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Hva er ClickFunnels? Full ClickFunnels omtale for deg


Have you just stepped into the world of online marketing? Eller, are you planning to start? In either case, you might be already doing plenty of research about converting visitors into sales. During your research, we are pretty sure that you might have come across the termClickFunnels“. Kanskje, you may already know that ClickFunnels is a way of creating super-efficient sales funnels. Whatever the case is, we suggest you read this ClickFunnels review carefully and learn everything about it.

This ClickFunnels review has multiple subsections for your convenience. We expect you to go through all these subsections carefully if you have the questionwhat is ClickFunnels?”. OKAY… let’s start from this ClickFunnels Review!

Here is more information about ClickFunnels VS. Leadpages comparison for you.

Hva er ClickFunnels?

If you have only heard the term “ClickFunnels”, you might be probably wondering what it is. Faktisk, ClickFunnels was an initiative of Russel Brunson with the collaboration of his team of developers. That was in 2014. Per nå, ClickFunnels has grown into a reputed business that has an annual turnover of $100. I skrivende, they have about 70,000 members across the globe.

I enkleste form, ClickFunnels is a dedicated software tool that can create efficient sales funnels. This tool comprises of a variety of other features as well.

With ClickFunnels, a user can create various types of landing pages, squeeze pages, membership sites and even webinars. That is in addition to any type of sales funnel you would like to create.

If you go for the Etison Suite (which is the most expensive plan), they offer more. gjennom denne, you can even start your own affiliate program. Også, it lets you replace your email service as well.

I et nøtteskall, ClickFunnels is a comprehensive tool that offers everything you will need to sell a product online. Having ClickFunnels eliminates the requirement of seeking the assistance of expensive developers. It is fair to mention that there are plenty of individuals who have succeeded in using ClickFunnels.

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What’s so great about ClickFunnels?

In this subsection of the ClickFunnels Review, we intend to reveal the best features associated with ClickFunnels.

1) The abundance of funnel templates

One of the most difficult problems faced by beginners is the lack of knowledge they have in creating sales funnels. derimot, ClickFunnels comes with plenty of funnel templates to make online marketerslife easier. There are plenty of pre-created funnels integrated to ClickFunnels, and those funnels show a great deal of success. The funnels included in this software can be categorized into three main groups which are mentioned below.

  • Lead capture funnels
  • Sales page funnels
  • Even funnels

I tillegg til det, there are other funnel types (Membership files). Enkle trakt typer som klemme siden trakter er i stand til å samle inn e-postadressene til de besøkende. Deretter, de innsamlede e-postadresser til en spesiell takk siden.
I tillegg, det er andre avanserte salg trakter. Disse trakter kommer med to-trinns Tripwire trakt.

Hver av filene som er inkludert i denne programvaren kommer i betalte og gratis versjon. Dette betyr at du ikke nødvendigvis trenger å være en ekspert i å utforme. The funnel pages you create using ClickFunnels come with a professional and perfect design that deliver results.

How to create a sales funnel

Let’s take a quick look at on how to create a sales funnel using ClickFunnels.

  • Choose the type of funnel you prefer
  • Select the template of your preference
  • Customize the page to match the requirement of your business
  • Make sure that you add the products properly and have all the payment methods are integrated
  • Set the domain of the new funnel
  • Save after setting up the configuration

Det er det, and your sales are now up and running.

2) Drag and Drop (WYSIWYG) editor

When there is a drag and drop editor, designing becomes incredibly simple no matter if you are a total novice. When the funnel templates and page templates are combined with this drag and drop functionality, everybody can design. Each of the page found in ClickFunnels comes with different sections which are completely editable. They have a different number of rows and columns as well. All you have to do is to drag and drop the elements until you get exactly what you need.

It is true that ClickFunnels might not be that flexible compared to Instapage’s option that edits are landing page. derimot, you should consider this as a very good option that lets you design nearly any funnel design. The intuitive interface of the editor gives excellent value addition to the users.

You can select the tools and components pretty easily and move them as you wish. The overall designing process is seamless. When it comes to editing text elements, you can do it inline. Modifying other element properties is possible using the sidebar located conveniently.

Compared to the other similar tools, ClickFunnels has tools and features organized conveniently and logically. That means you don’t want to waste your time finding the tools and features as they are conveniently located.

One of the most attractive things associated with ClickFunnels is that it doesn’t require any coding. You don’t have to be a professional coder to make use of this software. Even if you are a complete beginner, you can make use of this software and get the work done. No HTML, CSS or other knowledge is required. Go on the ClickFunnels Review.

3) Excellent range of page elements

There is a nice collection of elements included in the software in order to give excellent flexibility and versatility. These elements are much needed to create beautiful pages. The wide array of page elements can make the page look more professional and meaningful. Mentioned below are the basic elements that can be included in your page.

  • Headline
  • Bilde
  • Text
  • Knapp
  • Input forms
  • Video widgets

Faktisk, these are the basic and essential elements required to build a landing page from scratch.

In addition to those basic elements, ClickFunnels comprises of several advanced elements as well.

  • FAQ Blocks
  • Facebook Comments
  • SMS Signup forms
  • Surveys
  • Progress bards
  • Pricing tables
  • Countdown timers
  • Custom HTML etc.

