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Everything about Find My iPhone – Use, Setup, Disable & Enable


Find My iPhone has a fantastic function that fulfills the needs of those who have no idea where they put their iPhone or those who are worried about their personal information when their iPhone is stolen. However, all these people will not be afraid anymore. You just need to go to and open Find My iPhone, you are able to prevent your private information from peeping when you lost your iPhone or even have the chance to recover the important data.

When you are not able to find your iPhone or simply forget where you have put it, you can use Find My iPhone to help you narrow down the possible location for you. As long as your iPhone remains turned on and has signal, the app can show the position of your device with the help of mapping and satellite image.

You can have easy access to Find My iPhone only if your computer or other portable devices have an available Internet connection. This becomes so easy for us because of the iCloud. You only need to log in the website and open Find My iPhone. Choose the device you are trying to locate. You should pay attention that only iDevices such as iPadk, iPhone, iPod or Mac are able to be located through Find My iPhone. When you are up to the service, the screen will show like the following.


How to use Find My iPhone:

To start with, you need to know that Find My iPhone is operable only if your iPhone is powered on and signal available. If your phone is powered off or turned into the Airplane mode, you will not see any movements in the screen map.

Before everything, you need to pay attention to how this Find My iPhone works. The very first step, you need to activate the function. This process is quite easy. Open Settings and click iCloud. Slice the bar of Find My iPhone to the ON status. You also need to make sure the Location Service is turned on. If the Location Service is turned off, you may fail to check the accurate location of your iPhone.

Now, let’s focus on how this app works out.

When you find your iPhone missing or stolen, you can go to the website to log in your iCloud account. Choose your iPhone on the home screen and thus you are able to locate your missing iPhone, trigger the alarm, turn on the Lost Mode or wipe out all the data on your iPhone. You can get more details about the four features in the following article.


Four wonderful functions of Find My iPhone

We will display the best four functions of Find My iPhone as follows:

1.Locate Device: The location service is the most significant feature of Find My iPhone. As long as your iPhone is powered on with signal and the Location Service is switched on. You can go to to check the current location of your iPhone. Log into iCloud first and go to Find My iPhone home page.

2.Hit alarm: When you are confirmed that your iPhone just got lifted and is somewhere around you, you can trigger this function right away. Then the iPhone will make noise every 5 seconds until the device is found. You will get a notification telling you the function is triggered after you activate the alarm. And the alarm will not stop until you locate your device and get past the screen.

3.Lost mode: It’s a convenient feature that enables you to lock iPhone remotely. In order to unlock it, you will need the password you set with Find My iPhone. The best part about this feature is that when you select lost mode without Location Services, the Location Service will be turned on automatically until you locate iPhone. This makes the searching process even easier.

4. Wipe out iPhone: When you have tried everything you can and it seems hopeless for you to retrieve your lost phone, you have the choice to wipe out all the data on your iPhone remotely. This is the last straw when you believe it is better to erase everything in your lost iPhone so that the thief gets nothing valuable from your iPhone. Information like bank accounts and contacts your device previously remembered.

Everything about Find My iPhone

What to do to enable Find My iPhone:

1). How to activate Find My iPhone on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: go to Settings and then click iCloud. You will see many choices under the iCloud list. Slice the bar of Find My iPhone to status ON. Thus, it is turned on successfully. If you want to turn it off, just slice it to the OFF.

2) How to activate Find My Mac on your Mac: Open Apple Menu, then go with System Preferences, click iCloud at last. This process assembles the one when you are activating Find My iPhone on your iPhone. Log in your iCloud account.

3) How to add devices to Find My iPhone: If you don’t know the process of adding someone else’s devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod to Find My iPhone, we can assure you that it is really easy to handle. Just sign in your Apple ID with their own iPhone and activate Find My iPhone. (Go to Settings, then hit iCloud and sign in with your Apple ID to activate Find My iPhone)

Using an app like Find My iPhone or Find My Mac offers you some comforts and relief because it increases the possibility of getting back your lost device. For example, when you hear the alarm of your iPhone, you will know it is somewhere around you. So you can start to look for it without too many worries immediately.
Find My Mac provides you the same choices as Find My iPhone. You can choose to turn on the Lost Mode so that others will not have access to your device without the exact password.

If you are about to use the erase data feature of Find My iPhone, you’d better make sure you cannot get your lost phone back. Since when you take the movement, all the data are wiped out completely and can’t be recovered.

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