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Best Ways & Tips for Deleting iTunes Library in 2018


Deleting your iTunes library must be done in many situations. Perhaps you’re simply trying to clear up some space on your computer or Apple device. Maybe you’ve lost interest in the majority of the music in your iTunes library and want a clean start. Regardless of the reason that you want to delete iTunes library, knowing how to do it properly can be incredibly useful, and that’s exactly what we’re going to focus on in this article. But before we jump into the methods behind deleting your iTunes library, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks to go over before you head into it.

Part 1. Tips & Tricks to Delete Your iTunes Library

  • Backup Your iTunes Library. You never know if something will go wrong once the process is complete, and you may even regret deleting your iTunes library. For that reason alone, it’s important that you take a backup of your iTunes library before you get into the process. Not only that but by backing up your iTunes library before you delete iTunes library, you will be less hesitant and at ease while continuing the process as you will be assured that if something goes wrong, you will still be able to recover your library.
  • Data Compilation. Compile all of your music in one location. This will ensure you that the best results occur and that if something does go wrong, you don’t have to worry about all of your data being scattered across your computer as all of it will be in one central location.
  • Transfer Data to Another Device. Before you delete the iTunes library, transferring all of the data in your iTunes library to one of your devices is a great idea. Again, in the event that something goes wrong then you have a full backup available to retrieve all of the data from.

By following each of these steps, you can be more relaxed as you continue on with the process and will not have to worry as much as you would otherwise. So without further ado, let’s jump right into how you can use the KeepVid Music program in the most effective manner.

Part 2. Using KeepVid Music to Delete iTunes Library Effortlessly

KeepVid Music is one of the best tools which is available to both Apple and Android users, and there are many reasons for that. While the program itself has many features available, in this article we are going to focus on how you can use KeepVid Music to delete iTunes library successfully.

Step #1 – The first thing to do is to make sure that you have downloaded the KeepVid Music program and that you have installed it accordingly. After you have it installed, go ahead and launch the program.

Download KeepVid Music (Windows Version)Download KeepVid Music (Mac Version)

Step #2 – Once you have the program open and ready to go, click on the “iTunes Library” tab located on the top panel of the program. From here you will be shown all of the music which is stored in your iTunes library.

Step #3 – On the left side of the program will be a panel which displays all of the playlists which are available on your iTunes playlist. Right-click each playlist and select the “Delete” button. This will delete the playlist along with any songs that are on it.

Note: a quick way of deleting all of the playlist available is to hold down the shift key on your keyboard, click on each of the playlists which will highlight each of them, right-click on one of them, and click on the “Delete” option. This will quickly remove all of the playlists on iTunes.

Step #4 – Once you have done this, you have successfully deleted all of your iTunes playlists and you have a clean slate to work with.

With KeepVid Music, being able to delete iTunes library is an incredibly simple task that can take less than a minute, although if this method just isn’t for you then there is an alternate method available.

Part 3. Using iTunes to Delete iTunes Library

That’s right, you are able to delete your iTunes library with Apple’s default data management program. To do so, simply follow the steps below.

Step #1 – On your Mac computer, open up the file explorer and select the “Music” tab on the left panel.


Step #2 – From here, select the “iTunes” folder and search for the file which is titled as “iTunes Library.itl”.


Step #3 – After you have located that file, simply drag and drop it in the trash can.


Step #4 – Similarly, locate the “iTunes Music Library.xml” file and do the same thing.

Step #5 – If you want to completely rid your computer of the files, then go ahead and “Empty Trash”, thus allowing you to completely delete iTunes library.


Step #6 – Once you open up iTunes again, your library will have been wiped and you will be able to begin filling it up with media that you enjoy once again.

As you can see, both of the methods which we have discussed are viable options and are flawless when it comes to having to delete iTunes library, it is completely up to what you prefer.

KeepVid Music

The last thing which we are going to take a look at is some of the most important features of the KeepVid Music programming which are worth mentioning.

  • Music downloading. With KeepVid Music, you are able to expand upon your iTunes library by using the built-in music downloader which allows for you to download music from over 10,000 platforms. Whether you want just the audio or the full video, you have full control.
  • KeepVid Music is the perfect program for transferring all of the media which you have on one device straight over to the other, especially if you are transferring from an Apple device over to an Android device. KeepVid Music is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

These are the 2 biggest features, apart from being able to delete the iTunes library, which I feel are worth mentioning. If you want to regain full control of your iTunes library and experience some of the mentioned features for yourself, it’s time to consider getting a copy of KeepVid Music.

Download KeepVid Music (Windows Version)Download KeepVid Music (Mac Version)

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