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Due modi per cancellare iPhone 6S / 7/8 Plus / X in modo permanente


Parte 1. One Tool to Permanently Clear All the Contents on iPhone 6S/7/8 Plus/X

The best data clearance tool for your iPhone 6S/6S Plus should be the iMyfone Animate Pro which can protect your privacy very safe. And this software can help not only one click to erase all the data permanently on your iPhone but also it can help you la cache chiaro su iPadeliminare l'account in modo permanente wechat & erase individual file such as one contact, one text message or one song, from your iPhone. The data type this software support is wild from text messages, registro delle chiamate, contatti, fotografie, video, applicazioni, and app data to the other private contents that saved on your iPhone. If you want to permanently wipe your iPhone, the iMyfone Umate Pro is no doubt the best one for you.

The advanced technique the iMyfone Umate Pro equips can promise the permanent data clearance that the deleted data will never be recovered by any software. You can absolutely trust this tool that nobody can snoop your privacy with any data recovery tools.

iMyfone Animate Pro – Your Personal Privacy Guard

  • Multiple Data Protection to support all your pictures, videos call logs, messaggi, and more data types guard.
  • Data Permanently Erase to protect your personal privacy both for Android and Apple iOS devices.
  • Destroy deleted data from your devices forever to 100% prevent deleted files be recovered.
  • 1-Click Cleanup button to clean up all device junk files and optimize the speed performance.

Scarica iMyfone Umate Pro

Parte 2. How to Use iMyfone Umate to Permanently Clear iPhone 6S/6S Plus in 1-Click

After introducing the magical iMyfone Umate Pro software a te, we can use it to clear your iPhone data now. Follow the below steps to wipe all the data on your iPhone:

Passo 1. Download the appropriate version of iMyfone Umate Pro software from its official website on your computer and then install the software on your computer and wait until the installation is done. Then launch the program on your PC.

Scarica iMyfone Umate Pro

Passo 2. Use the matched USB cable of your iPhone to connect your iPhone with your PC. Then wait for a while to allow the program detecting your iPhone. Once your phone has been successfully detected, wait a moment to let the iMyfone Umate Pro program download the fit driver for your iPhone.

Passo 3. Once the last process is done, you can see your iPhone showed on the left side of the program interface and also there are 5 icons on the right side of the interface. Click on the first icon which draws a phone with an eraser. It’s theCancella tutti i dati” pulsante.

iMyfone Animate Pro - Tutti i Dati Eraser
Passo 4. Then you will enter the Erase All Data interface, clicca su “mediolink in the Security Level on the center of the screen. The Settings interface will be open, clicca su “High Leveloption to request the program erasing all the data irrecoverably. Quindi fare clic sul “ok” button at the bottom of the screen to confirm.

Passo 5. Go back to the previous main interface, genere “Eliminain the blank to confirm your deletion choice in the center of the interface.

Passo 6. Once the above step is done, clicca su “Cancella Oraat the bottom of the interface to launch the data erasing process for your iPhone.

Passo 7. Disconnect your iPhone with the computer, pull the USB cable out and close the software program when the data erasing process is done. Then restart your iPhone, all the data on your iPhone is permanently cleared.

How easy and convenient! But if you don’t want to use third-party software to do the data clearance on your iPhone, continue to read the next part.

Parte 3. How to Clear the Data on iPhone 6S / 6S Plus Directly

In questa parte, I will tell you how to clear the data on your iPhone directly without any other tools. I divide the clearance procedure into 4 sections: “Altro” files deletion, “Mappe” cancellazione, “Mailboxdeletion and “Calendario” cancellazione.

Sezione 1. Clear ‘Otheron iPhone 6S/6S Plus

Il “Altro” files are like storage that contains the cache, File, cookies and other data created by your iPhone apps. In realtà, it doesn’t occupy a lot of storage on your phone, so usually rare people will clear it. But if you want to wipe these data, seguire la procedura che segue:

Passo 1: Backup all your iPhone data with iTunes or iCloud.

Passo 2: Enter the iPhone “impostazioni” interface and select the “Generale” opzione, then tap on “Reset” pulsante, scegliere “Cancella tutti i contenuti e le impostazioni” opzione.

Passo 3: Once your iPhone reset, use the Apple USB cable to connect your phone with the iTunes to transfer the backup files back to your iPhone, or just enter the iCloud account on your iPhone and download the backup file your uploaded before.

Sezione 2. Clear Maps on iPhone 6S / 6S Plus

Passo 1: Tap the Maps app on your iPhone from its home screen.

Passo 2: Scopri il “Ricerca” bar at the top of the screen and tap on it, quindi tocca il “Favorites” pulsante.

Passo 3: Scopri il “Chiaro” button on the top left side, tap on it to clear all your maps from your iPhone.


Sezione 3. Clear Mailbox on iPhone 6S / 6S Plus

Mailbox is a built-in app on your iPhone which allows you to receive your emails on time, and also allows you to send emails directly by it. It’s a very nice app that Apple Company offers to its users. If you don’t know how to clear the Mailbox, seguire la procedura che segue:

Passo 1. Tap the Mail app icon on your iPhone then enter your inbox.

Passo 2. Check the Emails you have and select which one you want to delete. Once you decide, use your thumb to slide that email from right to left, you will see a red garbage bin icon, toccarlo.

Passo 3. Inserisci il “Spazzatura” folder of the Mailbox, and use the same way as above to delete that deleted email, that email will permanently disappear from your iPhone.


Sezione 4. Clear Calendar on iPhone 6S/6S Plus

Passo 1. Apri il “Calendario” app sul tuo iPhone.

Passo 2. Scopri il “calendari” button at the bottom of the app interface and tap on it.

Passo 3. toccare “modificare” button on the top left of the interface.

Passo 4. Choose the specific calendar that you want to delete and tap on ‘Delete Calendar’ pulsante nella parte inferiore dell'interfaccia.


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