How to Delete iPhone Movies & iPhone Videos Easily

Part 1: Delete iPhone Videos Easily

Frankly speaking, to delete your iPhone videos is not a hard task. Only two steps and you can see the videos you would like to delete disappear on your iPhone.

  • Step 1. Open you iPhone and launch the Videos app on it
  • Step 2. Check the right upper side and find Edit option so that you can select videos on iPhone to delete them.
Question you might meet.

Question 1: There is a folder on my iPhone named Videos which is some old videos I took before I upgrade to iOS 9. These videos can be previewed and even selected, but not for deleting because the trash bin is grayed out. Is that means I have to let these useless videos occupied space on my phone like that? Will these videos slow down my iPhone? Any way, I just want to delete them in my phone forever. Please tell me how to do.

Answer: You can not delete those videos is mainly because these videos are synced from iTunes. In order to delete those videos on your iPhone, you should connect your iPhone to the computer first and then launch iTunes. Check the iTunes and click your iPhone, then tap click the Photos option on the right side. Remove the mark of Sync Photos. After doing this, you will get a pop-up window asks you if you would like to delete all the photos on your iPhone. You should click Remove so that you can delete the videos stored on your Photos folder.

Part 2: Delete iPhone Movies Simply

A movie will take a lot of space on your iPhone, when you are running out of space on your iPhone, you should consider about deleting movie first. But, do you know how to do it rightly?

Usually, there are two wildly used ways. One is to delete your movie directly on iPhone, another is through iTunes syncing.

Method 1. Directly delete your movie on iPhone
  • Step 1. Open iPhone and tap the Videos app on it
  • Step 2. Select the movies you would like to be deleted, and then swipe them from the right to left side.
  • Step 3. Find the red Delete button of the Video, click it.


Pros: Easy to handle
Cons: This method just deletes movies from your iPhone. When you sync iPhone with iTunes Library, there will be a high chance that these deleted movies will be synced back to your phone again. You really need to pay attention not to let that happen.

Method 2. Use iTunes to delete iPhone Movies
  • Step 1. Connect iPhone to the computer, and then you should launch iTunes to prepare the next steps.
  • Step 2. Check your iPhone which you should find under DEVICES area. See the right side and click Movies
  • Step 3. This steps will tell you what to do if you would like to delete all the movies on your iPhone. Firstly, you should uncheck Sync Movies and apply the command. Choose Remove when you see the pops-up confirmation window. Anyway, if you only need to select some of the movies to be deleted, you should check Sync Movies and choose movies before clicking Sync.

Pros: Time-saving and easy to handle
Cons: A USB cable is needed which makes this way cannot work out when you don’t have USB cable.


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