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If you ever created some very important and personal text messages on your iPhone, you may want to delete them permanently to avoid being found by others one day. There are many ways to delete messages, 然而, not all of them can help you erase your text messages fully.

When need to delete iPhone SMS text messages, the first you may think of is turning to the “删除” 按键. 然而, when you really delete these files, you can still find them when you run a search on your iPhone. You should know that the “删除” button is not enough. Although your text messages are deleted in the message box, the auto-complete cache still exists in the system of your iPhone.

Some people will turn to the function of “抹掉所有内容和设置”. 然而, I have to tell you that the function doesn’t really delete data. Since the Apple Company only provides hardware encryption to get your data locked instead of deleting it, your deleted iPhone messages can still be recovered with the help of some third-party recovery tool. You cannot risk losing your personal information in this way.

然后, you may want to know how to delete text messages on the iPhone permanently. To delete your personal information permanently, you need a third party program to help you. You can now turn to the tooliMyfone动画专业 求助. The program can help you delete your important iPhone text messages automatically and overwrite them by junk files so that your deleted files cannot be recovered by any recovery tool.

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注意: This software works well on iPhone models including iPhone XS (马克斯), iPhone XR, iPhone X, 苹果手机 8 (Plus), 苹果手机 7, 苹果手机 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S更多, 苹果手机 6, 苹果手机 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, 苹果手机 5, iPhone 4S, 苹果手机 4 和iPhone 3GS.

步骤 1. Since the deleting is permanent, you cannot get your text messages back once deleted. Thus you’d better make a backup before do the process. The best way to make a backup is to use a third-party tool, 如 dr.fone – iOS的备份 & 恢复. You can get deleted iPhone text messages back once delete them when you need.

步骤 2. 备份后, 您现在可以打开程序的帮助. 现在,您可以得到该程序的免费试用版本之前购买它. 然后在您的计算机上安装它,并通过双击运行它. 正如你在输出窗口看到, 你现在需要通过USB电缆将iPhone连接到电脑.

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当您连接您的iPhone到PC, 该计划将立即开始检测你的iPhone,然后显示它在输出窗口. 然后你会看到四个选项出现在主窗口. 现在请选择最后一个: “删除所有数据“.

步骤 3. 选择此模式后, 请点击现在 “现在擦除” 在窗口. The program will start to delete files for you automatically. 几分钟后, you can get a new phone without any old messages you choose. 然后, no recovery tool can get back your text messages. You should keep your iPhone connected to your computer during the whole process. 此外, don’t try to restore your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud, or the deleted messages will come back.

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