Do a Cleanup to Keep Your iTunes Library Neat with iMusic

Why Do We Need to Clean Up & Organize Our iTunes Music Library frequently?

For years, the iTunes Library has been in a cumbersome jumble, including hundreds of duplicate audio files or with improper tags. Despite the internal storage of the device, it is difficult for people to find what they want. At least it is real for me. As a fanatic of cleanliness, I always become anxious when I find my iTunes Library turns messy.

To do a throughout cleanup is especially helpful if you encounter such problem like me. Once you organize your iTunes Library, you will find it so pleasant to own a large number of audio files. But functions of the software that the Apple provides, I mean the iTunes, are too limited. And it only allows its users to find songs according to the singers and the titles. You have to delete the duplicate audios by manual operation. It may take a lot of time and make you go into some trouble if you do not so much spare time. What’s more, if you use it to edit the iTunes Library directly, it is hard for you to sync the new iTunes Library to your other music players.

So for a novice, you need a handy iTunes Clean Up tool. Or it can be a little hard when you want to remove the error files and modify the false tags with ease. In my experience, I will introduce you the iMusic.

The iMusic is a professional tool for iTunes Music Library management. It meets your pressing need. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad. You can use it on either the PC or the Mac. With this software, whatever you want to edit, photos, music, videos of documents, you can realize your dream easily. The detailed main functions are listed as follows:

  • 1. Transferring the data between the computer and the portable devices.
  • 2. Analyzing the audio files and sync the tags automatically.
  • 3. Backing up the data and restoring it when you want.
  • 4. Removing the duplicate files and revising the improper tags.
  • 5. Recording soundtracks from online resource.
  • 6. Serving as a music player.

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Step by Step to Clean Up Your iTunes Music Library via iMusic

If you do not have it on your computer, you can search it on the website, and it is really easy to download and install it. As it supports both the PC and the Mac, there are two different versions for both devices. Just pay attention to that when you are downloading. In this article, I am going to take the former for example, and for the Mac users, you can also make these steps a model:

Step 1. Launch the iMusic, and choose to “CLEAN UP ITUNES LIBRARY” under the “TOOLBOX” in the main window. Then, a scan window will pop up, and the software will enter into the scan program. You can do something else while waiting, because it may cost some time according to the scope of your iTunes Library.

Step 2. You will get the results of the scan program, which will show you how messy the iTunes Library is. Now, just select the option of “Missing Tags” on the left-right corner and then click on the button of “Fix” .

Step 3. The software will help your iTunes Library with a spring clean. When it’s finished, just click SAVE. After that, you will be pleased to find that it has revised the false or missing tags for you too!

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