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Easy Way to Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android Phone or Tablet


It is often the case that we find some same names or same telephone numbers in phone contacts when we are viewing the contacts. You may have tried to remove or combine Android duplicate contacts by yourselves. However, many people feel it troublesome to merge the duplicate contacts. And sometimes they may delete the other useful contact lists in cautiously. Here is an effective software for Android users to MobileGo for Android. By using it, you can merge all your duplicate contacts on Android phone or tablet easily.

One Click to Delete Android Duplicate Contacts by MobileGo for Android

Download and install this cost-free trial software – MobileGo for Android on your PC.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)Download MobileGo (Mac Version)

Then follow up to remove all your duplicate contacts on Android phone or tablet according to the following instructions.

The first step: Make connection between Android device and PC

  • Firstly, download and install MobileGo for Android on your PC.
  • Secondly, enter into this software to play it. It is worth mentioning that it is very compatible with Windows 10/7/8/Vista/XP/2003.
  • Thirdly, make the connection between your Android device and PC by using a USB or by using a wireless network.

After doing these steps, your Android phone will be checked by this software automatically and you can see all your phone data such as short messages, photos, contact lists, apps and so on in the starting window.

MobileGo for Android

Attention: Almost every Android phone or tablet can use this software such as Samsung, HTC, SONY, HUAWEI, Google, LG and so on.

The second step: Merge & Delete Android duplicate contacts easily

Find the button of Contacts on the left window and click it. Then click De-duplicate on the right window. All repeating contact lists will be found by this software. You can see all same telephone numbers, names or email in the window. All this same contents are selected under the normal conditions. Also you can choose what you want to merge by yourselves. After choosing, select a match type on the top line. Then choose the button of Merge Selected in the bottom right corner.

A small new window appears, says: Are you sure you want to merge the selected group as showed in the preview? Choose “Yes” if you want to continue. Now your contacts are being merged. Don’t remove the USB from PC during the merging process. When the process finished, choose “OK”.

Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android

You may rest assured that all your contacts will be backed up before the duplicate contacts merging process. So is it more convenient for you to delete repeating contact lists.

Except merge the same contacts, MobileGo for Android also offer more practical functions. For example, it can help you backup the SMS text messages, contacts, videos, photos, music, call logs, even apps to your PC and transfer music from iTunes library to your phone.

Download and try it by yourself now.

Download MobileGo (Windows Version)Download MobileGo (Mac Version)

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