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完全にiPhone XS / XR / X / 8月7日に電子メールを削除する方法を発見プラス


If you have had problems あなたのiPhoneのデバイスからあなたの電子メールを削除します, then you would really be keen to discover the best methods that can be used to delete emails on the iPhone completely. これは、最大書き込みでは、あなたは永久にあなたのiPhoneのデバイスから削除メールを持って使用することができます最善の方法を見つけるのは確実です. 同じ静脈で, また、あなたがこれを成し遂げるために使用する最良かつ最も信頼性の高いソフトウェアを発見するでしょう. また、あなたのゴミは、あなたのiPhoneデバイスに空にしているために方法を見つけることができるようになります.

Gone are the days of having every individual email trashed. You will save a lot of time applying these methods if you happen to find those unsolicited emails that you might have received when you left your phone accidentally behind only to come back to meet some messages. If this sounds like you then these methods are for you as you can remove email from iPhone completely without hassles using the methods.

さらに, あなたが知りたいこと 電子メールは、大文字と小文字が区別されます だけでなく、どのように Gmailのパスワードをハック, iPhoneからメールを削除する方法 永久に.

1. How you can delete email from iPhone

Going through the process of having emails deleted one after the other can be a time-wasting task. You don’t have to bother yourself about how you can delete emails on your iPhone device any longer. There is a software that can have such a process totally simplified and automated. それはです iSkysoftのデータ消しゴム. This tool sees to it that your personal data are 100% safe while it gets rid of those unwanted files. It can also help to get rid of the following.

  • キャッシュ
  • Login information
  • Information on banking
  • History of your browsing
  • Deleted of mail

All the above it does with just one click.

If you want to do an update on your iPhone or sell it then this option is very much recommended. This is because clearing your phone most times could go beyond doing the factory reset option provided in your iPhone. Your personal information can still be accessed by those fraudsters who know their way around iDevices. This is where this software comes in as it tries to see to it that everything concerning your personal details is safe irrespective of who is buying the phone from you. それと, you are fully protected from any kind of cyber crime related to such regards.

Some of the important features of iSkysoft Data Eraser

  • 1. It sees to it that data which have been deleted cannot be accessible by any third party through making sure that all the pieces of information are deleted permanently. It employs the military pattern of having data completely destroyed in the United States of America. This method ensures that destroyed data cannot be recovered by any means.
  • 2. It allows users to choose files that they would want to retain through the file selection tool.
  • 3. It is a complete phone eraser software which gets rid of your unwanted messages, ファイル, phone settings, 電子メール, ノート, カレンダー, weather and lots of others.
  • 4. It enables your iPhone to respond to the command in a fast way through ensuring that there is enough space.
  • 5. それを動作させるために必要とされる特別な知識はありません. 言い換えると, それは非常にユーザーである - フレンドリー.
  • 6. ソフトウェアは、iOSと非常に互換性があります 12 iPhoneのデバイスで使用されています. さらに, それは、Androidに至るまでのAndroidデバイスと互換性があります 2.1 Androidのバージョンまで 9.0.



ステップ 1: データ消去を起動する必要があります

そのデータ消去をダウンロードし、お使いのパソコンにインストールされていることを確認します. デスクトップの背景にランチャーのアイコンを探してダブルクリックします.

USBケーブルを取得し、あなたのPCにあなたのiPhoneのデバイスを接続するためにそれを使用します. それが接続されると、, 自動的に, the window of the software will pop up, あなたのiPhoneのデバイスが検出されたことを示します. それはあなたのデバイスの情報を表示します.

ステップ 2: 削除モードの選択

プログラムの左側に, アイコンを探します “データを消去” その後、それをクリック.

ステップ 3: iPhoneでのメールプロセスの削除を開始します.

すぐにそれは走査と通じています, locate the options in the photos which say “今すぐ消去” and then input delete on the screen as a confirmation that you want such information deleted. 最後に, 見つけます “今すぐ消去” and click on it to have all emails in your iPhone device completely deleted.

2. Deleting mail account in your iPhone device

There are lots of applications on the iPhone which are preinstalled. Mailbox happens to be one of such applications. このアプリケーションで, sending and receiving messages becomes easy. さらに, it enables you to have multiple email accounts and still check them at once without having any problem. Sometimes you may be required to get rid of accounts that aren’t active in your iPhone device.

ステップ 1. Go to the screen of the iPhone device and click on “設定”. After that scroll down and you will see “郵便物, コンタクト, and Calendarjust click on it.

ステップ 2. After clicking on the above, 見つけます “アカウントを削除する” button and then click on it. This is displayed on your screen.

ステップ 3. Click on the delete button again as a confirmation that you want the account to be deleted.

3. How you can easily have your trash emptied in iPhone

1. Press the home screen button on your iPhone device and then click on the mail button.

2. In other to identify a particular email account, you will have to click on the name of such email account. This is recommended if you have more than one email account. Go to mailboxes and then go down so as to locate the particular account that you would like to have its trash emptied.

3. binフォルダをクリックします。 (ゴミ箱ボタン).

4. あなたのiPhoneの画面の右上隅にあります, 削除をクリックしてください.

5. あなたが削除処理の承認を受けていることを確認するために、すべての削除をクリックします。.

6. This process will delete emails from the iPhone completely as the trash will be emptied.




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