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On monia vaihtoehtoja harkita, jos etsit video muuntamalla ja puristamalla työkalu. Clipchamp on yksi niistä helposti löydettävissä työkalut. Tärkeintä on, että Clipchamp on online-työkalu, and you don’t need to install any software. Myös, this tool is free to use and free to sign up. tästä huolimatta, those who have used this online tool say that it lacks some good features. Tämän sanoi, Tässä Clipchamp review, we intend to discuss its main characteristics and alternatives as well.

Despite the fact that Clipchamp is offered for free, Clipchamp requires you to sign up for it. Providing personal information to sign up for Clipchamp bothers plenty of individuals. Itse asiassa, many individuals say that they don’t want to sign up for online tools considering safety. Siksi, plenty of individuals across the globe want an alternative to Clipchamp to edit, muuntaa, and compress videos.

Osa 1: Clipchamp review: compressing videos using Clipchamp

Kun se tulee Clipchamp review, Clipchamp is a tool that can play multiple roles. This tool plays the role of a video editor, converter, compressor, or even as a recorder. Kuten aiemmin mainittu, there is no need to download Clipchamp because it is a web-based API. This tool has the ability to access the system storage of the computer and start processing the media contents. For those who need to compress a video using Clipchamp can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Ensinnäkin, you should open the Clipchamp page on a web browser of your preference. Sitten, you should log in to Clipchamp account as the next step.
  • You will see an option calledConvert My Videoso you can load the files from your storage. The information related to the respective video will not be displayed under the thumbnail of the video.
  • Nyt, you should specify a reason for you to optimize the video you have uploaded. Tätä varten, you can simply use an option from the list. Sitten, you should define aspects like the format of the video, quality, and resolution before proceeding to the next level.
  • Sen lisäksi, you can do some more editing for video files you have already selected. Esimerkiksi, Clipchamp can perform trims, crops, clippings, kiertoja, and adjust more video settings.
  • Viimeisenä vaiheena, you can simply click on the option called “Alkaa.” This step will begin the processing. As the user, you will be able to notify the process when the compressing is completed.

Hyvin, that is how you would compress a video using Clipchamp. As you might see, Clipchamp requires you to engage in a pretty complex, lengthy series of steps to compress. Itse asiassa, this complex process can be considered as one of its main drawbacks.

Mentioned below are some of the main drawbacks associated with Clipchamp. This list will give you a clear idea about why many individuals are looking for Clipchamp alternatives.

  • The interface of this software requires you to engage in a pretty complex process to compress videos.
  • Navigation between the options of this software is pretty confusing.
  • Although there is a free version of Clipchamp, it has restrictions. It allows only some of the basic features for users.
  • The video editing options it offers are pretty basic ones.
  • When the videos are compressed, the output files aren’t of good quality (video output is bad).
  • Despite the free to use the function, it requires you to sign up before using it.
  • Many users claim that they have experienced various bugs that prevent smooth user experience.

Now that you have learned the drawbacks associated with this tool, you know its usability. Itse asiassa, now you might know why many individuals are looking for alternatives to Clipchamp. Are you among those individuals who want an alternative to Clipchamp? Jos niin, the next section of the Clipchamp review is just for you.

Osa 2 of Clipchamp Review: The best alternative tool for Clipchamp

If you want a stable desktop software that can compress and convert videos, ei ole pulaa vaihtoehtoja. kuitenkin, not all these software tools can deliver the results you expect. Esimerkiksi, some tools might come with more complex interfaces, while others have limited features. Tässä tapauksessa, you should do some research to end up with the best. Ole huoleti, vaikka, as we have done the hard work for you and found the best alternative.

Due to various obvious reasons, we consider Wondershare UniConverter to be the best alternative to Clipchamp. Itse asiassa, UniConverter was originally known as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. This software is proven to be really effective and reliable. This software works perfectly on Windows and Mac operating systems. UniConverter is a highly versatile tool that can compress both video and audio files maintaining the original quality.

By using Wondershare UniConveter, you will be able to reduce the size of the file effortlessly. It can change the resolution of the video, change the video format, or even customize the bitrate. Sen lisäksi, it can also change several other parameters, and it also offers a real-time preview.

