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购买新的Android手机之后, 你需要做的应该得到从旧微软Lumia的Windows手机中的所有联系人的第一和最紧急的事情, 对? 在旧时代, 它是这样一个耗时的事情来完成任务,你必须输入接点由一个一个手动. 幸, 随着技术的发展, 你可以求助于各种第三方工具的帮助.

If you ever backup all your old Microsoft Lumia Windows phone contacts to OneDrive, you can now complete the task even more easily with just one click. 我建议你尝试的程序 Wondershare的MobileTranstransfer contacts from OneDrive Backup to your Android. 在这里的文章, I will show you how to complete the task step by step. In addition to restoring backup files, the program can also transfer files between phones, backup your phone and erase your old phone with ease.

想试试? You can now download free trial version to have a try before you purchase it. Please install it on your computer by following the wizard and then launch it to bring up the starting window. Just join us to learn more about how to sync OneDrive Backup Contacts with Android phone.


步骤 1: 如你看到的, the starting window is quite user-friendly that displayed four main features of the program as you just learned above. To restore backup contacts, please select the solution从备份还原” 这里.

步骤 2: You can then see a new screen. Please selectOneDrivein the left column of the screen. 请登入与您用来备份联系人的帐户和密码.

步骤 3: 现在请连接您希望通过USB电缆将联系人导入到计算机上的Android手机. 该计划将立即开始检测显示设备,并在启动窗口的右侧显示它.

步骤 4: 如你看到的, 在启动窗口的中间, 保存在Onedrive文件显示在不同的类别. Please select Contacts here and then click on Start Transfer to start the process. The program Wondershare MobileTrans now support to restore contacts from OneDrive to Android and iPhone fully. Please note to connect your phone to the computer during the whole process.

restore contacts from onedrive backup

Main Features of Wondershare MobileTrans


  • The program is useful to protect your privacy by erasing all content on your old phone permanently so that no program can restore them;
  • In addition to contacts, 其他文件,如照片, 通话记录, 短信, 视频, 音乐和应用程序,也可以以同样的方式转移;
  • 基于不同的网络,之间您可以轻松地传输文件, 如Verizon, 在&Ť, T-Mobile和Sprint公司没有麻烦.
  • 您可以从您的iCloud恢复备份文件, iTunes的, 黑莓, Kies的多到您的iOS设备和Android机型;
  • 多于 8000 手机型号如Symbian, Android的, 和iPhone是由程序完全支持;
  • 该计划是相当专业的,为您提供无风险的过程中为您提供的文件 0 质量损失,这样你可以得到的文件一样原有的.


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