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How to Easily Convert M2TS to MP4 on Mac/Windows


You may face problems while accessing AVCHD video files, which are usually recorded by camcorders like Sony HDR-SR1. These AVCHD videos are in various formats, where m2ts is one of them, which is recorded on SD cards, blue-ray DVDs, mini VDS, memory sticks, and hard drive camcorders.

The hard fact is that you cannot access these AVCHD files easily as an m2ts format is not very user-friendly for various devices and players. You have to convert these files to another format such as mp4 to access these videos anytime and anywhere on your devices.

Here, you will get to know about various video converters, which you can use to convert video files from M2TS to MP4. Additionally, you get to know about some amazing tips for conversion. Let’s start with it! Also, click to find out how to Convert ISO to MP4 as well as convert MXF to MP4.

Part 1: Top video converter for Mac and Windows PC

Wondershare UniConverter is the only video converter that works well on both Mac and Windows PC. It successfully converts video files from M2TS to MP4. You can access these converted video files from any device of yours at any moment. Wondershare UniConverter makes the conversion process a lot easier for you. It has various other unique features. Scroll down to know more!

Unique characteristics of Wondershare UniConverter:

  • It converts video files from M2TS to MP4, URL to MP4, MP3 to M4RAVCHD to MP4video2MP4AVI, MOV, VOB, MKV, and other 1000+ formats.
  • It blazes m2ts to convert it to DVD disk for DVD players.
  • Offer optimized preset conversion for Final Cut, iMovie, and iDVD.
  • You can download videos from 10,000+ video sites including YouTube.
  • With its advanced editing features, you can edit videos like cropping, trimming, adding subtitles or watermarks, etc.
  • It supports both Windows and Mac OS.

Download UniConverter

Steps for conversion from M2TS to MP4:

For converting video files on Mac and Windows PC, follow some simple steps as instructed below.

Step 1: Insert m2ts files

Initially, you have to click on the option “Add files” to insert m2ts files to start the conversion. You can also drag and drop m2ts video files for the same.

Step 2: Select the mp4 format

After that, you have to opt for the format you want to convert your files to. In this case, to convert files from M2TS to MP4, you have to select mp4 as your output format. For this, click on the button “Convert all files to” and then, look for an mp4 format in the category “Video“.

However, if you have to change files from M2TS to MP4 on your devices, then, you can go for optimized presetting in the category “Device” for your specific device.

Step 3: Begin conversion from M2TS to MP4

Now, click on the option “Convert All” to begin the conversion process. After a few seconds, you can access your converted mp4 video files in the tab “Converted“, or you can click on the icon “Output” for the same in the main interface.

However, you can also create a custom format for customizing your videos and audios in parameters like size, bit rate, frame rate, etc. You can even cut down the size of your videos to the standard one of 320*240 as most hosting websites take this standard file size. With Wondershare UniConverter, you can set a bit rate smaller in order to make your videos easier for uploading.

On the other hand, it is recommended to set frame rates to 12fps, 15fps, and 20fps as generally camcorders record videos in 60fps that will not fit well for flash video files.

Part 2: Tips for conversion from M2TS to MP4

Tip 1: Know what M2TS is!

Most of the people may not be aware of this term “m2ts”, so, let’s know a little about M2TS here! M2ts is a short-term for MPEG-2 Transport System. Its file format is BDAV (Blu-ray Disc Audio-Video), which is a commonly used file format for multiplexing audios, videos, and various other streams. However, it is even exercised on Blu-ray discs and AVCHD for High-Definition videos.

These M2ts video files are recorded with camcorders like Panasonic, Sony HDR-SR series, and Canon. You can open these types of files from a number of applications and players like VLC, Windows Media Player, Picture Motion Browser, 5K Player, and various others available on the internet.

Tip 2: Benefits of conversion to mp4

There are various benefits for converting video files from M2TS to MP4. One of the most important benefits is that you can access mp4 files anytime and anywhere, which is not possible with m2ts files. For other reasons, look below!

Compatible with devices and players

Mp4 files are more compatible with devices and players as compared to m2ts files. M2ts video files can only be accessed from a few media players and devices. To play your recorded video files on portable players, mobile phones, or other such devices, then, it is best to convert files from M2TS to MP4 to enjoy them anywhere at any time. Mp4 format is considered to be a widespread file format, which makes it easier to access on any device.

So, compatibility with other devices is the very first benefit you get from converting your video files from M2TS to MP4 format.

Quick uploading on websites

Due to a large and heavy size of m2ts files, it makes these files extremely difficult to upload on various online portals. It usually takes a lot of time so as to upload them on various social media platforms while these m2ts files even face compatibility issues with most of them.

So, converting files from M2TS to MP4 resolves many issues and make the uploading process easier for you. Mp4 files are more compressed, and hence, you can quickly upload these files to any sites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. effortlessly.

Reduce storage space

As stated earlier, m2ts files are larger in size as compared to the mp4 ones. M2ts files take up huge space on your computer. In order to create extra space, you can convert files from M2TS to MP4 without compromising on files’ audio-video quality.

Mp4 files take less storage space on your system. So, what else you need?! Just convert your files from M2TS to MP4 for a better experience.

Tip 3: Mp4 vs. M2ts

There are differences between mp4 and m2ts format. On the basis of some features, differences between the two formats are as follows:

File Extension

M2ts: .m2ts
Mp4: .mp4

Video and Audio Codecs

M2ts: Dolby Digital AC-3 Audio Codec and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Video Codec
Mp4: MPEG-4 AAC LC Audio Codec and MPEG-AVC/H.264 Video Codec

Format Uses

M2ts: It is used for making Blu-ray and AVCHD files.
Mp4: It is used for making files that can be easily streamed or shared over the internet.


M2ts: Compatible with some players like Picture Motion Browser, Windows Media Player, VLC, etc.
Mp4: Compatible with all portable players, mobile phones, and other such devices


M2ts: Blu-Ray Disc Association
Mp4: International Organization for Standardization

File Size

M2ts: 30 minute HD video takes about 400MB (larger size file)
Mp4: 30 minute HD video takes about 100MB (smaller size file)

Video Quality

M2ts: HD resolution due to recorded by well-liked camcorders
Mp4: Not as good as M2TS.

Now, you can easily convert your files from M2TS to MP4 in order to make them compatible with your devices as well as to manage space on your computer. With Wondershare UniConverter, you can convert files from M2TS to MP4 quite effortlessly. So, start converting your large files NOW!

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