This versatile software is also capable of editing videos using different features. Esimerkiksi, se voi leikata, add watermarks, sato, and do various other tasks with the video. Lisäksi, this tool also lets you perform other tasks like video downloading, burning DVDs, transferring videos, jne.

Features of Wondershare UniConverter

  • This is a powerful tool that comes with the ability to compress videos.
  • It can change video resolution and bit rate.
  • Changes video format to desired formats.
  • Cut the videos to omit unwanted parts.
  • Se tukee yli 1000 video formats.
  • It offers excellent performance speed and features no quality loss.
  • Trim, sato, kiertää, add watermarks, apply various effects, jne.
  • Very useful real-time 20-second preview to check the quality of the video.
  • You can use it as a downloading tool do acquire videos from over 10,000 videoidenjakamissivustoilla.
  • It supports batch processing when it comes to compressing and converting multiple videos simultaneously.
  • The versatile Toolbox that allows you to do additional functions such as screen recording, GIF making, jne.
  • DVD burning, fixing media metadata, casting to TV, and various other functions can be performed.
  • It is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac operating systems.

Lataa UniConverter

How to compress video files using Wondershare UniConverter?

Now that you know about the features associated with Wondershare UniConverter. Katsotaanpa, miten sitä käytetään. Mentioned below are the steps you should follow.

01. Ennen kaikkea muuta, you should download and install Wondershare UniConverter on your computer. Sitten, you should launch it and switch to the Toolbox of the software. You can then select the option calledVideo Compressand continue.

02. Nyt, a new window will be prompted, and it will let you add videos to compress. Just click on the plus (+) icon so a file browser window will open. Nyt, select the video you intend to compress. Jos ei, you can simply drag and drop a video to the interface of the software directly.

03. The information on this video will be displayed now on the interface of the software. This is exactly where you can change the parameters of the video. Esimerkiksi, you can change the bit rate, size of the file, videoresoluutio, and other information. You can also get a preview of the outcome by pressing the “esikatselu” nappi.

04. Nyt, you should choose a location to save the compressed file. This option is available in Save file. You should then click on the button labeled “Puristaa” aloittaa prosessin.

Try UniConverter

Osa 3 of Clipchamp Review: Other alternatives to Clipchamp

Here are some other alternatives you should consider in order to compress videos.

01. Online UniConverter

Online UniConverter was originally known as Media.io, and just like the name suggests, it is a web-based tool. This specific tool is capable of compressing both audio and video files in various formats. Since this is a web-based tool, you don’t need to download anything on the computer. Lisäksi, this tool is completely free, and it doesn’t require you to sign up. Myös, it doesn’t add watermarks on the output file. Niin kaukana, many individuals have praised this software a lot. Hyvin, mentioned below are the steps you should follow in order to compress a video using this tool.

1) Ensinnäkin, open a web-browser of your preference and visit https://www.media.io/video-compressor.html. Sitten, sinun tulee klikata + icon so you will be able to add the video to the interface. Please note that this tool doesn’t allow batch processing of files.

2) You can select the appropriate option (output size, resolution, muoto, jne.) simply by clicking on the drop-down list.

3) Viimeisenä vaiheena, sinun tulee klikata vaihtoehtoa kutsutaan “Compress.You can now download the file into your computer.

02. HandBrake

This is another open source video transcoder. This is developed to compress and convert video files within a very short period of time. Yleisesti, Handbrake is capable of handling multimedia files in various formats. This software supports batch scanning, compressing, queuing, jne. Vielä tärkeämpää, this is a completely free-to-use software.

03. AConvert

This is another online platform that offers you a direct method to compress videos without charging anything. Users will be able to choose the video file from local storage or cloud storage and compress it easily. All you have to do is to select the format, change them, jne. and process it. All the hard work will be taken care of by the software itself.

04. Online Convert

Online-Convert.com, kuten nimestä voi päätellä, is a handy tool that converts videos online. It comes with several features as well. This tool is compatible with a large range of file formats. With the assistance of this service, you can actually experience better output quality as well. Vielä tärkeämpää, this tool is absolutely free.

Hyvin, that’s our Clipchamp review. You can go through this list and pick one of the Clipchamp alternatives as well. We hope that this article provided some useful information for you. Just leave us a comment if you need to know anything else regarding video compression.

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