電話でのデータ転送に電話, データ復旧, データ消しゴム



彼らは同じものを飛び出し保つため時にはあなただけのiPhone上であなたのスポットライトから満足な結果を得ることができません. 例えば, いくつか削除されたテキストメッセージが表示されます. Many people complain that they did delete these messages before, like many times already, is there any method to make sure those useless data come up again and again. And the most important is to delete the spotlight search history on iPhone.

For those people who are not good at handling smartphone, some third-party software will be very helpful. You just need to click some buttons and let the software to do the job. But to choose the correct software is not that easy. The software named iMyfoneアニメイトプロ 私が今まで使用し最高のソフトウェアです, and according to many other users, this software never let them down, its professional and efficient makes it rank the top software for data deleting.

To handle this software is quite easy; just follow the 4 以下の手順. Let’s check them together.

ステップ 1: Clean unwanted data on your iPhone

You need to clean some useless data on your iPhone so that they will not show up in your spotlight search history. Maybe even if you had deleted them, they still display at your history list. You cannot do anything about it, but after operating the next steps; you can successfully delete them from your iPhone forever.


ステップ 2: お使いのコンピュータにiMyfone Umate Proをダウンロードしてインストール.

iMyfone Umate Proをダウンロード

Both Windows and Mac have a workable version, just choose the suitable one for you. The installation shouldn’t be difficult, after clicking few options by following the instructions; you can smoothly run this software on your computer. その後, you need to use iPhone USB cables to connect your iPhone to the computer and then wait for the software to finish the detection. Soon you will see the interface of the software display your device with some basic information.

iMyfoneアニメイトプロ - iOSのデバイスを接続します

iMyfoneアニメイトプロ - スペースを解放

ステップ 3: Delete useless and annoying data on your iPhone.

In order to delete Spotlight Search History on Your iPhone, あなたが選択する必要があります “プライベートデータを消去” 左側の列に. その後, クリックしてください “スキャン開始” so that the software can start a thorough scan of your iPhone and find every piece of useless data on it.

ステップ 4: Delete spotlight search history

このステップで, you need to check the “削除されたデータ” そして “キーボードのキャッシュ” on the result page. You can delete them by clicking the “今すぐ消去” オプション. The whole process won’t be long. Soon after a few minutes, you can have a very clean iPhone without those annoying useless data and cache.

注意: If you want to delete data like text message from spotlight search result, I suggest you to erase the keyboard cache and some old data information you don’t need any more. これにより, I think you will find the results come from spotlight search will be new.

iMyfone Umate Proを入手




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