Download Videos to Samsung Models with Ease

Part 1. Why did Samsung Phone Users like to Download Videos?

Nowadays, more and more people are using smartphones to record photos, shot videos, contact friends, enjoy music and watch videos. Since mobile phones such as Samsung phone are so smart that you can carry them with you whenever and wherever you are. For many people, one of the best uses of Samsung is that you can watch your favorite videos in high quality and in the same time you can enjoy them even you are in a journey with more privacy and mobility.

Actually, enjoying videos is a good choice to relax after heavy work or spend leisure time. With the help of a smartphone, enjoy videos become an easier thing than ever. However, when it comes to why Samsung phone users want to download videos, people have their unique reasons. Here are some examples for you:

Reason 1: Enjoy interesting videos even outside without an Internet connection. When to find an interesting and favorite video, many people may like to watch them again and again. Or if you are to spend hours on the train, you may want to download some interesting videos on your portable device to spend the leisure time. For all these reasons, you will want to download videos to your Samsung device to enjoy them even offline.

Reason 2: Enjoy videos whenever and whenever you are with mobility. With TV, you can enjoy movies and videos on a large screen; however, with a Samsung phone, you can enjoy videos even you are not at home! If you want to watch movies with mobility, you will like saving them on your device.

Reason 3: To save you in an emergency. In your daily work, the laptop is a very important tool to show videos to your clients. However, on some occasion, you may forget to take your PC. If you just encountered the accident, you can turn to a Samsung device for help if you just saved the video to your device. Since the Samsung phone is excellent for the storage capability, you can back up important files to the device to save you in an emergency when you really encounter with efficiency and style.

Part 2. Top 3 Video Downloaders apps for Samsung Phone Users

In the part, I will show you the top 3 video downloaders for Samsung phone users. Since each tool has advantage and disadvantage, please choose the suitable one accordingly.

1. Videoder

If you are searching for the easiest and simplest way to download videos, the Videoder can be your choice. Through the program, you just need to bring up the built-in browser and search for the videos you need directly. When you find the ones you want to get, you just need to click on them. The program will show you a new screen with download links of different resolutions, and also you can check video details in the screen at the same time.


2. FVD

As a free video downloader, the program FVD is quite an easy-to-use one. Through the program, you just need to bring up the built-in browser and search for the videos you need directly. Then just click on the videos you want to download. The tool is faster than other similar tools in the market to save your time.


3. Easy Video Downloader

To download videos from various kinds of online websites, the tool Easy Video Downloader is a good choice for you. In addition to download videos with ease, the tool can also help you convert your videos to MP4 format so that you can transfer the videos to your other portable devices.

Easy Video Downloader

Part 3. Best Download Videos to Samsung Models Software – iMusic

When it comes to downloading videos from the Internet, you should consider a very serious issue: viruses. Indeed, when you visit some websites to find the movies you want to watch, you should avoid the possible viruses they may carry. Take safety into consideration to download videos, I recommend you try the program iMusic. With the help of the program, you can download videos with high efficiency to save your time and ensure safety to protect your device from danger.

Through the iMusic, you can download videos from not only from popular websites such as YouTube but also more than 1000 video-sharing websites such as Dailymotion and Vimeo.

Download Videos to Samsung with iMusic
No matter whether you are experts or primary users, you can handle the program with ease. Here are some advanced features of iMusic:

  • Download your favorite videos from all popular websites such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Vevo;
  • Download playlists and channels from YouTube in one click;
  • Convert videos to popular and compatible formats such as MP3, MP4 and MOV with ease;
  • Download interesting videos from browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and IE.

Here you can download a free trial version of both Windows version and Mac version for you to have a try. To download videos with ease and 100% safety, just don’t hesitate to join us!

Advanced Features of iMusic

1. Download Videos in One Click

When you are to download videos with help of iMusic, one several click are needed to bring you more convenience. For example, if you have copied the video URL, the program will start to download videos for you automatically even that you have not pasted the URL.

2. Download Videos from More than 1000 Video Websites

To bring you huge numbers of video resources, the iMusic now supports you to download videos/movies/clips from more than 1000 video websites, including the popular ones such as VEVO, MTV, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and YouTube.

Get iMusic


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