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Contacts Transfer between BlackBerry and Galaxy S6 Edge+, S7 Edge or S8 Plus


Perhaps you want to abandon your old BlackBerry phone due to just buying a new Samsung phone, then you will encounter a common problem: how to transfer your contacts from your old BlackBerry phone to the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus phone. I suspect that you must have looked up some information on this question online, but you got into confusion due to the disagreeable answers. Most of them require a lot of time or even do the transfer manually. I know that all these are quite frustrated to you. Cool down first, then you can get your desired results in the following article. For your benefit, we will show you two solutions to your question.

Method 1: Using a Phone to Phone Transfer Tool to perform contacts transfer from BlackBerry to Samsung S6 Edge Plus

Those inefficient methods software provided by the web are not only of little use but also time-consuming. Thus, they are not worth your consideration. In contrast, the innovative software, MobileTrans for Windows & Mac is your best choice. This tool is a shortcut to facilitate files transfer, and that means all you need to do is one-click to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. It is such an easy approach that anyone has access to it. Now show you more nice features as follows:

First, it is a job of one-click
Compare with a series of complex operations of many other tools, MobileTrans is more superior owing to the fact that you can do files transfer with just one-click. It can’t get easier than this.

Second, it is available to transfer files across a lot of platforms
With this advanced transfer tool, you are able to transfer data between different platforms such as iOS to Nokia, Android to iOS, and from BlackBerry to Samsung phone.

Finally, for fear of losing data, you can also get your files backed up via MobileTrans to keep them safe.

Download MobileTrans

Detailed steps on data transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung S6 Edge Plus

1. Launch MobileTrans

You are required to open the software, and click the tab “Restore from Backup”.

MobileTrans for Windows

2. Get your BlackBerry & Galaxy S6 Edge Plus connected to a computer

Once you link both of your two phones with the computer through using USB cables, files source of the device of phone and the phone will be detected by the program simultaneously.

restore contacts to samsung galaxy s6 edge plus from blackberry

3. Contacts Transfer from BlackBerry to Samsung S6 Edge Plus

The selection of your target files is essential, and you can start your transfer when you hit “Start Transfer“.

Download MobileTrans

Method 2: Using Bluetooth to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Bluetooth is another easy way for files transfer from BlackBerry to Samsung S6 Edge Plus. Just follow these steps:

First, get Bluetooth on Android activated

Do successive operations: setting, Wireless & networks, Bluetooth Settings. Then you are to inspect the Bluetooth box and the “Visible” box for detecting the BlackBerry device.

Second, make a pair of the devices

The next step is to launch Bluetooth on BlackBerry, and then get it matched with your Android device.

Third, start contacts transfer

To choose the shown Android Phone and hit the BlackBerry button, then choose “Transfer contacts”, and allow the access.

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