Download Notepad++ for Mac & Best Alternatives for Notepad++

As we all know, Notepad is the text editor for Windows by default. In Mac computers, users get TextEdit as the text editor by default. This editor does not stand much closer to the advanced features of Notepad. Mac users strive to get their hands on such an effective text editor as Notepad++. Hence, Mac users look for other alternatives. The search for text editor ends with Notepad++. Yes, you have heard it right. Scroll further down to know more about the same.

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What do you mean by Notepad++?

Readers may be wondering what Notepad++ actually is. It is an application that offers various features as compared to normal text editors. This software supports diverse programming languages. It even features Perl Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE), auto-completion, syntax folding, multiple document editing, syntax highlighting, zoom in/out, playback, macro recording, replace/search, bookmarks, and whatnot.

Notepad++ is open source and free software, which was released by Don Ho in 2003. This program is based on Scintilla and written in the language C++. It makes the process of code editing a lot easier. One enjoys other features like line markers, code breakpoints, line numbering, error indicators, and many others.

Notepad++ is one of the most popular text editors due to its extensive characteristics, 84-language support, and free program. This software has also claimed numerous awards like Best Programming Text Editor for Windows in two years, 2014 and 2011 from Lifehacker.

Why is there no Notepad++ for mac?

Unfortunately, one cannot download Notepad++ on Mac. There are various reasons for why is it not possible to download Notepad++ on Mac. The most important reason is Notepad++ relies comprehensively on Win32 API. Win32 API is a 32-bit API (Application Programming Interface) that works on newer versions for Windows. This programming interface comprises various components such as devices, threads, file systems, error handling, and processes.

Win32 API is even responsible for the recognized look of Windows worldwide. Along with that, it also offers the feel that Window users find so tempting about its operating system. Therefore, Notepad++ cannot exist without Win32 API.

Notepad++ is not a profit-making project as it is available free of cost. If it were so, it would be possible to develop Notepad++ for Mac and Linux. On the other hand, one cannot even port this program to other operating systems due to compatibility issues. However, some ways can help you to download Notepad++ for Mac. Read further t to know about them.

How to download Notepad++ for mac?

As stated above, Notepad++ relies heavily on Win32 API. Nevertheless, there are some ways to run this program on Mac computers. Firstly, you can provide the required API to the program or secondly, you can rewrite this program that does not rely anymore on Win32 API. The second case is not likely to happen soon, whereas the former is quite possible. It can be done through emulators and virtual machines.

Method 1: Install Notepad++ mac via Wine

Notepad++ for Mac can be possible through the program Wine. The word “Wine” stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator. Wine is open source and free program that emulates the runtime environment of Windows. It translates the system calls of Windows to the system calls of POSIX.

In addition to it, this program recreates the directory structures. It even offers alternative implementations of system libraries, system services, and various other components. Notepad++ mac works perfectly with the help of earlier versions of Wine such as Platinum and Gold.

Steps to download Notepad++ for Mac via Wine:

To get Notepad++ mac, you have to follow some simple steps as instructed below. It works on Mac OS 10.8 or later versions than that. The steps to follow include:

Step 1: Download Wine from this site and install the same on your PC.

Step 2: You need to double-tap on the program.

Step 3: Now, create a forged C drive to keep Windows applications by adding winecfg to the terminal.

Step 4: Get Notepad++ from the official site. You can keep this program in the desired directory.

Step 5: Open that created terminal and look for the Notepad++ directory.

Step 6: Begin the installation of the Notepad++ .exe file. For this, you need to enter “wine (the file’s name).exe” to the terminal.

Now, you can enjoy Notepad++ for mac as well. The major advantage of Wine is that one can run Notepad++ mac along with other macOS applications. However, you can face some bugs while performing tasks on Notepad++ via Wine. It works perfectly if you use Notepad++ to edit files occasionally. If used extensively, Notepad++ could be unfeasible. So as to solve this feasibility issues, you can take help of virtual software.

Method 2: Install Notepad++ mac via VMware

There are several virtual software available in the market that make it possible to use Notepad++ for Mac. One such software is VMware Fusion. This virtual program creates a virtual Windows setup on Mac systems. With VMware, you can use any Windows application of your choice on the Mac computer.

VMware even allows you to split the same clipboard on the Mac computer. In this way, you can copy-paste any text or image across different operating systems from Notepad++ mac. So, all you need to do is to learn how to perform this task. You will need a Windows copy to carry on this task.

Top 10 Alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac

As you know, everyone goes after Notepad++ when it comes to a text editor. Unfortunately, Mac users find it unfair as there is no such application is available for them. Notepad++ is the topmost priority of Windows users because of its features like customizable interface, normal search option, macro recording, syntax highlighting, and various others.

Here, we have tried to incorporate some of the best alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac. With these Notepad++ mac options, you can also enjoy the features of Notepad++ on Mac as well. Let’s move on to our list of the ten best alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac.

1. Atom

Atom is an online program that was constructed by GitHub. You can mold its programs the way you want them to. Due to its hacking ability, Atom turns out to be unique than any other text editor available on the internet.

