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3 潘多拉记录仪下载或录制音乐潘多拉


Some friends of mine complain bitterly that the music downloader they use gets out of date easily when they enjoy the music from It is a common problem perplexing many a man including me. But I have found a solution recently, and I would like to have a share with you. 事实上, 一个 good Pandora music recorder is the key to the solution. 在下面的通道, you are going to know of 3 professional music recorders for Pandora selected, and I will provide you short introductions of them, 在这篇文章的结尾您的信息进行比较. 如果你的 潘多拉不工作, 点击立即修复它.



  • 1) 它可以下载音乐 1:1 从Pandora.com质量好 & Spotify的到MP3 自行.
  • 2) 它能够识别每一个音频数据的信息.
  • 3) It allows users to have advertising filtration.
  • 4) It also serves as a player and helps you to create a telephone ring.
  • 5) 它可以安排记录.


Steps to use iMusic to free download or Record music from

步骤 1. 下载并安装

首先, you should download and install the iMusic on your PC or Mac. And then you had better operate it in order to familiarize it.

步骤 2. Free download music from

After you run the software, you can see the primary windows pop out, 并点击 “记录” 按键. Then you go to to search for the music you adore. After you choose the music, it will start to record it. You can click on the “记录” button again when it finishes. And it is able to search and download the relevant details of the music automatically, like the cover art, album name and the lyric.

Record Pandora Music

Step 3.Transfer the downloaded Pandora music to iTunes

After you have downloaded the music, it is an option for you to transfer it into iTunes. You can achieve the goal if you do like this: choose the music and click on the “加” button in the right, and then iTunes will import and display it to a special playlist.

提示: You can learn more details if you watch the top video tutorial about how to free download songs from Pandora by iMusic.


2. Free Sound Recorder

It is a freeware with the capability of recording the audio data online. The first time you use it, you may have to go to the Mixer window of it, and make some settings. 不过不用担心, it is easy to use and you will like it once you try it. You can get more information via the Internet if you decide to download and use it.

Download Free Sound Recorder Here

3. 大胆

It is a free but useful editor and recorder, with a large user group. It offers the users a bunch of functions. It supports the format inclusive of WAV or AIFF. After you set it, you can use it with ease.

Try Audacity

Compare the three Pandora Music Recorder applications above

Free Sound Recorder
Main functions
Online recording, both audio and radio
Online recording, only audio
Audio editing and recording
Good Quality
快 & 只是
Music Repeat
Ads Filter
Identify Info
Music Transfer
Create Ringtones of Phone
Schedule to Record
  • 1. 高品质
  • 2. high performance
  • 3. continued updates
  • 1. 自由
  • 1. more functions
  • 2. 自由
  • 1. not free
  • 1. not stable
  • 2. no continued updates
  • 3. no quick technical support
  • 1. not stable
  • 2. no continued updates
  • 3. not so simple

Now as you have read this article, you may have a clear understanding that IMUSIC compares favorably with its two competitors. It is a relatively good recorder as well as an editor to download SoundCloud songs to iPhone X/XS/XR. 当然, the other two have their glitters if you can give them a try.




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