 “完” 按鍵.

步 12. 然後等待微軟的Outlook來完成任務,然後所有的聯繫人將被成功導入到Microsoft Outlook中.


獲取dr.fone – 恢復 (iOS版)




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