Også, we should mention that there are other specialized elements such as Membership elements. These elements, akkurat som navnet antyder, are for membership pages. Også, you can add order and shipping form elements to the order page.

The best thing is that these elements are customizable using the editor sidebar and make them compatible. For eksempel, you can change the colors, fonts, and alignment of most of these elements.

4) ClickFunnels Affiliate program

Faktisk, ClickFunnels has the most impressive affiliate marketing program which is also perfectly legitimate. If you have plans to start an affiliate marketing program, ClickFunnels is the best, by far.

Essentials of ClickFunnels affiliate program

When it comes to ClickFunnels affiliate program, their offers are truly amazing. They pay attractive recurring commissions (40%) for every referral made through your ClickFunnels page. På toppen av det, they offer impressive cool prizes such as $500 upon reaching 100 referrals.

I tillegg til det, they offer another 5% if you refer other people into the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

You are eligible for a 40% commission simply by promoting any of the products in this platform’s ecosystem. Også, it has a special option called sticky cookie which allows you to earn commissions on upsells as well.

ClickFunnels comes with another excellent feature called share funnels for its affiliates. Pr denne funksjonen, a Share Funnel URL will be available under the settings tab. Assume that a ClickFunnels member visits this URL. The funnel can be directly added into their account in that case for those who aren’t members yet can sign up for a free trial (14 dager). Deretter, your funnel can be added to their account.

The most important thing is that their share URL plays the role of an affiliate link of yours. You will be eligible for a recurring commission if the respective user decides to stay.

What’s we don’t appreciate about ClickFunnels?

Just like with any other aspect, even ClickFunnels has some things we don’t really appreciate. Listed below of the ClickFunnels Review are those things we don’t like.

1) Adding a new funnel is pretty slow

Assume that you have selected a template and now you need to add it to your account. I dette tilfellet, the adding itself takes some time (for around 8 til 10 sekunder).

Although we are not too sure about the mechanism behind this process, we consider it a drawback. For any user, it would be somewhat annoying. likevel, it is a minor drawback; we should tell you.

2) There are restrictions related to funnels

When you work with ClickFunnels to add funnels, it has some restrictions. derimot, these restrictions vary depending on the price plan you select. If you go for the cheapest plan, you cannot add more than 20 funnels, for eksempel. Men, for a person who has just started building funnels, these specifications might be ok.

derimot, if you have to do it for multiple clients, things would be different. I så fall, these restrictions can be a headache. The only way to eliminate this limitation is to go for the Etison Suite plan (which is expensive).

3) You cannot master it overnight

Generelt, ClickFunnels requires some learning curve. If you are a total beginner, you will need some time to explore all the features associated with ClickFunnels. That is definitely because the large range of features included in this tool.

derimot, the process is made simpler thanks to their friendly UI. The UI is a well-organized one, so you don’t have to wonder where the features are located.

How much does this cost?

Nå, let’s take a look at another important aspect – the price of ClickFunnels plans. Per i dag, they offer you two pricing plans. These two plans come with different features.

The most affordable pricing plan costs $97. This plan comprises of some restrictions, just like we have mentioned before. That means this plan allows creating 20 funnels, 20,000 visitors and up to 100 sider. This plan doesn’t allow you to use Actionetics as well. Action pics is the built-in email service provider that allows creating an affiliate program on your own. Så, Vi anser dette programmet til å være en anstendig alternativ for startere.

Hvis du trenger å få tilgang til alle funksjoner uten noen begrensning, du bør gå for Etison Suite. Med denne planen, du vil være i stand til å få alt. Den lar deg lage et ubegrenset antall trakter, få ubegrenset besøkende og sider. For å nyte alle disse funksjonene, du må betale et beløp på $297.

Hvis du ønsker å prøve sine tjenester før du kjøper den, du kan prøve sin 14-dagers gratis prøveversjon. Interessant, denne 14-dagers prøveversjon har ingen begrensninger. Så, their trial gives you the opportunity to try all the features before committing to make a payment.

What else should you know about ClickFunnels?

Here are some other important aspects you should know about in this ClickFunnels Review.

Their customer support service

As far as we believe, ClickFunnels offers a decent customer support service. derimot, they respond somewhat slower. The requests you made related to support will be answered within a couple of hours. They tend to be helpful, and they try their best to answer all the questions. likevel, if you really need a faster answer related to ClickFunnels, we suggest referring to their official Facebook group.

The requirement for an own domain

Having an own domain is not compulsory in order to have a funnel launched. derimot, we strongly recommend having one if you expect to succeed.

Their community

There is a massive community gathered around ClickFunnels. For tiden, their official Facebook group has more than 100,000 medlemmer, and it keeps growing rapidly. They also have a special group for affiliates (called ClickFunnels Avengers).

The big question: can you make money as a ClickFunnels affiliate?

The simplest answer is a resounding “JA”! Per i dag, making money through ClickFunnels as an affiliate has become pretty much a norm. derimot, to make a substantial amount of money, you need to do extensive research and keep learning.

Vi vil, det er vår ClickFunnels review, and we hope we were able to answer the questionwhat is ClickFunnels?” clearly. If you ever want to start ClickFunnels affiliate program, we suggest you go for the trial version first. Lykke til!

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