You do not have to learn any complex to change workings of Atom. It can be changed through HTML and JavaScript languages. In addition to this, you get packages like a color display, new highlighters, and Git conflict management.

Price: Free

2. Sublime Text

It is a simple yet popular text editor for Mac computers. It works similarly to Notepad++. And it comes with amazing features like syntax highlight, customizable interface, and editing code features. The search option “Goto Anything” is the most helpful characteristic of this text editor. It helps you to locate certain words, symbols, lines, or files.

Sublime text comes with a slick mode, which helps you to focus on editing by debarring the internet facility. You can use this program on more than one Mac computer.

Price: $70

3. Brackets

Brackets is another great option for text editing. It is developed by Adobe and available at free of cost. What makes this program great is its unique feature “Extract”. This feature allows you to extract different gradients, colors, measurements, and fonts out of a PSD file. Later on, converts that file into a CSS file.

Brackets adds up new features within the period of a month. Its lately added features comprise instant search button and CSS hints. This application comes with numerous extensions like code folding, JSHint support, and various attractive themes.

Price: Free

4. Komodo Edit

Komodo is known for its popular IDE (Integrated Development Environment) among developers. Not everyone requires this whole program. Komodo Edit is a great option for people who do not want to use advanced features of the IDE.

Komodo Edit is united with It offers an alternative that one can use for the well-known Pastebin websites.

Price: Free

5. UltraEdit

UltraEdit is one of the expensive text editors in the market. This program offers advanced features like column/block editing, cross-file search, syntax highlighting, multi-select, scripting, etc. One can edit more than one file at a time with UltraEdit. It is a perfect option for coders who are looking for the best editing tool to work.

UltraEdit can be purchased through app bundles. This package assists users to compare files and folders and in development team arrangement. One of the exciting bundles to buy is UltraEdit and UltraCompare. This bundle is going to cost you around $100. On the other hand, you can even buy their whole services for $100  yearly.

Price: $80

6. TextMate

TextMate is a great text editor that works really well with Mac devices. This text editor combines characteristics of Emacs and Mac OS X. It is a better alternative for a comprehensive IDE program. TextMate offers features such as syntax debugging, syntax highlighting, Regex & Grep support, run within text commands, add visual bookmarks, and much more.

TextMate can be used to create Xcode projects while working with Xcode. This text editor is specially designed to work on multiple and large text projects. It tries to help users by automating most of the physical work as quiet as possible. TextMate makes the process of coding much more effective and efficient for Mac users.

Price: $58

7. Jedit

Jedit is a professional tool when it comes to a text editor. This tool combines all the advanced features of a text editor that one can find on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Jedit provides numerous keyboard shortcuts to perform all functions with quite an ease. Along with that, it offers a great clipboard space to better use the copy-paste feature. With Jedit, one can split up Windows for efficient editing. Its rectangular selection tool allows you to select text in the quickest way possible.

Jedit makes the task of editing a lot easier. You can even customize this program as the way you want it to. This program is operated by developers all across the globe to develop its extensions. Jedit offers a great platform to communicate with people that share the similar kind of interests.

Price: Free

8. MacVim

MacVim is one of the ordinary text editors. It is the UNIX editor Vi clone. It shares various features with Vi. Along with that, it incorporates other useful features. It can play a better alternative for IDE if you do not want to employ such advanced IDE features.

MacVim comprises advanced features such as syntax highlighting, customizability, and a better error detection feature. It offers different versions for different operating systems such as Mac, PC, UNIX, and DOS. It is also available for iOS and Android devices.

Price: Free

9. TextWrangler

It is a smaller edition of the BBEdit IDE. TextWrangler comes with all the advanced features of the BBEdit IDE that one requires to develop codes. Some of the prominent features of TextWrangler include syntax highlighting, Shebang menu, auto-language prediction, and language modules creation.

TextWrangler offers common features like multiple file search, inbuilt text transformation, Unicode viewing, and spell checker. However, one would not find some great features associated with BBEdit. It is a basic version of BBEdit, and you can upgrade to the next level after becoming familiar with its basic features.
Price: Free

10. Visual Studio Code

This text editor comes from the well-known name Microsoft. It is available for devices based on Mac and Linux operating systems. It offers the feature of syntax highlighting in multiple languages, which counts to 30. Visual Studio Code comprises other features such as Git control, outlining options, multiple cursors, API descriptions, etc. It focuses on modern languages.

Visual Studio Code proves as a great medium for individuals who want to incorporate the fascinating text editing features online to their work. This editor even has a community, Visual Studio Community. This community is a great platform for the Visual Studio Online and IDE. It offers services to development teams where one can use and pick those services. So, it is a perfect tool for coding projects where you do not have to pay lots of dollars for the same functions.

Price: Free

So, you can opt for the best text editor for yourself from this superb list of text editors. Most of the text editors that are listed here are available free of cost. On the other hand, you can go for the paid text editors to enjoy more advanced features.

What if Notepad++ does work on Mac computers, you can make use of the above-mentioned text editors for Mac. With the help of these text editors, you do not have to miss the features of Notepad++ anymore. These programs offer the same features that of Notepad++ to Mac users. So, try out any of these editors that are fully compatible with Mac devices.


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